Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #40}

Thankful Thursday

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance"
~Eckhart Tolle 

This week I am Thankful For:

... I'm at 40 weeks of being Thankful! I wasn't sure I would have a weekly post to put up but I am so loving that doing this every week makes me even more aware of the blessings in my life. 

... Precious friends who offer their washing machines.  I had 2 friends, as well as my parents, that reached out to me when they heard our washing machine was still on the fritz & offered their machines for us.  That to me is just the kindest thing.  Beyond thoughtful!

... we didn't get any hassle about needing to change out our washing machine that we had for 1 hour & found out was defective.   A new one should be delivered this weekend.  Now, fingers crossed this one works.

... advances in medicine. I think about Madi & her new life with diabetes & am thankful for the things that have changed in that area for her now.  Little machines that she can take with her to check her blood.  Apps that help with figuring out calculations for her insulin needs.  It's amazing.  & I'm thankful that work is still being done & advanced are still possible & will happen down the road.

... sweet friends that reach out to me to check on how Madi is doing or how my mom's surgery / blood pressure is doing.  So thoughtful when people take the time to reach out & let you know they are praying for your family.

... again with the sweet friend thing - but friends that are very aware of my vegetarian habits & make sure there is food for me at dinners & lunches that they host. 

... Baby Sutton's photo session went so perfectly.  You never know how a baby session will go.  Will they be grumpy? Do they want to sleep?  Have a gassy belly? This gorgeous baby didn't whimper one time.  She was absolutely wonderful.  I always say its dangerous for me to have such good babies because then I think I want to go specifically in this area of photography.

... It warmed back up. I'm ready for fall & I'm loving the beautiful change in color but I wasn't ready for the heat to be on in my house yet.  So glad we're back up to nice days where we can leave the windows open at night. 

... My Mother in Law taking that little puppy into her house. She loves the little guy & they already are the best of friends.  She said he's super smart too... & already quite spoiled. That didn't take long.

Puppy greet:

... Podcasts of sermons from some of the most amazing pastors on iTunes. I look forward to hearing a message every day.

... new pens. I get way too excited over new pens. But I got these for my planner.  Love variety in colors for my planner.  Cant wait to put these to use!


... ice packs for bad knees after a run.

... my new purse came in that I ordered through Zulily... & I love it!  I love the color, I love the structure of it & I am happy how it looks & feels well made.  Thumbs up!  I have a purse that will get me through fall & hopefully winter.  (& some asked after my Poo-pourri story yesterday - no, it didn't spill in my new purse - WHEW!... though my stinky wallet may be spreading the smell.  I gotta make that a mission to get a new wallet ASAP)

What are you Thankful For this week?



  1. Pens pens pens! And I love the color of your new bag.

    40 weeks of Thankfuls is awesome! Cheers to that.

  2. That is a precious baby photo, nice work :). I have a pens obsession my husband will never understand. I love writing with a brand new pen.

  3. I love pens too. Actually, I love all office and school supplies. I got some Twistable Crayons a couple months ago and I've been using them on my Bible Study and just love them.

  4. yay for new purse!! so pretty. i got new pens for my planner too and i am way too excited about them. they are erasable, blew my mind!

  5. I love new pens and purses!!!! Baby Sutton is so cute!!! I love that name, it reminds me of the show Lying Games. There was a Sutton on there. Glad that Madi is doing well. Look at that sweet puppy!!!

  6. YAY for a new washer! We got one a couple of years ago and a couple of weeks ago we got a new dryer... the benefits of apartment living, lol!
    Sutton's pictures are absolutely precious! :)


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