Monday, October 19, 2015

The weekend that was full of photo stuff, new nails & 2 horribly depressing movies....

Hello Monday.

I'm greeting it happily because this is my last week at work before vacation - so I'm going to be so uber-busy trying to get caught up (only to come back with a pile of work where I'm so far behind... humph) ... but I'm still keeping a happy attitude knowing the COUNTDOWN IS ON to no alarm clocks next week!  Thank you Jesus!

I need a vacation if my weekends keep up like this.  I am beat down. Exhausted. Spent. Done. All the fun words.

Friday started off with a mission.  I've had so many double bookings in photos & I hate getting behind & I knew I had 2 more sessions coming up over the weekend so I was determined to get finished on the pictures on my computer up to that point.

This was pretty much my view from the time I got home until after midnight....

Friday 101615:

Editing is tough stuff y'all... photography ain't just about snapping a camera.

But then I get amazing pictures like this & its all worth it...

I ended up finding a movie that I had heard all about - Still Alice ... I heard more about the book then anything but thought, I'll let this entertain me while I'm editing pictures.

oh my gosh - I'd rather someone pluck out every leg hair one at a time then watch this again.  It's so depressing & heartbreaking... & the end?  What? That's it.  I was so mad that I wanted to throw something...

Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested. *Based on the book Still Alice.:

& then I kept giving myself memory tests because the whole thing just freaked me out... I'm not a good one to watch movies about health issues.

I finally crawled into bed knowing I could sleep in the next day.... YAWN!

But I was up around 7:30 with Harvey wanting to snuggle. 

He can have the whole bed, the whole couch, the whole room... & he wants to lay right next to you - like AGAINST you - like ON you... that boy likes to snuggle.  Who cares if you need to breath.


Just a few examples here

That's OK... I wanted to get up to enjoy the beautiful day.

I started off taking some time to Bible Journal... & excited to do this one because it was my life verse I was working on.

I actually love how it turned out. I know its not the prettiest page I've done but it mean a lot to me... the colors represent something to me, the cameras represent the FOCUS of the verse... I just really love this page...

I then couldn't handle it any more - I had to get outside. The weather was in the 50's which is perfect for running!  I could have stayed out there all day & ran for hours if I didn't have to get going to my Senior session...

Thumbs up for beautiful weather, blue skies, my camo pants
... but not for that flyaway hair!

I went down to meet my next Senior guy... which I always say I love Senior sessions better then anything, but Senior guys are just so easy.  There's only so many poses you can do with a guy anyways - but this guy made me laugh the entire time we did his session.

I got out of the car & he was like, "My grandma is making me do this - I could care less"... I told him thanks for knowing expectations are set low. He said, "You could take pictures of the back of my head & call it a day & I'll be happy" ... well, he's going to be pleasantly surprised when he sees how handsome he is in front of the camera.

He was so much fun to talk to ... His grandmother had to wait in the car with another one of her grandbabies who was sleeping so it was just Chasity, me & our senior.  I really enjoy that because it takes so much pressure off of a Senior when they don't have family members watching them. 

I just loved talking to this kid because he works at Chick-Fil-A & I was all about the sneak secrets of the place.  I told him to please tell me he gets tired of saying, "My Pleasure" & he said that honestly, the place is THAT happy all the time where you just get wrapped up in it & you really do mean "its my pleasure" :) ... that's good to know.

I ended up leaving him & had to run into Target because... well, why not.

My mom then called me & told me my aunt was in from Texas & at her house... I booked it home faster then ever so I could see her & my uncle....

my momma with my 2 aunts
... trying to get the Capito family to take a picture is like pulling teeth...

I finally got home, got a shower & got cleaned up & then Ricky said he couldn't wait any longer.  He had bought a movie months ago & I told him to wait to watch it with me because I want to see it too.  Well, as you can tell, most weekends, I have ZIP ZERO ZILCH time so we never get around to it. 

I told him I could watch it as long as he didn't mine me doing my nails while we were watching it...

So we finally put on Unbroken

Unbroken Movie Rental only $.99:

I had heard so much about it but gosh, I could barely handle it.  Yes, the story is amazing. That this man survived is astounding... but I can't deal with seeing things like this.  It was just so depressing.  Give me some happy Disney musicals any day over the torture of soldiers in war.

One good thing about the movie - I did get my nails done.

It was the first time I tried Jamberry nails.  My friend Nathalie did her nails a few weeks before & she was the push I needed to finally pull mine out & give them a try.

I love how they turned out... & it wasn't as hard as I expected.  Maybe all except the cutting with cuticle scissors left handed.  It's not possible. Sorry - not possible.  I had to use nail clippers.  I did just buy new scissors yesterday to see if I just need a sharper pair.

I'm anxious to see how long these last....

Sunday - no sleeping in. 

I had a meeting with my next bride for a wedding consult at 1:30 so we couldn't make it to our home church we've been doing.  We usually get done around 1 & I had a 45 minute drive from my house - it would have been over an hour from the home church... so we ended up heading down to Southeast for an early service....

It felt funny being in a 'real' church after about 5 weeks of home church... but it was a great message & topped off when we saw a few friends there & able to get some hugs from sweet people.

The advantage of early church?  You can get into lunch anywhere before all the other churches let out.  So Ricky & I went for brunch before I had to leave him for the rest of the day....

I then made the drive out to meet my next bride & talk all things wedding... & then had to rush to get back to Indiana for another Senior session.

This young lady was just the CUTEST!   I had heard that she was very shy & quiet & reserved.  But I loved hearing her talk about what she wants for her future, her band competitions & especially about her GOATS :) ... She photographed so well!  Some people are just naturals in front of the camera - I cant wait for her family to see her pictures.


I so loved getting to know her momma.  Apparently we live like a few streets apart - so I love getting to know people in my own 'community' ... community probably isn't the best word, but in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone or someone who knows everyone, its good to meet people myself. 

It was just the perfect day for pictures, for making new friends, for doing what I love to do...

I got home in time to upload all my pictures, warm up some leftovers & finally take off my shoes & put on some comfy pajama pants...

time to edit away... watching The Walking Dead! (GASP!!!!!!) & barely able to hold my eyes open by 11

...Whew... another one in the books....

& now its countdown to vacation....

I just want to be lazy next week.... I think I need it ....

How was your weekend?
Have you seen Still Alice or Unbroken?
Do you use Jamberry Nails?


  1. Yay for an upcoming vacation! It definitely sounds like you need it. I use nail clippers for my jamberry wraps as well. I couldn't get it to work as nicely with the scissors either.

  2. I always love seeing your bible journal! You are so creative.

    I want your nails.. anddddd still alice. UGH really?

  3. All these pictures you took look so wonderful!!! :) Love those nails, too!

  4. I don't know anything about the first movie you watched, but I would like to see the 2nd one. Love those senior pics. They are both very good.

    The pictures with Harvey Dent are too funny!

  5. Unbroken is a very hard movie to watch but it was excellent. Still Alice is a favorite of mine. Yes it is sad but true and I have watched it several times. My husband thinks he is getting early Alzheimer's. Cute pictures of Harvey Dent and I love your bible.

  6. I watched that movie and had the exact same reaction - it just sort of ended!! Your nails turned out great!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. We love going to the early service for that very reason--to get into all the restaurants easily and to get home early!! :)

  8. it makes me so sad that you watched those movies instead of reading the books. Still Alice is AMAZING. Yes, it's sad, but it is amazing. The book is so much better, Kristen Stewart shockingly ruined the movie. Yeah, it ends kind of weird, but in the book it is so beautiful. and Unbroken, I think they did a horrible job of the movie. The book is still depressing and whatnot, but at the end it talks about everything he went through after and how he overcame certain things.. and I think he got pretty religious and involved in youth groups and stuff, like he created a camp or something. The movie skimmed over all of that. Eh.

  9. Holy cow. You had a BUSY weekend! I've never seen either of those movies and don't want to- I hate super sad, depressing, nitty-gritty real life movies. Ugh. Your nails look great, though! I keep debating about Jamberry but I still haven't caved.

  10. And I thought I had a busy weekend ... whew! We ran a 10k on Saturday morning, then drove 12 hours back home from vacation (or rather, I rode while my hubby drove. Still wore me out! ;) ). Then a blood drive on Sunday in between church and youth. This morning came too soon! I haven't seen either of those movies but both books are on my to-read list. Not sure I want to see Still Alice but definitely want to see Unbroken. Pretty nails! I rarely do my nails but I buy nail polish on a regular basis. What's up with that? Guess I ought to at least make an attempt! :) Have a great week before vacation!

  11. I have Still Alice on my list to read as a book but keep putting it off because I know it is going to be hard. I hate watching depressing movies! Sounds like you had some good picture clients this weekend! I love that he was so positive about his job :) Your nails look fabulous!

    The week before and after a vacation are just the worst. Hang in there!

  12. I have the book Still Alice and want to read it before I see the movie but I know it is going to be a tear jerker. Hope the week flies by for you.

  13. I loved Still Alice! I read the book and yes I did cry. I also watched the movie and cried a little. My grandma had Alzheimer's though so I guess I liked it because there isn't much done for Alzheimer's awareness like there is for cancer and other horrible things.

    I can't even imagine how busy you are! Double booked shoots and then alllll that editing on top of it?! At least you seem to have awesome clients. I love the kind words you say about all of them. :)

  14. I sat with my sister when she was editing some of our engagement pictures... I had no idea how much work went into it!

  15. I use jamberry... They take some practice to get on, but I love that they last 7 -10 days! No nail polish manicure lasts that long!

  16. You DESERVE a lazy week next week ... only 3 more get-ups! Woo hoo!

  17. I haven't seen either movie. Now I'm glad I didn't. ;-)
    I do, however - LOVE - The Walking Dead. =D
    I have a friend who sells Jamberry. Her nails always look so pretty! You did a nice job with yours, left handed and all.
    My husband takes photos for his high school's yearbook. He spends more time editing the photos than he does taking them. It's a lot of work. Your photos are amazing!!

  18. I loved the pics of your nais this weekend hope they are holding on!


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