Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #39} ... a special MOM Edition!

Thankful Thursday

Today is my mom's birthday!!! So I'm taking my Thankful Thursday & doing a special MOM EDITION!

All things that I'm thankful for with my momma!


 Thankful for my momma cause:

... my mom always made the best lasagna.... I need her to see if she can whip up a meat free version.  I remember it having lots of cheese - I don't forget lots of cheese.

... my mom gave me my love of playing games.  We would play games all summer long, all night long, any sick day or a day off of school.  Game playing is still one of my favorite things to do.

... she taught me to win or lose gracefully.  She never 'let me win' like some moms do. It's good to learn its OK to lose & it never ruined my day.  It was just in the fun of the game. 

... my mom always rooted me on. I'll never forget at a Karate tournament, I was fighting & my mom was the most vocal one there, screaming for me to "KICK HER BUTT"... that's a good mom for you!

... sitting next to my mom in church.  I can remember her Bible being open in her lap & her writing notes.  & the best thing she taught me in church?  When it gets a little slow & you're bored, take out the bulletin & circle in every "O" you can find.  I have taught many a kid how to do that in church or a program or anything that takes awhile.

... my mom did teach me who Jesus was young & to have a love & reverence for Him.  Besides coloring in church, she really did give me the most important lesson of all in that.

... she instilled in me early in life the love of books.  We'd go to the library or a little book nook used bookstore where I could pick out books that were a dime or a quarter. I still to this day have some of them. 

... my mom was able to be a stay at home mom so she was always there when we left in the morning & there making dinner when we got home from school.  I cant imagine life any other way.

... she taught me the gift of laughter.  We could laugh at basically nothing & truly find it funny.  We both almost got thrown out of the theater when we went to see Airplane! from laughing so hard.  & Ricky wonders why now my laugh is so loud.  There you go.  I learned from an early age how to just laugh like my life depended on it.

if anyone else can finish what else he says here... you get bonus points
& are officially my best friend

... Momma don't play.  As easy going as my mom is & friendly & likable - she knows when & how to put her foot down - whether it be someone selling her something, or someone causing problems for her family ... nope, she don't take no stuff from anyone.  It's always a good feeling to know when mom's in your corner.

... she taught me that one of the greatest candy bars in the world is a Zero & a runner up is Andes Mints

... my friends always loved my mom.  She was never scary or intimidating to them... she was actually someone who was fun to hang around & laugh with.

... she made every year a big event when her favorite movie would come on - the Wizard of Oz.  She made sure that we knew there was no place like home.

So much I am thankful for when it comes to my momma!!!
This list could go on & on & on & on & on & ... you get the idea
even put that in BLUE for you!


  1. What a sweet tribute to your Mom. Happy birthday to her!!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!! She sounds like a fabulous woman! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Happy birthday to your momma! Loved learning more about her! Hope she has a wonderful day :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! I am blessed with a wonderful mom, too, and could relate to so many points you posted about your mom! :) Especially the Wizard of Oz. It was ALWAYS a big deal at our house when it came on tv, even though we had the movie to watch whenever we wanted to. I make it a big deal now, just like she did.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom! She sounds wonderful. Enjoy every single moment you have with her!!

  6. Do we have the same mom??? My mom makes amazing lasagna, loves to play games and read books and she was always the super cool mom out of all my friends. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Sounds like you have a winner :)

  7. happy birthday to your mom! she sounds absolutely amazing!

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love all you said about her! The o's in the bulletin is so awesome!!

  9. So sweet! Moms are the best! Happy birthday to her! I love Airplane! It is hilarious! Unfortunately I can't finish the line. Boo!

  10. Such a sweet tribute to your mom! Happy birthday to her! Also, I have never eaten a Zero bar, but I hope we can still be friends : )

  11. Happy birthday to your mom! I love this post! What a luck gal you are to have such an amazing mom! Trish - tales from trish

  12. Happy birthday to yo mama! She done good with you... now I know why... she sounds pretty darn good herself! :D

  13. Happy birthday to your mother! Sounds like she raised you well.

  14. happy birthday to her!! thinking of you both today!

  15. Hope she had a very happy birthday. She taught you some great lessons, not always winning is a good thing to learn.


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