Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite People
Today is my twin nieces 11th birthday! 
I can't believe it!
I was telling them the story of when they were born & how I got to carry Sophia up from labor & delivery to the nursery... I got to give her her first elevator ride :)
They loved the part about Uncle Ricky running up & down the halls trying to find a nurse. Memories are a great thing.
They were talking about how close they are to being teenagers. I told them to just stop right here & now - I can't handle it & don't want to even think about it!

Favorite Recipe

Grilled Veggie Quesadilla
Grilled Veggie Quesadillas!
& I love when Beachbody puts up recipes - it gives the count exchange for the
 21 Day Fix - right up my ally!
Link Right Here

Favorite Food

Simple and Delicious Ideas for Avocado Toast
Link Right Here
Look at me with 2 food items this week.
I must be hungry.
But this makes me want to go get a bag of avocados & just try all the recipes
... but now I need to find the trick to making avocados last.

Favorite Reminder


 Favorite Exercise

Scissor Jacks

A 3 minute workout for Inner Thighs!
These legs are in desperate need for inner thigh work - always!
Link Right Here
 Favorite Beauty & the Beast

beautybeastaful:    (source):

Y'all - I love this one...
it reminds me of when I have to fix Ricky's hair because its longer then mine
... but I'm sure he will want it noted that he does NOT wear bows :)

Favorite Halloween Craft

 pumpkins from stove burner covers – cheap, cute & fun b/c you can get those at the dollar store!! @ DIY Home Cuteness:
Those are stove top covers from the Dollar store - painted up & glued onto a pole - decorated with ribbon & put in a little bucket. How cute would this be next to a entry door?  I especially love the Googly Eyed pumpkin on top!

Favorite Wish List Item

The Ice Cube Tray Redesigned:

Isn't this fantastic?  Especially because I can't put flat ice trays in my freezer
- too much junk. Water spills out every time!
I gotta find these!

 Favorite Funnies

Stop The Madness:



...when I can finally sit down for a little bit  & get caught up on my DVR


...When I first started my job
... how I basically am 23 years later
Amy Poehler What's up?
.... my eyes after editing pictures all weekend
... how I feel when 'managers' take the credit & forgetting its everyone else all around them that is actually doing the work
...when someone is lying to me & I try to keep quiet but my face reacts instead
Trump Faces

... how I feel when someone orders vegetarian for dinner out with me 

Crowd Cheer

... when its 4:00 on Friday! 


  1. lol all the gifs! happy birthday to your nieces :) omg the errorists made me laugh so hard. love it. have a great weekend girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to your nieces!

    Excellent reminder. I really need to remember that.

    4:00 can not get here quick enough! 3 day weekend....Yay!!!!

  3. omg teenage years....don't even mention that to me. kayla is always talking about "when she's older" and i'm like GIRL YOU ARE ONLY 7, SLOW YOUR ROLL! MAMA ISN'T MENTALLY PREPARED TO THINK ABOUT YOU AS A TEENAGER!!

    i really need that ice cube thing because i have so much trouble getting them out of the tray!

  4. That ice cube maker is genius - I need it!!! And yes to avocado toast or anything with avocado!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. The "don't cling to a mistake" saying is so powerful with that image. Love it.

  6. Happy birthday to your nieces!!! That Halloween craft is so cute!!! And being able to get the items from the Dollar Store is even better! Loving all the gifs! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh my gosh, that ice cube tray is AMAZING!! I have a tendency to spill water allllll over the freezer when I fill normal cube trays. Happy birthday to your nieces :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your nieces!!! Loved the memories from their birth day :) Have a great weekend!

  9. Thank you for the recipes links. Happy 11th Birthday to your nieces! Love the ice cube try too.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Um. Your gifs are amazing. (Is it just me or does Donald Trump ALWAYS look like he's vomiting in his mouth?) Happy Birthday to you nieces! My birthday is next Sat. and I am totaling adding that ice maker to my list!!

  11. Happy 11th birthday to the girls! My little sister just turned 11 so I know it's a BIG deal ;).
    Since I just started my new job i'm like that gif lol. I can't wait until I can get to gif 2. I'll give it a few weeks first tho. happy friday! Trish - tales from trish

  12. Girl! Get that quesadilla in my mouth! Asap! Those veggies are making my mouth water!

  13. Your nieces are too cute!
    Love the looks of those avocado recipes too, yummo....

    Happy weekend, Hugs!

  14. The ice cube tray is genius. The pumpkin craft is adorable.

  15. That ice cube thingy is awesome! And that Trump gif.....made me snort.

  16. That pumpkin craft is adorable! And that ice maker is sweet!!! I need one of those bad boys!


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