Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Christmas Food

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Wreath Recipe -Give chocolate and pretzels the holiday treatment they deserve when you shape them as a wreath. Make one for the house and more to give away. —Shannon Roum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

So smart to take chocolate covered pretzels & lay out like this
... & who doesn't love chocolate covered pretzels?!?!?!

Favorite Christmas Decoration

Snowman place stetting for a super cute holiday table:

Who thinks of these things?!?!
So cute!
Wouldn't it be fun to have your table like this for when kids woke up Christmas morning?

Favorite Gift Giving Idea

Homemade Gift Ideas:

Just grab a paper towel roll & take some of your favorite teas or hot chocolate packets
& layer those baby up to make this cute little tree.
I love the ones with the red & green packaging making the perfect Christmas look.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Belle and Beast | Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Steve Thompson:

Steve Thompson is fast becoming my favorite Beauty & the Beast artist
... well, all his Disney stuff... but I just love the way he draws Belle & Beast
 Favorite Key Holder

DIY Modern Wood Key Holder |Tutorial in Danish:

I don't know why but I think this is just so cute.
It would never work for us ...
Ricky's keys basically weigh 5 lbs
... but I still think this is a cute idea.
Favorite Tattoo

Totally would never get this done but goodness gracious this is cool…:
So cool!  That's a super hero fan right there!

Favorite Peencha

Both something that I wish would would happen to me...kinda, and something that…:

Favorite Song

This is my favorite Christmas song
... & what's so special about this video?
 The guy singing - he's the guy that leads our worship service in church.
Isn't his voice amazing?  Our church has the most amazing worship team ever!!!

Favorite Funnies

Everyone goes through an awkward stage — even some of the hottest stars of today. But while young teenagers back in the day were fans of extreme photo editing, crimped hair, and layered polo shirts, today’s 13 year olds look SO much more mature than they actually are it seriously messes with some people. So, …:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics:

... when the hubs asks me how long it'll be before I'm ready to go when I just woke up

... when you try to let someone know you just did your nails & cant touch anything

.... when I start eating off my diet for Thanksgiving & it keeps going through Christmas

... how it's felt getting through 2016

... me all day long because I've been off work today


Happy Weekend Y'all!!!



  1. OMG - I'm loving that pretzels wreath! And the tea tree - AND basically everything you put on here. Such a great post. Happy Friday my friend!

  2. I love the snowman plate thing and would do that if only I had white plates! The tea tree is great too!

    Funny story: one year my cousins brought a birthday cake to Christmas lunch at my grandparents house. We have a large family so we. We're always celebrating someone's birthday. My pap says, "who's birthday is it today?". The little cousin says "Jesus of course". I just thought that was so cute. So yea, go ahead and use birthday wrapping paper!

  3. When I started getting my leg tattoo - I almost considered one like that. But, ended up going Disney (Alice in Wonderland meets Nightmare Before Christmas).

  4. I love that corgi so much. I think that video is adorable.. but also a good descriptor. haha That pretzel wreath is too cute. I'm all about chocolate covered pretzels.. :) LOL yeah, when I was 13 I WAS NOT COOL AT ALL. :P I was still a kid. I wish 13 year olds were still kids now. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Those snowman dinner plate arrangement is so simple and yet so perfect! I gave the tea-trees a try but it did not end well. I think my mistake was trying to use double sided tape when I should have broke out the glue gun!

  6. That's such a gorgeous production of that song- so awesome to have such a great worship team at your church! I LOVE the tea tree idea!

  7. THAT IS NOT A 13yr old (on the left)! when i was 13, i was awkward and gangly and just hideous looking LOL

  8. I laughed out loud at the diet comment and gif!! True here, that's for sure! Thanks for the giggles and happy long weekend to you!

  9. You always share THE BEST ideas!! I love that tea bag tree idea as well as the way to arrange the chocolate pretzels. I make those every year and definitely need to do that!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Oh wow, I love all those Christmas ideas. And LOL at the 13 year olds and the wrapping paper. HAHA!!

  11. The tea tree is too cute. I love crafty people because I am not one.

    That 13 year old meme is the TRUTH.

  12. Love that pretzel rod wreath idea. Even if you don't lay them all together like a wreath, still so easy to make festive ones! A few drops of food coloring in some melted white chocolate? + roll them in some sprinkles or crushed up peppermints!? Add some mint extract to the chocolate if you please. Mmm. I promised to make dessert for a party on Sunday, so I may do something like this. Keep it simple. Plus leftovers would fare well.

    Happy weekend! :) Engagement pics on Sunday, and I'm still in full on panic about what I'm wearing! And what Mr. Sass will wear! I'm sure it'll be fine, but I do want them to turn out nice.!

  13. The tree pretzel is a brilliant idea. And I love the tea tree too. Such a simple, yet very clever idea. YES to all the funnies! The Happy Birthday Jesus wrapping paper made me laugh so hard. My brother was the worst about wrapping gifts when he was younger. He wrapped one of mine in a bath towel. And one year, he just hid it under another wrapped present Christmas morning. The good news is that his Christmas presents weren't as lame as his gift wrap. :D

  14. I love your first three things! So festive and cute!!! Also, your 'peencha' is adorable...hopefully they've already cleared the air about the bet long ago so it doesn't go like the movies where she finds out and gets angry and wonders if everything has been a lie. I watched that gif of the snow coming off the roof a few was mesmerizing!

  15. I love that key holder! And the table settings. That's adorable!! Chocolate pretzels are one of my weaknesses, which is weird b/c I don't usually snack on chocolate OR pretzels, ha!
    YAY FOR NO WORK TODAY!!! All those memes describe my life. Especially the Kermit one and the 13 year olds one. Ha

  16. That corgi really is how 2016 has felt. Those pretzels are adorable-what a cute idea!

  17. That pretzel wreath is such a cute ideas for a holiday party!

  18. Happy weekend! That key holder is so cute! But it wouldn't work for us either, both of our key chains feel like they weigh 5 pounds.

  19. I love the table decoration, it's such a clever and cute idea, and haha, the nail GIF! That was me earlier, I'd just painted mine and then my Mum needed me to move something so I was walking around with my hands in the air! Loved this post, it made me smile. - Tasha

  20. I love the snowmen place settings and the pretzel wreath.

  21. I saw the pretzel wreath earlier this week and thought about making it for my girlfriends next week.

  22. The tea tree is such a great idea!! The wrapping paper one is hilarious! Hope you're having a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  23. That pretzel tray is so darn cute and the table setting too! So many great shares and funny things today. Love the leftovers plate.

  24. Ohhh that pretzel wreath is genius! So is the tea tree. Hope you have a great weekend!

  25. OK, all that funny stuff is HILARIOUS! The corgi being pulled down the hall - YES! The leftovers - YES! The eating avalanche - YES! :)

    Also, great version of O Holy Night - they even sang Mike's favorite verse (about the slave being our brother). Thanks!

  26. That 13 year old thing is so true. I think I was a fan of blue eyeshadow! Also, chocolate covered pretzels are always delicious.

  27. OMG I'm dying about the fake tree lite up!

    That chocolate pretzel wreath is so cool, I have to make one!


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