Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The night a UPS driver ruined Christmas spirit in our house...

Who knocks on the door at 9pm at night?

Only things is an emergency, right?

Or we can go with what is more my line of thinking? A killer.  A polite killer, grant you, if he's going to knock on the door.  But still. It can happen.

Hasn't anyone seen those videos on TV lately where someone pretends they are a UPS person & knocks on the door & as soon as its opened, 3 people run in with guns behind them robbing you & basically being the Grinch taking all of your gifts?

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YEAHHHHH... me too! I saw those videos!

So again, when there is a knock at my door on a Monday night at 9pm & Harvey Dent is freaking out, I get nervous.

Especially when the hubs is safely tucked in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing through his head.  Probably more like visions of Chick-Fil-A chocolate chip cookies dancing through his head.

Honestly, I think he needs some sort of intervention happen with his addiction of their sweet tea & chocolate chip cookies.  Or as I tell him the way he should order, "Can I get a large cup of sugar with a side order of sugar?"... & Ricky & all the good southern people say, "Amen"

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Back to the story....

I glance out the window, see a UPS truck, which still doesn't make me trust that this is a legit UPS guy.  Murderers are clever nowadays & you can never be too careful.

So I go & shake Ricky like the world is coming to an end - BUT I keep my tone light & airy & sweet... "Honey... honey.... HONNNEEYYY.... HONNNNNEEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... that gets him every time.

I tell him someone is at the door & he looks at me like I have 3 heads.

Now, its true, he can't see very well in daylight on a good day so coming out of a deep sleep, he probably did see me with 3 heads.

But then he hears Harvey barking & he bolts up.

Can I take a minute & applaud Ricky on his skills of snapping out of sleep so fast.  He really is good at it.  Even though, 5 minutes later, he's usually grasping his chest & saying his heart is beating crazy & he feels like he's ready to have a heart attack. ... maybe not so good after all.

But he runs to the door - no worries in his mind if anyone is going to home invade us - he just wants his package & then he sees the UPS guy turning his big brown vehicle around & getting ready to head down our drive way.

Just note, our drive way is fairly long... & goes on a downhill slope.  The UPS driver gets turned around just in time to head down that hill when Ricky starts YELLING - "HEYYYY!!! HEEEYYYYY!!!!!"

I bet you the UPS driver was cranking up some crazy rock or something in that vehicle because he didn't hear Ricky... who again was REALLY awake now running down the driveway with no shoes on & its just a crisp 36 degrees outside.

Ricky makes it all the way to the street as the UPS guy pulls on the road & hits the gas. #pedaltothemedal

Image result for running after car gif
OK.. it didnt end this dramatically

... when I look down & see a package.  On the porch. Right at the door that Ricky ran out of.

I yell at Ricky, "It's up here!  The package is on the porch"

... to which I hear Ricky grumbling ... all the way down by the street.

& the grumbling must make Harvey Dent remember those UPS videos too because he hears the grumbling & thinks there is a stranger coming up our driveway.  He loves his house & he loves his family... aint no danger heading our way... so OUT HE GOES to CHARGE the stranger coming up the driveway.

Image result for protective dog funny

Ricky, who at this point is in no mood whatsoever to deal with a charging dog yells, "HARVEY - ITS ME!"& then Harvey thinks its a game & changes his tune quick & starts wagging his butt (he has no tail) & wants to play.

... if you can't tell by now, Ricky is in NO mood to play....

Ricky & Harvey made it back up to the porch together. One looking happy, the other not so much. I'll let you decide who is who.

Ricky thought it was a package he was waiting on from Home Depot. Manly stuff.  (Insert Home Improvement Tim Allen Uh-uh-uh laugh - or howeverthat goes)... & then I told him that package came in earlier.

Oh yeah - he remembered. Guess that sleep was hanging with him after all.

So, what was the UPS guy delivering at 9pm at night that was so important?

I stood with an Old Navy package in my hand with a pair of $4.00 kids leggings in it.

That was worth all the excitement for the night, right?

Ricky just looked at me & grumbled his way back to bed telling me not to wake him up ever again if someone was knocking on the door late.

... insert more grumbling... which Harvey Dent TOTALLY took as a sign its not the time to play now.

Needless to say, the Christmas Spirit went down a few notches in our house that night.

Except I know one happy little girl whose going to be excited for some Old Navy leggings she's going to get soon.

Thank you UPS man for being so diligent.  Next time I'll leave milk & cookies for you sir.  Just dont knock on our door at 9pm at night.

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  1. Okay, so I have to ask, did you actually order those leggings? Or was this just a ploy by the UPS man to drop of a random package just to "case out" the place?

    If it was a legit drop off, I do know those delivery people work long hours during the holiday season (which is probably a good thing since they have so many packages to deliver and I imagine people want them on time).

    What time does Ricky go to sleep seeing that it was 9pm and he'd already been sleeping for several hours?

  2. Oh goodness - we've gotten packages after 10pm before and they still ring the doorbell! WHY?!

  3. Y'all were asleep before 9? I think that surprised me more than the UPS being out late (hehe). Tell me your secrets of getting to sleep early! I'm up til 1130, midnight blogging Sunday-Thursday. I don't get my mail until 7pm and packages are usually by 8--#citylife #nofair

  4. Thanks for the early morning giggles!! Poor Ricky!! Bless his heart! ;)

  5. HAHAH OMG! I would kinda freak out too! That's so crazy, but I am glad it all worked out in the end without any bruises! hehe We had a courier show up at 8pm or later the other night with something... which I thought was crazy... but hey, I got my package. Also, we live in an apartment, so it's not THAT unusual to get knocks on the door. HA One time we got a Chinese delivery that wasn't ours... #winning? I dunno! Glad all is well, thanks for the funny story this am. :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. oh my word, I needed that laugh this morning. I could so envision it in my head!!!

  7. "Murderers are clever nowadays & you can never be too careful." HAHAHA!

    This story was perfect. 10xs better than any Black Friday story, ha!

  8. I love getting UPS packages but it seems odd that he'd knock on the door that late. I guess he figured you were anxiously awaiting those leggings. :)

  9. Ha! I'm sure it was not fun at the time but I got a lot of laughs out of your story :)

  10. I had no idea they delivered that late. haha Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

  11. LOL! we dont have late night deliveries; the latest we've had is around 7pm and on sundays which was weird since i didn't think they worked on sundays?

  12. Since I knew you were okay, I could giggle my way through the story. I could see both Ricky and Harvey Dent, especially Harvey Dent going from protective to play in a nanosecond. Honestly, it would have scared me too because I didn't think the UPS delivered that late. Glad everyone is okay and your little girl will be a happy camper come Christmas morning!

  13. I haven't seen those videos or horror stories about this madness. Why do people have to suck so much sometimes. I would be beyond creeped out if anyone was knocking on my door at 9PM. I probably would have yelled "JUST LEAVE IT" out the door & refused to answer, 'cause I'm a big baby. Glad those leggings made it. Haha. ;)

    Also, yes to sweet tea. I like it like syrup. :)

  14. I'm used to late night deliveries around the holidays, since they're soooo busy! I actually kind of prefer them, because then at least they're home and I don't have to worry about someone stealing our package off our porch! Buuut we also live in a neighborhood with tons of other houses around--I think it'd be a different story if we were farther from the street and neighbors like you guys are!

  15. My husband is a UPS driver. He's putting in some very long days right now!

  16. oh my gosh this would terrify me! i get all my packages to work though, so if someone knocks on my door at 9pm, it's not a legit thing and i'm going to ignore them. one time, my brother in law showed up and surprised us and knocked for ages and we ignored him until he called us. oops.
    i had to laugh so hard at the package being on the porch though.

  17. That is a good story though. I have had some late package deliveries too and it scares me as well. Those youtube videos have me scared as well. Ugh.

  18. Our UPS Driver used to be married to my cousin, we see him everyday right now. I haven't seen my cousin in 10 years, lol. What a story girl, love!! I beg those drivers have some doozies to tell.

  19. Ohh no, poor ricky! It's the worst when you're thinking a package is for you and it ends up being something else, combined with all of the excitement of chasing after the truck, haha. I'm always more worried about people following UPS and taking the packages after they drop them off.

  20. Haha that's too funny!!

    I never answer my door for anyone. I get emails stating my package is delivered, so if I ever heard the doorbell ring and I was expecting the package... I know that it was them lol :)

  21. haha, I just love the way you tell stories, so relate-able and like I'm in the same room. Thanks, glad it wasn't a murderous UPS guy and you lived to write about it.

  22. Haha! All that for a pair of leggings. Better safe than sorry, though.

  23. I never get why they knock that late. LOL @ the ensuing hijinks.

  24. Haha! That's way too late!! And also, I had someone try to break in my house wearing a UPS you really never can be too careful!

  25. Enjoyed your story but poor Ricky!!! They are out these days delivery late. I don't even answer during the day but they always leave the package at the door for me. What I don't like it when they don't knock or ring the bell, that makes me mad.....


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