Monday, December 12, 2016

The weekend that I blame my sinuses for my breakdown in Toy Story 3

Oh man.... one weekend closer to Christmas...

& another weekend where we didn't get much accomplished AT ALL.

I'm getting nervous. Time to break out the alarms & wave the white flag.  I'm slacking on Christmas.

This weekend, I have an excuse. Not a fun excuse, mind you - but an excuse.

A sinus infection hit me - HARD.  & then got Ricky on Sunday.

& apparently is attacking everyone around the area lately.

Friday, I was doing OK.  Made it through work, even though by the time I left work, my voice was about on the same scale as Barry White... hey, baby!....

& my usual thing on Friday is to stop for grocery shopping. Ricky called & asked me if I was going, to which I told him, all I wanted to do was get home. No grocery shopping this day.  We have enough cans of black beans & rice to last for awhile.

& actually Blue Apron was delivering on Saturday - only because I forgot to cancel it for the week, but God works in mysterious ways & I actually loved my groceries showing up on my front porch Saturday.  High Five to you God!

But I got home & Ricky followed right behind me & look what he had for me.... a hot tea with honey.

Ahhh... he loves me.


I didnt care about anything at home.  Wrapping, nah!  Cleaning, forget about it!  Feeding the dogs - well, you gotta do that or I have a set of 3 pairs of eyes giving me the stare down that I feed them or they'll eat my face in the middle of the night... so I did do that...

but other than that - I gave up on life.

Except life to me requires yarn & needles... so I did ended up watching The Vampire Diaries & finishing a little project I was working on.

Came up with a new design... I sort of love it. 🐑❤ #rebeccajoknits . . . . #etsyseller #knitstagram #knit #crochet #cowl #neckwarmer #handmade:

Isn't that so cute? I stitched the ends together so it stays in one piece ... its so warm & comfy. I love the color too - such a sucker for anything gray anymore.   I actually fell into this by accident because I ran out of yarn but I'm going to write up how I did it & make some more.  HAPPY ACCIDENT... (my MSM gang will appreciate that one)

I was so thankful for sleep into Saturday... except Ricky had to work... which ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS means I get up when he leaves. UGH.  I guess its the 2 becomes 1 things in the ultimate form.  If he has to work, I have to be awake.

That's OK - I had some stuff I needed to do around the house - even though at this point, I still was struggling to breath.

But I did wrap some gifts, I did get caught up on some things.  Not cleaning, but some things.
& I had to venture down to the post office to mail more Etsy packages. YAHOOO!!!!!

I am so excited about 'adopting out' my yarn goodies.  Love seeing them go to people who love & appreciate & support hand crafts/arts.  Thumbs up to you!!!


Ricky got home from work & he said we needed to get our butts in gear for Christmas ....

..... & then he feel asleep.....

& took over a 3 hour nap.

So there's that.

When he woke up, he felt horrible.  The sinus infection fairies hit him.

& in the mean time, I was reading posts from our bible study group about these mean fairies hitting some of them & their family.  We were supposed to meet up on Sunday but in case everyone wanted to be around others with fevers & struggling to breath without coughing, we decided to reschedule.

I did try to get some things done by running down to our local Dollar Store - the only store we have near us - & ended up being there for 30 minutes because I think the whole town was there. The line was FOREVVVEEERRR long.  & Ricky called to check if I was OK when I wasn't home in 10 minutes & then he asked if I picked up some stuff for our church youth food drive... totally forgot.

Sinus infections must ruin the brain.

& must make you very emotional.

I ended up watching Toy Story 3 & I've seen it before - but man, the ending this time.... I dont know what happened to me, but I sobbed like I just had to give up my own toys.  It was horrible.

Image result for crying toy story 3

Image result for crying toy story 3

But on the plus side - crying does help clear out the sinuses even more.

Sunday, I was over 24 hour fever free so headed to MSM... poor Ricky? Not so much....

He got a new contraption to help him breath

so he ended up missing church....

Poor guy.

I will say, I did manage to get a few things checked off the list for Christmas after church, but I'm still so far behind.

Can we scoot Christmas back a little bit?

I will say, I do have a short week this week. I'm taking off Thursday & Friday to use up my final vacation days so I'm dubbing them as "OPERATION CHRISTMAS CATCH UP DAYS"... OCCD... which is not to be confused with my OCD which can attribute to my freaking out about this all.

... sigh....

But at least today is technically my Wednesday... so I'm already starting the week off as a winner!

& I'm breathing a little better.

Cheers to Monday!

How was your weekend?

Did you get snow?

Please dont tell me you're finished shopping & wrapping
... I'll freak out more.


  1. Hoping everyone can breathe now! I've got a sinus infection and I'm SO OVER IT!! My ears are clogged up and you can imagine the other gross details, lol. Being able to breathe is the best thing--I always tell my nose I'm sorry I took it for granted, hehe.

  2. I still have a 3 gifts to get yet and as of right now I have no idea what to get these people!

    So sorry about the "mean fairies" hitting. Does that mean the msm kids are being bullied?

    Ya know i've never seen Toy Story 3 (or 2).

  3. Toy Story 3... total tearjerker. I still have yet to watch it a second time because I was a blubbering mess the first time I watched it! So sorry ya'll were sick. I hope you're feeling better. Today is the first day I can actually swallow pain free - but my friend DID give me an amazing hot tea remedy recipe for Sbux that is a complete lifesaver. I shall share if you're interested :) Have a great week!

  4. Gosh, I hope everyone is feeling better. Seems like something is always going around this time of year. I haven't seen Toy Story 3, yet, but I have heard from multiple adults that it's sad.

  5. Maybe Ricky should have watched Toy Story 3 with you to help clear out his sinuses! Poor guy -- I dislike using a nebulizer but hopefully it does the trick for him.

    Don't worry - you are WAY ahead of us on Christmas prep. I need to get in gear ...

  6. Toy Story 3 gets me every time. I have one more gift to buy and a little more wrapping to do. I really need to start delivering presents because they are taking up way too much space in my room. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  7. We got snow AND freezing rain. So much freezing rain that Mr. Sass' car slid down the driveway, which isn't all that steep, overnight & ended up 1/4 of the way on the street. Which, that was quite the sight this morning.

    Glad you're feeling better, but bummer that the bug got Ricky too. :/

  8. Oh my lady! What a weekend! Sounds like a rough one health wise. Glad you were able to kind of help each other out. :) I used to use a breathing machine in HS and it really helped me. This year we started using the humidifier early and it's definitely helping so far. :) Um, I love TVD. I was like... I will never watch this... and then I did and now I love it. We have not watched any of this season though... so no spoilers! hehe It's so dramatic.. you've gotta love it! Glad you are selling so many things! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. We've had some sinus issues in our house this season too! Hope you're all feeling better.

    Everything that needs to get done will get done, and if it doesn't, it doesn't! Try not to stress.

  10. Well, I did finish (except for stockings) but haven't mailed things off yet. Easy when most of what we do is gift cards. It's so great that your Etsy shop is doing so well!!

  11. I literally cry EVERY single time I watch that movie. It's so good and relatable to real life. lol

  12. I'm sorry you and Ricky are sick. Never good. It's been my annual ritual to get bronchitis after the holiday. But last year, it didn't happen so here's hoping that I broke the streak. I LOVE that scarf. I just wish scarves look good on me. Boo! So I watched Toy Story 3 at the theater probably at the beginning of my depression and I cried throughout the entire movie. I cried all the way home (thank goodness I was walking) and cried every time I read an article about it. To this day I cannot watch the movie without crying buckets. Feel better!

  13. ew, there's something nasty going around here as well but i think it's the flu! either way, i'm glad that your sort of feeling better and hope that R gets better soon/fast.

    focus on getting yourself better! the rest of the house/errands can wait.

  14. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry that you guys weren't feeling well this weekend, but I hope you're on the mend now and ready to tackle all the christmas to - do's!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. Oy! Sorry to hear the sick bug got you both. I am the exact same way though when I'm sick. Didn't make it the grocery store until late last week because I wasn't feeling so hot. Needed to get on home!

    I love your new scarf!

  16. I agree. Let's move Christmas back a bit. I am a bit behind as well, and I want to enjoy it all much more. I am so sorry that you got sick this weekend. I had a sinus infection a few weeks back and it was AWFUL. And now Ricky is sick too. Boo. But at least you got a few things done. I haven't seen Toy Story 3. Only 1 and 2.

  17. I'm glad you are feeling better and have some days off to enjoy!

  18. So, this is kind of hilarious (not you getting sick, of course, just this coincidence):

    I totally replied to your comment on my blog (the one where I mentioned the Toy Story thing) without even having seen this post yet.


    Ha ha.

    Hope you feel WAAAAAY better soon. Being sick around the holidays is just the worst.

  19. OMG friend! The picture of Ricky makes me so sad. I hope you are both feeling better today!

  20. Oh no, I'm sorry you both got sick! That's so hard. I'm glad you're feeling better now. I love love love the new scarf you made-you are so talented!

  21. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope Rickey feels better soon too. Now I need to watch Toy Story 3 again because I can't remember the ending. lol

  22. Sinus infections, boo!! Sorry you had to go through that, and during Christmas too! I'm in the same boat as you though (not the sinus infection) so behind on Christmas! I haven't started shopping, I've done NO baking, and I'm going to San Diego for a couple days next week! I'll sign your petition to move Christmas back a week or two! :)

  23. Oh bless you guys, I hope you're feeling a little better! I can sympathize as the winter makes my asthma step its game up.
    Even thinking of Toy Story 3 makes me tear up haha!!



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