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Warmth in various forms & a dead car? .... {Thankful Thursday #101}

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This Week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore them}

1048 / Warm Sweaters right out of the dryer.  I am like Mr. Rogers. I have a cardigan that I wear every minute I'm home till the minute I leave to stay warm. It's so soft & comfy.  I legit wear it ALL THE TIME as soon as the temps start dipping. It's even better when I wash it & I put it on right when it comes out of the dryer. Like a hug from the warm fairies.

1050 / Printer at work fixed.  When you can't print anything- especially being off the week before on vacation & you have to get caught up? No fun.  Took awhile but I'm back to work.

1051 / Podcasts still on computer. I was so afraid I'd loose all my saved podcasts when they switched out my computer - but they're all there!! YAHOO!! I didn't loose my 40 episodes of "Hey, Do You Remember...?"  ...Its the things that get me through a work day in life.

1053 / Late Night Edit Session.  Especially ones that let me finish the whole she-bang.  It's always such a relief to go into a weekend knowing I have no editing that needs to be done.

1054 / MORE Etsy sales. Y'all... I have sold another 3 items this week.  I am so excited ... & blessed!!!

1057 / Friends joining in at MSM.  I talked about this Monday but so excited about our friends starting to serve in Middle School Ministry. 

1059 / Grandbuddy hugs & kisses.  I love when I get to spend some time with Miss Emerson & she was my buddy at lunch after church. She kept wanting to hug me & wanted kisses. I kept telling her all this love from her made it the BEST DAY EVER... to which she'd have to scream back, "BEST DAY EVER!"

1060 / Found car not working.  Why is this on the thankful list?  Because I'm so glad I had to get a random object out of my car & found out it was dead, give us time to charge up the battery & make sure it was OK before work on Monday. I would have freaked out if  I woke up on Monday with Ricky gone to work & it didn't start.

1061 / Cooking on cold nights.  I love when I use the oven & then can leave it open at the end & let the heat warm up the kitchen.  I'll stand near the oven for a bit to feel the warm air flowing out of it.

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I never tire of this meme

1063 / Bruno OK after being sick. I've mentioned how bad our little grumpy old man is getting.  He is struggling with not seeing, just having some 'old man' issues & I saw on our security camera he had thrown up while I was at work.  He didn't want a treat even later in the day... but by the end of the night, after some snuggles, some loving & his 'special treats' that he snorted up, he seemed to be MUCH better by the time we got in bed.  He was back to himself the next morning too.  My little man...

1064 / Culver's Sweet potato fries.  If you haven't tried them... DO IT!

What are you Thankful For this week?

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  1. Glad to hear that Bruno is better! Currently sick myself, but not as bad as I was, so I am thankful for that.

  2. So glad that Bruno is feeling better. It's horrible to have a sick pet.
    Glad you found out early on that your car didn't start. I'd panic too if I found out on Monday morning (usually cus I'm running late anyway..haha)

  3. Glad the pup is okay--and that your car situation worked out too! That would have been not the best way to start a Monday morning,you're so right. I do the same thing with the oven, too!

  4. Love these thankful posts. Hoping to participate later today after my appointment.

    So glad you found out about your car early. Much less stress. I'm also glad Bruno is better. I so hate to see our fur babies I'll. Congrats on your Etsy sales. My stuff is all expired right now. I definitely need to get back and renew them. I sold a bunch of them at the church craft show last month. So I have to figure out what I still have and I need to make some more.

    Have a great day and I hope to be back soon to link up.

  5. Glad Bruno is better! Pets being sick always worries me. Yayyyyy on Etsy sales. Still holding out hope that the yellow one is being wrapped up for meeee! :) hehe It's Xmas card season... so I've been doing lots of evening editing/proofing/etc. sessions. Whew. Glad to say I'm done with the bunch that's been ordered so far. :) Yay for cooking and warm sweaters. When I'm home I cozy up like nobody's business! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I love when it's cold outside and the house is just a little chilly but the kitchen is so warm because the oven is on and there are things on the stove. It makes the whole house feel warm!

  7. So glad your doggy is okay! I was thankful I went out for 2 miles over lunch yesterday. I've been in a huge rut with that. But now I'm getting sick. Awesome. And congrats on selling more on Etsy! YAY!

  8. Glad your pup is okay.

    I'm glad you found the battery dead BEFORE you needed it.

  9. I'm glad Bruno is doing better. Dealing with sick pets is so difficult but they are worth it. My nephews both work at Culvers and rave about the sweet potato fries, which sound so delicious. Culvers is not on the west coast unfortunately. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to enjoy some when I go home for Christmas. I've had to deal with 2 dead car batteries and was blessed both times to have it happen at home, not while I was out about (I'm notorious for being the sole human who doesn't carry their phone 24/7). Glad it turned out okay for you too! And yay for Etsy sales, warm ovens and favorite cardigans!

  10. Our pups have been a little under the weather, too. Ly was first with lethargy and exhaustion, then Enzo spit up and didn't eat yesterday. They seem back to normal now. Just a doggie cold I think.

    I ALWAYS open the oven and stick my face in. Oops. I've never thought to let it warm the kitchen afterward- genius!

  11. What is it about warm anything out of the dryer? Shirt, socks, blanket, everything is infinitely better warm and fresh out of the dryer lol. Hope your sweet pup feels better soon!

  12. Congrats on your etsy sales! That's a bummer about your car, but at least it was only your battery!

  13. So glad about Bruno, and your Etsy sales - yay!

  14. Yay for Bruno better, and I love blankets coming right out of the dryer, so comfy.

  15. Glad you caught the dead battery before Monday morning!! I always enjoy your thankful posts!!

  16. What a thankful week! I woulda been ticked, too, come Monday morning and no car! Eek!!

  17. I love opening the oven and letting all the heat bask me in warmth. I usually leave it cracked after cooking in it. Bruno is so cute!!! So glad he is feeling better. I love all warm clothes out of the dryer!

  18. Culver's has sweet potato fries now? Ugh. I love them and am on a clear liquid diet so no fries for me. Have some for me!


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