Tuesday, December 19, 2017

3 Things - December

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I always love the questions that Stephanie comes up with for 3 Things...
So I'm totally joining in with her December set of questions.. here we go...

Three food items I always have around in December.
1. Hershey kisses
2. Cheese & crackers. (something easy to grab & eat & also sit out for company)
3. Chips & salsa

Three things that make me love people
1. When their kind to animals
2. People that have a great sense of humor & is FUNNY!
3. People that shine the love of Jesus in all they say or do.

Three things that make me hate people
1. People who are cruel to animals
2. Users
3. Thieves. What is the deal with everyone stealing all the packages off porches lately?!?!?!?

Three Chirstmas songs I listen to the most
1. I heard the Bells on Christmas Day - by Casting Crown
2. O Holy Night  - Josh Groban
3. Noel - Lauren Daigle

Do yourself a favor & listen today

Three most recent Amazon purchases:
(I cant really say the MOST recent because hello - Christmas gifts!!!... but some of MY latest purchases)
1. Honest Company Calcium chewables... they are THE BEST!
2. A new battery for my cell phone
3. A charger for my cell phone to leave at work.

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Three most recent book purchase
1.  The Selection series (which is technically 5 books)
2. The Greatest Gift - Christmas devotional
3. Side Effects May Vary - the same author who wrote Dumplin.... love her!

Three things I'll do before the end of 2017 because I want to.
1. Make a pumpkin pie
2. Go see Star Wars.
3. Get older... my birthday is in 2 weeks - & its better than the alternative.

Three things I'll do before the end of 2017 because I have to.
1. Clean my house for company.
2. Wrap presents.
3. Get older... I really HAVE to - aging does that.

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Three words of the year for 2017 if I was a person who chose words of the year
1. Reinvention
2. JOY
3. Simplify

Play along... what 3 things would you pick?


  1. I saw this but haven't had time to sit down and actually write the post! You had me at chips and salsa! Even at Christmas time!

  2. I need to do all the wrapping and get my act in gear. Yay for your almost birthday! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  3. Ooooh. I like "reinvention."
    I enjoy wrapping presents :) I think it might be one of my favorite parts of the holidays! Lol

  4. Oh I cant wait to hear your thoughts on Side Effects May Vary because I loved Dumplin too!!! Ugh my to do list sounds like yours - clean, wrap presents and get old. Hahaha.

  5. O this is fun! The last three things I bought off Amazon: sheets and a USB charger for my nephew ( he wants stuff for college) and some Steelers stuff for my husband!

  6. O this is fun! The last three things I bought off Amazon: sheets and a USB charger for my nephew ( he wants stuff for college) and some Steelers stuff for my husband!

  7. I have a bag of chips and salsa calling to me. I bought them for snacks for Thanksgiving but I was actually good and didn't eat them. But now ... oh, how they tempt me. Since I'm going home in a few days and will immediately start feasting, I'm trying to hold them until New Year's because I really want to eat good up until I leave. :D I love all your answers. Nothing enrages me more than people who are cruel to animals. To be fair, I don't like people being cruel to other people either. I need to try those calcium chewables. I dislike tablets so I end up "forgetting" to take them.

  8. That was fun! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday....

  9. Love your three words for the year! Cheese and crackers are such an easy snack, but always so satisfying!

  10. I love people who are kind to their animals and hate the people who are not kind. I am right there with you.

  11. This is such a fun list. Do you only eat chips + salsa in December?

  12. Love your three words. Simplify. JOY. Reinvention. :) And I also love that you want to do some simple things like go watch Star Wars, make a pumpkin pie, and celebrate your birthday!!!! :) Happy Birthday (early) to you Becca! God bless you SWEET sister. I am just so thankful for you; I can't be thankful enough for your joy in the Lord, your love for others, and your reminders to me daily that I need to abide in Jesus through your lettering and your Instagram posts.

  13. I love your lists, especially your words for next year, in case I'm not blogging... or reading... Happy Birthday in advance!! :) I hope that you have a wonderful day and your favorite year yet! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. Ughhhh wrapping. I only wrap for in-house people because I am literally the world's worst.


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