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Sweatpants, cartoons & no peeing!!! {Thankful Thursday #155}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{numbers go with my One -Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

856 / Sweat Pants at Dollar Store
No joke y'all... I need sweat pants - BAD! Its cold & I pull out all my sweat pants from last year. & actually they are from YEARSSSSS before - they've lasted quite awhile. But the waist band of all of them except one pair have dry rotted! WHAT? So they totally all stretched out & wont even stay up now.  So I had to run in the Dollar Store in our town (our only store)& grabbed a pair of Hanes sweat pants for $6... let me tell you - they are wonderful. Thick & warm. I'm heading down to get more!

858 / Birthday Bagels!!!!!
So they apparently really recognize people's birthdays at my new job.  They had bagels from Panera for all the December babies (ME!!!) & let me pick out my favorite bagel (Always Cinnamon Crunch) & they had little birthday celebration.  My birthday isn't till the 30th but I've seen that when it is your birthday, your office area gets decorated up & cards are signed.... can I say, this is shocking to me.  I worked at my last job for 25 years & I literally had 2 people the ENTIRE TIME I worked there even say Happy Birthday to me.  Never got a cake. Never any kind of acknowledgement. I have literally been the ONLY ONE in the office working on my birthday because everyone else took off for the holidays.  A bagel felt like the biggest birthday celebration I've ever had.... & its not even my birthday yet!! :)

860 / Niece home
My poor niece has diabetes & this past week, it got really bad for her. She just wasn't feeling good & there were issues & poor thing ended up in the ER & admitted to the hospital for a day.  Always scary.... but they fixed her right up & she was home soon enough & back to her own house & even better, back to her old self.

861 / New Family member.
We're all about making 4 legged creatures our family members lately. First, my brother got 2 new puppies... then we got Ernie... & now my dad got Baby.  The new little miniature horse. So stinkin' cute!!!

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862 / No accidents.
Ernie is doing so well with his potty training (knocking on wood BIG TIME) & doing really good in his kennel during the day not having accidents.  I'm shocked when I see all the puppy pads totally dry ... & he rushes out & potties as soon as he gets outside. He just loves hearing "GOOD BOY"... he will run & jump every time you say that.

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867 / Work Christmas Lunch
SO NICE!!! Last Friday, our work had a lunch for the office & it was so lovely. YUMMY food (had vegetarian options) & fun stuff like ugly sweater contests & cookie contests & caricature drawings & photo booths.  It was so funny because the girl that sort of took me under her wing there, she was like, Let's get a pic in the photo booth & then grabbed the CFO, whom she works more closely with than I do, & told him he was getting in the pic. Here's this guy in a suit &briefcase who was like, OK, sure.  It was so fun to get to know him in a different level than I would most likely not get the chance to do otherwise.

869 / Money Winner!!!
Laughed so hard when we won for the 6th year at Ricky's work Christmas party & our table walked away with cash in our pockets!!!

872 / Made it to Christmas
I felt so bad on Sunday, I wasn't even sure I was going to make it to my SIL's... I thought I was headed to an ER.  But thank goodness for taking 5 Advil's (seriously) ... it got me there & survived the day.

873 / Vincent family.
So thankful for my wonderful Vincent gang. They are the best!!!! Every single one of them.  I am so blessed to have such incredible people as my in laws.

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My SIL with my niece & nephew... & the love our family has for one another ;) 

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Birthday bagels and cash in your pockets is always a great thing!!

  2. The more you talk about your job, the more I can tell you are where you need to be. :) Spandex and elastic are wonderful inventions but I hate it when they dry-rot ... it's like they've just given up.

  3. Great job Ernie!

    I hope now that you are in your new job that you never work on your birthday ever again.

  4. Birthday bagels sound like a great work tradition! Glad your niece is better and back home :)

  5. So many wonderful things to be thankful for this week! My last Corporate job was really good with birthdays. They had department celebrations with cakes and such. And when I had a more close-knit team, we would celebrate with lunch out and gifts. Yup, we liked one another enough to buy each other gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I need some of those Hanes sweatpants and am going to pick some up today! I've been so cold and my old track pants are too big for me to wear outside my apartment. I don't want to accidentally moon people! Ernie, as always, slays me with those big blue eyes. Happy early birthday and I wish you and Rick and all your precious fur babies a very Merry and blessed Christmas!

  6. My old job got a cake for monthly bdays and at our company we get a cake for each person when it's their bday! They get to pick it, too. Last month we quickly ate an ice cream cake for one of the warehouse guy's birthday :)
    Lylee pretty much taught Enzo how to behave as a dog. I bet Harvey plays a key role in Ernie's housebreaking! These puppies are so lucky to have such good big siblings!!

  7. I am SO happy your new job is working out so well for you!! You deserve to be recognized for your birthday and it's about time!! Yay!! As with every week...I loved reading your thankful post!

  8. Those cinnamon crunch bagels are the best! So yummy. Though I do love the blueberry, and the asiago ones too! :) Panera is so yummy! :P hehe Glad that you and your niece are feeling better and have a lot of new furry friends to spend the holidays with! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Aww sounds like this job is going really well and they do a good job making everyone feel part of the "work family".

    Glad your niece is back to feeling well.

    I want to come play with all your new animals. More pics of your brothers puppies please!

  10. Team savory bagel over here - love me some Asiago Cheese bagels. Honestly, it sounds like work wise you are soon going to realize you had it rough for a long time. Or maybe you're at a much bigger company now?

    I lucked out with a great boss - but we get to pick our OWN treat for him to bring in on our birthdays - bagels, donuts, fruit, etc. Every time a new person starts we have a welcome lunch. Maybe I'm lucky - and now you're lucky & everywhere else sucks? Who knows.

  11. Your birthday celebration at work reminded me of my first birthday at my first job in Florida. We had just moved there, and I had, just that week, started my job. They called me into my boss's office where they had bagels, donuts, and juice. I was shocked. First, I'd never eaten a bagel or cream cheese before. Second, it was maybe my third day on the job. I was young . . . turned 20 that day . . . and very newly married. I'd entered a totally different world!


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