Tuesday, December 05, 2017

One Sentence a Day - November 2017 Edition

What a month!!!
My life got turned upside down with a job change & a new family member.
Whew! Memories made this month, for sure!!!
This is why I love keeping this post updated every day so I can look back & see how it all played out.

1. Absolutely heartbroken for Ricky as his friend of over 50 years passed away after only being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis just back in June. #devestated

2.  Got a phone call & an offer that is going to change my whole world. #hellonewjob

3. Had to run to the hospital to get some blood drawn for a test from a doctor's appointment I went to over a month ago. #thankshealthinsurance

4. I just had to get out & take in the beauty of fall & walk through a park & look at the beautiful leaves. #wishitwasfallyearround

5.  Enjoyed an 80 degree day watching all the leaves blow off the trees. #stormahead

6.  When another phone call is throwing in another offer for a job #whichtotake

7.  After 25 years at the same job, I gave my 2 weeks notice #imgettinghealthinsurancesomewhereelse

8. Word spread around work that I'm leaving in 7 days & the goodbyes already started making me cry for more than half the day. #ialwayshategoodbyes

9. Already packing up my office. #feelssofunny

10. Was excited when my grocery bill was $99.35 & I was like FINALLY under $100. #illtakeit

11.  Saying goodbye to Ernie was so heartbreaking. #friendshiplivesforever

12.  I was so excited to paint some pottery with my Joysters only to find out the whole town had the same idea & we couldnt even get in. #notetoself:callahead

13. Got to call & cancel my joke of a health insurance & I may have done a happy dance. #seeya

Image result for happy dance gif

14.  Finished up my book while getting my hair done. #bestbreakinmyday

15. Totally got choked up when the owner of the company drove all the way out to say good bye to me & when he asked for a hug, I totally lost it. #stillhategoodbyes

16. Breaking my heart to see my hubby still just so overwhelmingly sad over the loss of his friend.  #wantotakeawayhispain

17.  My 25th anniversary at work is also my last day at my job. #hategoodbyes #freakingoutalittle #taketheleap

Totally cried as I was leaving.... but ready for new adventures
18.   Got to serve with my MSM girls & then go see Wonder with them. #agroupthatcriestogetherstaystogether

19.  Church, then checking on mom at the hospital & then our FRIENDSGIVING with our Girls Bible Study Group. #thebestgroupofkiddos

20.  Back at the vet for Bruno & getting some blood tests ran to see if maybe its his thyroid causing all these skin issues. #hejustneedssomehelp

21. Found out my OB/GYN of the past 24 years is retiring at the end of the year so I had to give another goodbye. #didisayhowmuchihategoodbyes

22. Mom got to come home from the hospital. #eventhoughtsheshouldnthave

23.  Spent Thanksgiving with my brother & his gang & then headed out shopping & tried Waffle House for the first time when we ate breakfast at 9pm. #newthanksgivingtradition

24. Shopped till we dropped. #alwaysourtradition

25.  Did some more shopping & even I bought things at Home Depot with the amazing sales. #mademyhusbandproud

26.  Kicked off our JOY study with our Christmas devotional we're doing this month. #advent

27.  Started a new journey on my first day at my new job! #herewego #letsgetanother25yearsin

28. Seeing what a nightmare traffic is when you get off at 5pm instead of 4pm. #thedarkdoesnthelp

29. Got to do my first lunch with Ricky where I am just able to WALK to our lunch spot. #stillcontinueonwithtradition

30.  We have a new family member!!!!!! #puppiesarethecutest!

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  1. Wow, this month was really full of emotion. What a journey it has been! Oh and had to read the #Hellonewjob several times before I understood which words you were using...haha

  2. Wow, what an emotional month! And it ended with a new puppy :) I know I've already said it but he is so adorable.

  3. So much going on this month. I hope Ricky will find peace and remember the memories he's had with him. I hope your new job is going well, and I am obsessed with your new puppy #puppyfever

  4. A seriously crazy month for you, lady! I feel like it ended on a high note, though! Waltzing into December with a new job, some quality health ins., a healthy (ish) Bruno and Momma, and a new puppy! Not too bad!

  5. What an amazing month! So much good stuff, so much heartbreaking stuff ... you live a real life though! :D So happy about the new job and the new puppy (he's just so cute!) and so sad about Ricky's friend. The new puppy will be great comfort to him and I'm sure Ernie is in heaven, smiling down at his namesake and best friend.

  6. I think this has been your biggest month of the year...pain, change but so much joy especially with your new sweet pup! May December bring peace and ease!

  7. I love your Sentence A Day. I really want to start doing this. Maybe I'll even keep up with it this time. smh

    You definitely had a month of big changes. Haven't heard you say for a bit, I sure hope the job is going well. So cool that you can walk to lunch with hubby. That's gotta be a blessing.

  8. This is the coolest post!! Love it. You had such an crazy, emotional month.

  9. Wow! It indeed was a month full of memories, happy and sad!! Great post!

  10. Wow, you have a good memory for the parts of the month, day by day. It was such a full month of sorrow, joy, and thankfulness. I love seeing how much you loved your job and how you persisted there for 25 years. It's incredible to see someone so faithful and so enthusiastic Becca. You truly inspire me to more joy in the Lord.

    That was hard to see that Ricky lost his friend of 50 years. I know there will probably come a day too when I have to say goodbye to friends that I've had for that long, but I'm grateful that each one of them, I know I will, LORD willing, see in heaven with Jesus Christ some day soon.

  11. What a huge month for you. New job, new puppy, losses, and illness. Ups and downs galore.


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