Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Am I a ray of sunshine?

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I remember the days when Blog Awards were going around everywhere... that was super fun.

So how excited was I when I saw a new one is going around & I received it from the incredible & awesome Audrey Louise (& I'm sorry I like calling her that - as I like Rebecca Jo. A southern girl loves using middle names)

Here are the questions that have been sent my way... & I love a good question  & answer session - so here we go...

1) If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with that time?
I'm sure I wouldn't use it for anything productive like I should. i'd probably spent it watching TV or knitting.  #truth

2) If you were transported to another decade, which decade would you choose?
So many different things go in this - like I'm thinking what fashion would I like - what kind of music would I be into - what would my personality fit into?  & I think about a different decade for each.  But I did love the 80s & would love to go through that again.

3) What’s something you wish you knew more about?
Money... like all the sort of ways to invest money.  Like the way people say let your money make money - that sort of stuff. I'm just good at knowing how SPEND money.

4) Would you rather live in a castle, mountain cottage, seaside bungalow, or Beverly Hills mansion?
A castle sounds cold... but also very fairy tale like...
A mountain cottage sounds so charming... but I think of the car sickness to get to it....
A seaside bungalow sounds like sand is involved ... & sand is torture to me - IT NEVER GOES AWAY.... EVER....
& a Beverly Hills Mansion sounds fancy... but I've seen how the Real Housewives end up in cat fights & I dont want that in my life...
... so I'm just going to go with my little home I'm already in. (Can you tell I'm an indecisive kind of person?)

5) What’s a food that you hated as a kid and love as an adult?
Brussels Sprouts. I LOVE them now... & probably would have felt like it was pure torture to eat them as a kid.

6) Are there any “mythical creatures” (big foot, unicorns, ghosts) that you believe in?
I'm not sure. I tend to think that ghosts COULD be real - maybe? I've watch a lot of shows on haunted houses & I'm a sucker for those things.... & could Big Foot be real?  Whose to say no? ... this is making my brain hurt & making me question my life & beliefs in it. Too much pressure.

7) What is something about you that people think is weird?
Probably my obsession with Beauty & the Beast as a 46 year old.  Do I care? HA... where's my Belle Dress?

8) If you had to move out of your city/town, where would you choose to live?
I always said I wouldn't mind living in Nashville. The only thing I hate about Nashville is that time change - when the Daylight Savings happens & its dark at like 4pm there. You might as well poke hot forks in my eyes. But I love Nashville.

9) What’s your favorite television channel?
I think I'm pretty simple - I tend to watch ABC more than anything. Old school, basic TV, local station kinda girl.

10) What is your favorite dessert food?
I am all about an apple pie.  MMMM.... saying that, its rare there's a dessert that I would ever turn away.

11) What’s your favorite kind of writing to do? (i.e. blog post, creative, letter, etc.)
Since I've been blogging for over 11 years, I guess I'll go with that since it just feels like part of my world as a natural thing.  .... maybe that's the answer to my weird thing for #7's answer.

So the rules of an award - which I've always been bad at - is to pass it on & ask new questions. My problem, I'm usually late to this game & the people I would send it to have already gotten it from other bloggers & plus, I'm not great at coming up with new questions - as you can see, I double guess every question I come across... so all that to say, I think ALL YOU BLOGGERS are amazing at what you do - so feel free to grab any of the awesome questions Audrey Louise came up with & play along!!!!


  1. It would be hard for me to choose between a Beverly Hills mansion and a seaside Bungalo. Both sound amazing!

    Tell me more about this time change thing in Nashville? How is it different than other states? Does Indiana participate in Day light savings?

  2. You are PURE Sunshine. Loved ready more about you and the fact that you are obsessed with B&B makes me love too!

  3. Of course you are a beautiful ray of sunshine! Loved your answers!

  4. Love this! I'm glad you enjoyed the questions!! And a lot of my friends call me Audrey Louise because it flows well. Haha!
    Nashville is a great choice!

  5. This was a fun one! Ok, I have to ask, do you not have daylight savings?

  6. A well-deserved award! And a fun little survey to get to know you better :) I would probably choose the mountainside cottage myself, as I've grown up near mountains my whole life, and they just make me feel like I'm home :)

  7. If I didn't have to sleep, I would be watching TV or reading as well, nothing extra productive going on over here. I love Brussels Sprouts now too, but would never ever even look at them as a kid.

  8. Seaside bungalow all the way...sand included.

    I'd probably read if I didn't have to sleep.

  9. "I'm just good at knowing how SPEND money." LOL! Me too, Rebecca. Me too. I did not like brussel sprouts as a kid and I'm still not super fond of them as an adult. They are so popular these days but I've tried them several ways and think we were simply not meant to be.

  10. Congrats and fun questions and answers. I'd definitely pick seaside bungalow.

  11. What? Eleven years of blogging??? Amazing. Round of applause. I didn't even know what a blog was 11 years ago.

    I appreciate your answers to the mountain cottage-Bev Hills mansion-seaside bungalow question. I would LOVE to have a mountain cottage near the ocean or a seaside bungalow in the mountains, but there's no place like HOME!

    I loved the 80s because I became mommy twice during that decade. Not sure I would want to go back there, though, unless I could delete the exhusband and just hold my baby girls again.

    Great fun!!!

  12. Gosh, I had forgotten about those blogging 'awards'. It's been a long time... probably back in my Multiply blogging days. Fun questions and I enjoyed your answers!

  13. I love the fact that you love Beauty and the beast. Also, dark at 4 pm?????????? Is that a real thing? I had no idea!

  14. I totally agree I haven't seen the awards going around in forever. Kevin and I decided this past fall that we were going to invest in a financial planner to help us manage our money better. I'm glad we're taking these steps now!

  15. Agree on the brussel sprouts - love them now too. I loved watching Beauty & the Beast with my daughter when she was young and I LOVED the movie that was out a while ago. LOVED it so no that is not weird. Yes, you are ray of sunshine.

  16. I wish I was better at financial stuff as well. I hated Brussels growing up but love them now. So good.


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