Monday, March 05, 2018

The weekend that Mother Nature gave us a break....

Oh weekends... why do you have to go by so fast?

I'm not going to complain. We had a weekend that the sun was shining & the rain waters started to go down all around the area & while it was cooler than I liked, it wasn't freezing & there was no snow or frost - so I'm glad for the weekend in that & so many ways.

Friday, I started off the weekend by getting some coffee & taking some time to read this great book....

I've got a new habit of drawing on my Starbucks cups :) 

& then I ended up catching up on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on my DVR. I ended up staying up to nearly midnight. Yikes.

Saturday, I woke up to sunshine & a puppy Aussie jumping on my head - Saturday traditions....

& after cleaning the house a bit, I got to head down to meet a sweet friend. We used to go to church together & I had her son in my youth class yearssss ago (I'm old) .... it was so great seeing her & catching up & just hearing the story she shared of her precious momma with me. 

It's just great that you meet people in stages of your life & then when you tend to go separate ways from the places that you always saw one another, there's just some friendships that you keep hold of.  I am blessed that I had time to sit down & just talk with this dear friend of mine.  & looking forward to doing it again soon!

The time went by entirely too fast... I could have honestly talked to her another few hours - she's one of those people you can just chat the day away with .... & I could have kept eating the amazing food.

Egg sandwich with spinach, & caramelized onions. mmmmmmm

& then I did the wrong thing.  I parked right by the yarn store, sort of forcing myself (not really, but yeah) to stop in.  There were 2 ladies in there knitting & I got to talking to them & seeing what they were making & looking up patterns with them... & then I got sucked into the vortex of yarn.  Yep.. walked out with a bag of yarn I didn't REALLLLY need (but kind did? Right?).... Oh well.  & I found out they have a knit night where people come & knit together every Thursday. OH MAN. I am thinking of going down one Thursday just to meet some new knitting friends.

I ended up stopping at Starbucks & was so happy to run into another friend there & then headed home...

... more reading, more knitting, more DVR catching up.

 & with all the coffee, I was up till nearly 1 am.  Note to self - dont drink coffee after 4pm unless I want to stay up really late.

Sunday, I headed to MSM & so glad seeing my girls.  & got to say goodbye one more time to our youth pastor who is moving to another church in Missouri.  All the kids are devastated to loose him & we as leaders are just sad to see such an incredible Pastor leave us as well.  But we're excited for the new young man who is stepping into the role. I know God has everyone where they are supposed to be.

I have to say though real quick, I was sad to hear Sunday morning that the guy that voiced Cogsworth (as well as the character from Pochantas) passed away.. Lumiere & Cogsworth are now gone. Someone go protect Angela Lansbury quick!

I stopped to pick up some dog food & ran into Target & got another Starbucks - because it was before 4pm.... & got some lunch & then headed home.

& then I got to see all the hard work Ricky had done all day.  He & our neighbor have cleared even more of an area out & the plans Ricky has for the space? I hope it all pans out - it's going to be our little get-away while home if it works out.

Harvey loves running in the back with us... Ernie? Not even chancing it!

& then it was time to make out my bills - cue the sad adult music... BOO!!!!

& then before you know it, its time to get ready for the week. It's going to be a busy one....

Get that Starbucks after 4pm ready all week long!

How was your weekend?

Did you get a good weather break?


  1. Okay, is there some sort of promo at Starbucks after 4pm? I admit i've been cheating on Starbucks with Dunkin! They have the Girl Scout cookie coffees...yum!

    Excited to see what your Plans are for that Cleared out land! Is that your property in the backyard? Are you building a little cabin?

  2. It was such a beautiful weekend...chilly, but beautiful sunshine! I would love to go in a yarn shop like that. Sounds so fun!

  3. While I love that yarn store, I have to avoid it as much as possible. Too tempting! My cousin owns the Art Store next door so when we visit him on Farmers Market days, we have to walk in from the other direction. :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend filled with relaxation! I always stop by the pen aisle in target or any store for that matter LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I'm the same way with going into hobby lobby or michaels. It's just too tempting so I try to avoid them unless I need something lol.

  6. It sounds like a really full weekend! That egg sandwich looks delicious. And I hadn't heard about they guy that voiced Cogsworth, that is sad :(

  7. Wow, I wish I’d had that egg sandwich this morning instead of yogurt! What a sweet weekend and those friendships are the best! Have a marvelous Monday!

  8. We had a stellar weekend here in Louisiana, too! Well, Saturday was better than Sunday, but after two weeks of rain, I'll take it!

  9. Looks like a great weekend, Rebecca! Caffeine used to affect me terribly after 4:00 PM too but lately - not so much. I actually drank coffee at 10 pm last week and went to bed at Midnight without issues. I'm not sure this is a good thing! A Thursday night yarn gathering sounds right up your alley. Hehehe. I do that too - where you "park" conveniently by a favorite store that now you must go into since it's right there in front of you. Where you parked. On purpose. I get it. :D

  10. Oooooh I'm jealous of your sunshine-y weekend! It was raining/hailing and windy here on Friday so badly that I was pretty much over everything for the rest of the weekend. We're supposed to get more snow by Wednesday too... I'm so over it! I can't believe you found a real knitting club- that's awesome! And I used to cue the sad music on Sunday night paying my bills, but now they're all on auto-pay so only sad music for the back-to-work blues!

  11. I LOVEEE sunshine, although we really do need rain here in Colorado. We're praying for moisture, knowing that it's all in God's providence and timing, whatever weather He sends, and I'm learning He definitely has something amazing to teach me in every kind of weather.

    And that friend time where you can just talk for HOURS is INCREDIBLE. :) I love that you had one of those outings this weekend.

  12. The weekend... do I even remember the weekend?? Oh yeah! I slept in a little on Saturday, lounged around til about noon then went up to the church to do some work on our Sunday school room. Came back and did some chores at home, had dinner, nothing too exciting. Sunday I taught class, then after lunch I took Beth grocery shopping. She had gotten paid and was just about out of food. Perfect timing if you ask me!

  13. Coffee, books and pretty weather! What's not to love. Thanks for the book idea. I'm going to find it and read it {or listen}. Have a great week!

  14. No wonder you need Starbucks!! Wow, you are one busy lady. Glad you did get some quiet time in. Wishing you a smooth week, if not a quiet one! Hugs.

  15. Ummm... all that yarn is good for business! You need it for your Etsy shop ;)
    Looks like a fun weekend with lots of good books, food, people, & coffee!!

  16. SO jealous of your sunny weather. I can't even remember the lat time the sun was out around here and we are getting another big storm! Up to 16 inches! Ugh, winter is never ending.

  17. It sounds like a great weekend! I love catching up with friends. I can't wait to find out more about your outdoor space. I hope it all works out!

  18. What a fun weekend! I love your Starbucks cup drawling. So pretty. You totally need to go to knitting night! How fun!! Sounds like they really twisted your arm to buy more yarn ;)

  19. Isn't it weird how you can stay up super late on Fridays but never on every other day?? That's what happens to me.

    I'm jealous of all your Starbucks. I really miss over-caffeinating lol.

  20. Dear friends are the best! I have a friend that I met in high school who was also a bridesmaid in my wedding. We've kept in touch all these years and I'm planning to go see her (I'm in WA and she's in Missouri) next month. We're both so excited!


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