Monday, March 19, 2018

The weekend that we cut the cord....

starting the weekend out right!

This was a big weekend for us.... the weekend we cut the cord.

Yep - finally made the jump from cable.

It's just ridiculous the price increase every month they were giving us.... so we have loaded up the TV with all the things they need (Roku sticks, Amazon Fire Sticks & Google Chrome). & yes, we literally have all of those on different TV's.

We've decided to go with Direct TV Now... at least trying it out... & so far, I'm really happy with it.  It's just going to take some adjustment to get used to not watching some shows LIVE since we dont get NBC or CW... & the down side, Direct TV Now doesnt have a DVR - so I am at the mercy of when they bring out shows like This is Us or Riverdale onto their programming. Though I do think they are faster at loading it up than Hulu that is a week & a day later (Am I right on that Hulu people?)

Anyways - we'll see how it goes without cable.

It's funny because we were talking about how the younger generation, this is just the way they've watched TV - streaming is just ordinary to them.  Where we have had cable TV since the 80's so it feels so funny to be without - or learning how to maneuver around on all the streaming services to find what you need.  In other words, we're old.

Anyways - Saturday, I started out my morning with some coffee & my library books on knitting to look through some patterns.  So far, I'm not finding a whole lot that I'm in need to make.  That's disappointing - I was hoping to have an overload of things to make.

I cleaned the house for a bit ... with my aussie boys close by as always - & then we headed to Target to pick up some things we needed for the house.

& then it was off to celebrate our grandbuddies' 2nd birthday.  It feels like it was just yesterday I got to stand in the room & hear them say "It's a boy" ... but 2 years it is...

Then we had to get home because hello - UK playing in the NCAA Tournament.  So that means I have to stay away from all things baskeball or even stay away from Ricky. & I have to be the protector of the dogs. They hear Ricky screaming in the locked room at the TV & they are terrified they're in trouble. So while Ricky is watching basketball, there's a lot of me looking at dogs & petting them  &saying "Its OK"..."You're not in trouble"... "you're a good boy"... basketball season in our house is a real struggle.

I spent the rest of my Saturday knitting & learning what TV is like without cable & I ended up binging & watching the season of A Good Place. I'm all caught up now ... & loving it.  What night does that even come on?.... & then started into Season 2 of Skin Wars. I'm so obsessed with that show.

Sunday, I got up early & was pumped.  I had the opportunity to teach about Bible Journaling. It was cool  because they had a really neat opportunity this week (& next) since its Spring Break around here & there's a lot of people traveling & out. They had 3 break out classes for kids to go to - one of How to Pray, one of How to Love Others - that was teaching about Love Languages - & then mine, How to Creatively Study the Bible

It was super fun to watch the kids do their own thing when they read a scripture & to see what they got out of it.

One thing I learned though - I had heard that they dont teach cursive writing, but I've not really thought how that works... but I was showing them some things I had made & they couldn't read some of the things I had written - in cursive. WHAT???? & they totally couldn't write it. One of the kids said they knew how to write their name but that was it... maybe a "the" or an "is" - but no more words. That is just so sad to me. How are they not teaching cursive writing, things our old American documents are written in - but they are coming up with ridiculous ways to teach math now?  WHAT IS HAPPENING??!?!?!?.

But it was still fun to see their creative juices flowing...

After church, I ran to Sam's Club to load up on some essentials - like paper towel & coffee (YES)

& then got home to enjoy the beautiful spring like day.  I sat outside in the sun & soaked up it & pulled out some of my paints & was inspired from the morning & got to play with some canvases. 

... & of course, a weekend isn't a weekend without reading with my dogs laying near me.

The day was getting away from us with writing out bills & trimming up Zoe & her crazy winter hair...

& then its time to think of the week ahead... once again.

How was your weekend?

Did you finally get a taste of spring?

Does it bother you about cursive writing?


  1. It was beautiful here too this weekend!

    You are right, cursive writing is no longer taught in school. After all, why would a student ever have to write on anything other than a

  2. Yay for cutting the cord! We've never actually had cable or anything like it. I've been debating Netflix lately it just keeps getting more expensive.

  3. Those canvases!! You are so talented. I know what you mean about cursive writing. My teens learned it in 3rd grade, but I don't think the teachers ever enforce that they have to use it. At least, they can read it. We cut the cable cord a few years ago. Once you get used to it, it is wonderful! We also use a digital antenna and get a great signal from our local channels. The picture from the antenna can be even better than it was with cable because it is HD. We had sling and hulu for awhile, but now we just use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video along with the antenna for live tv. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I've never had cable - well, I had it in college but that was split 4 ways and before satellite came in so it wasn't too expensive. We've had Netflix and Amazon Prime for the past several years and a digital antenna to get the local channels - other than waiting 6 months to get to watch Walking Dead, I've been OK with not paying $100+/month to watch TV. I have a Chromecast but haven't added any channels so we basically just watch Netflix on there. The cursive thing bugs me - I purposely write notes to my kids in cursive but it's not enough. It's sad that things like that have to be cut from schools.

  5. I hope you love DirectTV Now as much as we do!! The DVR should be coming least that's what my husband keeps telling me! I'm surprised you don't get NBC / CW it certain shows or just the channels? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I know you love Dancing with the Stars...and I have to say I think that Hulu was really fast about getting that up, I can watch it live if I'm home with our antenna, but on times when I wasn't home I'm pretty sure I was watching it the next day on Hulu! It's been a couple years since we got rid of cable and use our antenna to get a few channels but we also watch Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube over the tv with our Roku. There has been once or twice I wish we would have cable yet but not often enough or for a "good" enough reason to pay so much for it!

  7. Wow! Looks like you had a great weekend! Alise learned to write in cursive in the 3rd grade, but I think she prints everything now.

  8. I remember learning cursive as being a big deal - like you were finally a grown-up. But when I got older, I also wrote in sort of a modified version of it. And today when I had handwrite anything ... it's amazing how quickly I get tired. :D A part of me wants to cut the cord too because my cable is expensive - it's a bundled deal. But if I'd just get off my lazy butt and sign-up for a new bundled deal, it would be okay and cheaper than just getting Internet. Also, I know a lot of cord cutters also swear by antennas to get live TV and they aren't those weird big things from our childhood either. I'm guessing since you live in a pretty open space that you would get good reception and be able to get the major broadcast networks.

  9. Those canvases are so pretty! We plan to cut the cord this fall when our contract is up with Direct TV. It's ridiculous the amount you pay for it when you don't watch half the stuff. Also your grandson is absolutely precious!

  10. Your canvases are so awesome! Busy weekend. :) We have DirecTV and were going to cut the cord a few weeks ago, just stick with Amazon and Hulu. But when I called, they matched what I was going to be paying and cut my bill way down. My husband isn't a fan of streaming stuff and hates learning how to use it - so I was glad they worked with me so I could keep cable, although it's less channels than before.
    We don't watch any basketball. Is that weird? Lol.

  11. It's so funny because it's felt like spring for about 1.5 months now here, and then it snowed last night. :D I love snow though so it's wonderful to have some fluffy white stuff to enjoy! :)

  12. if we didn't work for the big TV company, i wouldn't have it either because i aint paying for that! i also have netflix and that's what i mostly watch anyway. actually, i haven't watched an actual program on (live) tv in a very long time!

  13. It's so sad to think that it's English, but they still can't read it because it's in cursive. I wonder what the purpose is of not teaching it. I mean I print a lot more than write because my cursive is pretty sloppy, but still, I'd certainly hate not to be able to read it.

  14. So very sad about the cursive. Looks like a sweet weekend. Our weatherman is saying the snow word again this week.....NOOOO!

  15. We've been thinking about getting rid of cable too. We have a Kodi box, chrome cast and all that good stuff so I think we could make it work. That is so crazy they couldn't read some of your writing. I think cursive is so pretty! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  16. HA. As I'm reading your post I'm on the phone with Spectrum for our business account. Ughhhh *eyeroll* Lol
    I'd like to be cable free at home. I just need to convince K that we could still get Cavs and Indian games, NASCAR, and all his car shows. Someday I'll win that battle ;)
    Fun weekend- hope the dogs have recovered from the basketball game ;)

  17. We cut the cord on cable too and then went back temporarily but now we are just on sling. Love it! Yay on teaching Bible journaling. Oh, I loved The Sacrament of Happy so much. Hope you do too!

  18. Please do a review on the cable situation soon. I want to cut the cord as well and focus on Hulu and Netflix with a tv now type of thing.

  19. I'm not sure I could cut the cable completely because I love my DVR. We definitely need to get rid of our premium channels. Way to go!!

  20. Woohoo good for you! Gasp! I need to catch up on Riverdale... :P It's all on the DVR! Your lettering is so cute!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  21. It bothers me a lot that the kids aren't learning cursive anymore. What will be next? Keep us posted about how you are liking Direct TV and streaming. We love our Fire Stick but haven't cut the cable yet.

  22. Getting rid of the DirecTV boxes was one of the legit best feelings I've ever had.



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