Thursday, March 01, 2018

New purse, safety & a dead mole? {Thankful Thursday #165}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Number go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

156 / First reading outside after work
It was finally warm outside after work AND it being light outside after my work out. & I took full advantage & read outside for the first time this year.  Cant wait to get back in this habit!

157 / Ernie's first day of freedom
We gave him a chance to stay outside of his kennel during the day.  & he did really well. He just followed Harvey all day long & didnt get in any trouble.... except, when I got home, he was sitting with a dead mole in his mouth. So there's that.

158 / Lunch with coworker
I am loving when my coworker comes in & says, "Lets do lunch today"... she's always a joy.

159 / 3 month review
Whew... went well & left me encouraged about the future.

161/ Files moved.
So I use 6 filing cabinets & every time I have to get in the bottom on, I just sit on the ground because its easier to get up & down than it is to bend over - kills my low back.  But there are 2 empty file cabinets that I was told I could shift the files & get everything out of the bottom. DONE. & I'm loving not having to worry about bending over like that anymore.

164 / Bank on time
I had been trying to get to the bank on time all week long & I kept getting there about 5 minutes after they close. SO FRUSTRATING.... so when I got there with 2 minutes till close, I about ran in like I was running in the Olympics.

165 / Kate Spade purse
So our work has a cool little feature that has like a community page where you can post things that you want to sale, or events or crafts or anything personal you want to share with the company.  I got to work & saw someone had a Kate Spade purse & then saw the price & was excited. Even more excited when I saw it was someone in our Finance Department. When she came in, I grabbed her & asked her all about it - she had a bunch of emails about it but she let me have first dibs & for the price she gave it to me - I couldnt pass it up. So I'm so excited now with my new purse. It's perfect.  She only carried it once & said she didnt like the style of it - it wasn't for her. It's perfect for me - & the perfect color for Spring.

169 / Safety
Literally, the flooding was RIDICULOUS this past weekend.  Like it hasn't flooded this much in like over 20 years... & I was so thankful for our home that kept us safe & dry in all the storms & rain & flowing waters.

171 / Ryan preaching
We've know this guy since he was a young teenager & here he is now standing in front of a congregation giving a message that was amazing. It just made us so proud to know him ... & I just knew his momma was in Heaven smiling & feeling her own pride of her baby boy.

172 / Seeing old church family
It was so nice to visit our old church & see so many sweet & precious faces that mean so much to us.  It was great going into the trailer my brother had painted too & seeing it.  Memories were FLOODING... I told Ricky that no matter what, it'll always feel like home.  & you know when you grow up & come back, home doesnt ever feel the same? But its still home in your heart no matter what.

So tell me what good things have happened in your world this week.


  1. I love your new purse! Perfect color for Spring! I have yet to own a Kate's on my maybe someday list. I keep looking for a good deal on one.
    I can't wait to be able to sit outside and read!! We're getting snow tonight ( over it). I need spring to hurry up and get here!

  2. Love that purse, love that you got to read outside (the best, ever) and love that you got to see your friend preach. How precious!

    I am thankful that I am heading to a conference this weekend! yay!

  3. I am seriously so excited about it being lighter out longer! Yikes, the poor mole lol. Coaty got one before and a baby rabbit :( Eric's work used to have a trading post and we used to get so many good things! I love your new purse! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  4. So does Ernie have free reign of te doggie door to come in and out? How did he get that mole and did he bring it inside the house?

    That's a great purse! When I worked at the university we had a page like that. It was literally like an online yardsale! I never bought or sold anything but I enjoyed browsing. We have a page here but it's not nearly as much stuff and not fun little items like purses. More big ticket stuff like houses, cars, furniture, etc. Stuff I would not buy.

  5. I laughed out loud at Ernie's mole! Too funny! Awesome purse! Glad you got first dibs and grabbed it up! Our weather is going to get cooler for the weekend and I'm ready for more normal March temps. We've been setting records in the high 80s this past week.

  6. Ernie is just so ridiculously cute and I love that purse! (I am the Imelda Marcos of purses. Says my husband.)

  7. Love the Kate Spade purse! It's the perfect color for Spring. Oh Ernie. He is so adorable but I would have screamed so loudly over the mole in his mouth. I'm kind of a wimp. :D It's been really cold here this week (ummm 60) and my stupid heater isn't working properly, which makes me cranky. But I am grateful for a good landlord who will fix it pronto! It's suppose to rain so it will be really cold this weekend. Perfect book-reading and cat-snuggling weather!

  8. My girls both love Kate Spade's style items...especially purses. Your "new" one looks great and congratulations on the good deal!

  9. Oh Yuck! He brought you a dead mole! Oh well, I guess it's better than a live one. lol

    It's a good think you were able to empty the bottom file drawer. My bottom drawer is just storage for things I seldom use...Thank goodness!

    Hope you have a great day and hopefully I'll get a thankful post up soon.

  10. That purse is so cute! I've been thankful for the nicer weather we've been having recently :) Though it looks like we're going to have a change today with a Nor-easter coming up the coast. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

  11. Ernie with his dead mole, lol. He was DEFINITELY following in Harvey's foot steps ;) Haha!
    That purse is PERFECT for spring! So cute!

  12. Ernie is so freakin' cute. I cannot even. Ever. It's just too much. I LOVE the purse, so glad that you got a good deal on it! Sooo cute! :) XO - Alexandra

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