Tuesday, March 06, 2018

One Sentence a Day - February 2018 Edition

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1. Nothing like starting the month off with a hair appointment & getting that gray covered up. #lookingfreshforFebruary

2. Kicking off another year at Believe #GodsWillIsWITH

3. I love these girls so much & so blessed to spend the weekend with them talking about Jesus #Believe2018

4.  SUPER BOWL SUNDAY where I could care less about the game & just focused on Justin Timberlake doing the half time show & This Is Us coming on afterwards. #JackPearsonforMVP

5.  Kroger Click List once again for the win #haventbeeningroceryforamonth

6.  Stop for a hot tea at our local coffee shop. #theyuseREALhoney #lookingatyouStarbucks

7.  It's so icy outside, I had to hook Bruno to a chair so he wouldnt slide down the hill & I wouldnt be able to get to him. #makeitwork

8.  Low Grade fever has me in bed from the moment I got in from work. #iamawimp

9.  Got home from work & still sick. #straighttobed

10.  Reading, rest & knitting is how I work a sick day. #goodforthesoul

11.  First Sunday in the longet I didnt go to church nor go to any bible study. #feltsoweird

12. Ernie finished out all his puppy shots & where he started at 7.1 lbs, he's ending his puppy visits at 21.7. #howdidthathappensofast?

13. How did I get more wrapped up in the Bachelor Winter Games than the actual Winter Olympics? #DeanieBaby

14.  Happy Valentines Day with the most beautiful roses & the best tasting dessert ever. #hestilllovesme

15.  Enjoyed the warm day to run out at lunch & then run out for a Starbucks break. #lovedowntown

16.  Got to meet our grandpup. #HelloBree

17.  So glad we had perfect snowman making snow when the grandkids came up so we could finally celebrate our Christmas. #Rickyenjoyeditasmuchasthem

18.  Reminded how much I hate goodbyes when I had to say farewell to our youth pastor as he moves onto big things in his ministry. #goodbyeschokemeup

19.  Anxious as we left Ernie out for a trial run not being in a kennel during the day. #goodboy

20.  Had my 3 month evaluation at work & I was a nervous wreck. #itallwentwell

21.  Cant even begin to imagine what that welcome into heaven was like for Billy Graham #welldonegoodandfaithfulservant

22. Donuts at work to celebrate birthdays. #chocolateglazedisthebest

23.  Overtime on a Friday. #boo

24. The rain feels like its never ending!!! #wherestheark

25.  So proud to watch my buddy stand up in front of a congregation & preach today. #hismommawassmilinginheaven

26. Went to pick up my groceries at Click List & they called me right when I pulled in to find out my order wasn't ready & to come back in 2 hours. #didntknowthiswaspossible #comingbacktomorrow

27.  Moved our Joy group to a Tuesday night this time & so glad to find a new coffee shop to go to #frontisopen

28.  ... & the rain is back. #biggestfloodsincethe70s

& for fun - One Second Each Day of February

How was your February?

What's the main thing that stands on in your month?


  1. Love the video - so cool!! Love reading all of these. The ups and downs of the month. :)

  2. I didn't know Starbucks doesn't use real honey!
    Those roses are beautiful!
    What a low key month for you- definitely welcome after some of the health issues at the end of last year! You deserved a relaxing February!

  3. seriously the rain was insane. not gonna lie, took me a minute to read some of those hashtags hahaha #wherestheark, i had to like separate the words in my head haha. congrats on your 3 month evaluation going well! starbucks doesn't use real honey? what on earth do they use?

  4. It is hard to say goodbye to a good pastor. Your roses were so pretty!

  5. I'm not even sure what sticks in my mind in February, it went by really quickly!

  6. I had to laugh when you mentioned the Superbowl because it seriously feels like it was more than a month ago! February is always weird for me because it is short but also long, if that makes a lick of sense. Your grandpup is very handsome. I always refer to my parents as Max's grandparents, which made them initially give me some side-eye. Now they just accept! :D

  7. Loved reading all of these! So many great moments but hoping that rain is out of there for you.

  8. Our February went fast and March is going fast too! I enjoyed your daily run-down!

  9. When is this link up?! I thought it was the first Thursday of the month and you were hosting??

  10. Love looking back on the last month. Ps I think I got my acct fixed so I could comment again!

  11. I wish we had Kroger in Philadelphia just so I could use ClickList that everyone raves about!

  12. I so wish we had Kroger up here. Everyone raves about that store.

  13. We've had that happen with Kroger ClickList a couple of times, but very rarely. I think they must have employees call off and they are short-handed and can't get the orders filled. Thankfully, it's only happened a couple of times. We just did ClickList Monday and it has made our week so much easier.

    I love reading your Sentence a Day posts and I'm enjoying having mine too. I think it will be nice to look back at these a few years from now.

    Have a great day!

  14. I love all your moments from the month. It's so delightful to see all the things that happened, what you're grateful for, and the things that you just don't want to forget!

  15. One sentence a day is such a great idea! I think that would be all it too to trigger the long term memory bank. This is a nice read. Thank you for sharing YOU, your puppy and your family. I had to chuckle at the real honey hashtag. 😉


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