Monday, March 12, 2018

The weekend we lost an hour....

Isn't Spring supposed to be around the corner?

Then can someone tell me why this morning, our grass is covered with snow & big ole flakes were coming down last night? I honestly was in shock when I looked out the window last night & it basically looked like a blizzard.  GO AWAY WINTER!!!!!

Anyways.... at least we were snow free over the weekend.

Friday, I started off my weekend the way I like it - with Starbucks Mobile Order & Kroger Click List.  Give me all the fast in & out of things where I have minimal dealings with the crowds.... yep, still steering clear of people while the flu is STILL going around.  (Are we at the end of that madness yet?  Please Lord!!!)

Ricky was at home watching the UK Basketball game - which was my cue to take my time to get home.... if you're new here, you have to know that I am not allowed anywhere near UK basketball because apparently I am a total jinx so even at big games, Ricky will even kindly ask me to leave the house because apparently my presence to his TV is bad for UK.  Hey, if it gives me a reason to walk around Target by myself or a bookstore alone, I'm all for it.
All that to say, he was watching the game - so I picked up some dinner for us because this girl 99.9% of the time doesnt cook on Friday.

Luckily, UK won so Ricky was in a good mood (WHEW) & we ended up spending the evening talking about finally cutting that cable cord.

We signed up for Direct TV Now & giving that a try. It's only $10.00 for the next 3 months (10 each month) & we figured we'd see what it offers & how it feels without cable.  So far, its been OK.  I will say, I dont like I can't get NBC live on there - but honestly, the only thing I watch on NBC is This is Us & we only have one more episode for the season... & when it comes back, I'll live with watching it the next day (I guess I'll live) but it gives me ABC live so that covered my fear of missing Dancing with the Stars when its on. That's a deal breaker for me..... needless to say, we had some debate on which to try - I wanted Hulu Plus - he wanted Direct TV - but its like we both came to the conclusion - nothing is in stone.  We can try out whatever we want & go back to what works best for both of us. At least we wont be paying these horrible cable bills.  Mercy, they are ridiculous.

Saturday, I had to go to the bank & while I was out, I ran down to the library to pick up some books I had on hold.  I didnt even know how easy it was to put books on hold & run in & pick them up.  Just add this to my list of new favorites -with Starbucks Mobile Ordering & Kroger Click List.

I then ran into Target for a quick trip to get my coffee creamer & then ran over to Starbucks to grab some caffeine because I had intentions to get some miles under my feet.

I'm starting a new Jeff Galloway program today. Runners know who that is.  He's all about a run - walk-run idea of moving.  I'm excited to try his plan out (I got his book at the library - holla)

I'm so glad the sunshine came out for my 2.5 mile trek.... it was chilly otherwise.

& it was funny because I saw a lady walking her dog while I was out & the dog was moving along - so happy, pulling his momma to hurry up - & I looked & saw - he had 3 LEGS!!! & man oh man, it didnt slow him down one bit. That little dog needs to be all of us - all the excitement, nothing slowing him down.

I left from there & ran over to my parents for a bit & then headed home to read my library books.

Ended my night with knitting on my shawl that I've had on my needles for probably 8 months now. Geez.  I'm bad at big projects.

They had a big Saturday too & was exhausted while I knitted
OH... also ended my night by watching Nailed It... anyone else watching this on Netflix? OH my gosh - I was in bed when I watched it & was laughing so hard, I knew I was going to wake up the dogs & the hubs. It is the FUNNIEST show. You have to check it out. & the host? I need her to be my best friend.

Image result for nailed it netflix

Sunday, time change.... God help me. This time change - I love with the light more in the evening, but it really takes me a good week to adjust to the 1 hour loss. I dont know why - I miss an hour of sleep all the time - but there has to be something in the air on this because it's like it effects my whole body.  Send me good vibes to survive the week.

But I ran into Panera to pick up some bagels for our Joy group & then headed to MSM for our time together where we talked about our talents that God gives each & every one of us.  I loved the idea they talked about that Jesus LOVES what you like. That sport or hobby, that thing you like to do so much?  God loves it... & He can use you in it.  Such a perfect message for middle school kids.

I then booked it over to our Joy group & it was just a perfect balm to the soul. This was a week of study that it just didnt feel like it was reaching me - but the conversation about it & the insight others got since our last meeting, it was just so inspiring in our conversations & words & encouragement of one another. It was wonderful. We ended up running an hour & a half longer than we should - but I think it was just what everyone of us needed.

I picked up some dinner for Ricky & headed home & had to give Bruno a bath & then before you know it, that snow I was talking about came in & it was time to get ready for another week... minus an hour of sleep.

How was your weekend?

Did you get more snow?

Does the time change effect you?


  1. I know, what is with Winter sticking around? We may get a bit of snow today but it's back to colder temperatures this week too :( At least the weekend was pretty nice. I struggle with the time change too. I agree that it feels like it takes about a week to feel back to normal.

  2. Whew indeed, thank goodness UK won! Love your pink ball cap. Now winter go away, snowing here today and let the lost an hour week go well!

  3. I can't imagine DST with SNOW! I am not a fan of it!

  4. I love library holds. Super convenient. Plus my library has 11 branches so that means I also don't have to drive all over the place to get a book I want. They will send it to my preferred library and I can just run in and grab it! :D Ugh. Sorry about the snow. We got rain so it was a gray, gloomy weekend but the rain was nice. I love more daylight but struggle that first week after DST too. When I was kid, it also confused me. I thought we lost hour every day and couldn't figure out how that was possible because every day was still 24 hours. Kids are so literal! LOL!

  5. No snow here! Daylight savings had me hopeful that spring was on its way but as I type this I am sitting at work freezing! I guess it's time for fleece tights again!
    We had direct tv a long time ago so perhaps things have changed but we got sick of dealing with them and them always changing their prices/promos/packages. We bought an additional direct tv receiver at best buy (cus we have more than one tv). Back then I do believe it was about $200 for the receiver we bought. We we finally cancelled or direct tv (to go to cable), direct tv insisted we send them our additional receiver. We were like "No, we bought this ourselves at best Buy and have the receipt". They didn't care and insisted we send it back to them or they were going to charge us $900!!!!! Can you believe that?

  6. We've had some snowflakes, but thank goodness, no accumulation of any kind. Been loving the sunshine and blue skies, even thought it's a little colder than I like. I've never checked on holds at our library. Of course, I seldom read a real book. I use my Kindle and audio books from the library. Love that so much.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  7. Send your snow up here! I'll take it!
    I love that pic of the sleeping puppy babes!
    Sounds like you did lots of things you love this weekend! Those are always the best!

  8. No snow here, but boy-oh-boy did we get rain!! It poured down! You had a busy weekend, but a good one! Wishing you a great week ahead!

  9. Nailed It sounds like the funniest show - I cannot believe I haven't heard of it?! I cannot believe y'all are still getting snow. Where is spring already?!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. Thankfully I haven't been too effected by the time change but I did turn my alarm completely off this morning instead of snoozing it because I thought it was wrong. It looks like we might be getting more snow tonight. When will it end?! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  11. I am so ready for spring!! We are having ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow...but at least that means snow day :) I was fine with DST yesterday but today it was harder because it felt like I was getting up at 5 AM instead of 6 lol! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  12. We cut cable two years ago. We bought a streaming device and subscribe to play station Vue you don’t need a play station device. With that subscription we get many live channels and can “record” so all in all we pay about $90.00 with internet and the subscription package.
    If you want know more I’ll be glad to answer questions. Best thing we ever did.

  13. The time change took a toll this year.

    DirecTV tried to get us to go to their NOW option or whatever and I was like NO. I was so sick of them. However, I recommend the $25 antenna we bought from Amazon. We get like 20 channels for free and then we have Hulu and Netflix.

  14. I so miss my extra hour of sleep. I have been so tired ever since. We got 15 inches of snow yesterday! Ugh, winter is never ending up here.

  15. I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time. Not only do you have to change the clocks at home, but in your car. And the thermostat is off, not warming the house until you've been up a while, it's crazy that we're still doing this! I say pick one and stick with it!


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