Wednesday, March 28, 2018


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Worried About ...
Ernie gets neutered on Friday & I'm a nervous wreck about it. He's never been away from us & the whole being put under anesthesia just puts me on edge.  & just hoping the surgery goes well & he heals quick. If you feel like lifting a prayer - & I get its for a dog - its still my baby - I'd appreciate it.

Life Sentence.  I just ran across it on my Direct TV Now & started watching the first 3 episodes & found it really cute & funny. Excited to see how the season goes.

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I'm sort of addicted right now to the Black & White Mochas from Starbucks. Hmmm....

Excited for...
Easter. I love Easter. Like its my favorite Holiday.

Trying out a new pattern for some Caron Cake yarn that I've had for probably a year.

Not in a good way either.
Hot flashes are killing me lately. Especially in the middle of the night & in the morning when I'm getting ready. This isn't going to be fun if this is going to get worse or last for years.

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Mud. All the mud.  Specifically all the mud on dog's feet.

Cashmere Woods air freshener from the automatic sprayer - I think its Glade. These things are awesome. I have ours set to shoot the spray every 9  minutes. It makes a huge difference. It's probably slowly poisoning me too, but at least it is a good smelling poison.

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Listening to....
Dogs growling at one another over a peanut butter jar. Good times

A Cadbury Egg. Y'all... Y'ALL!!!... I havent eaten one stinkin' egg this year. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????


  1. I admit I had one Cadbury egg and my husband had 3, lol. Have you tried the Cadbury cookies? So good, found them at Target! Mud, oh all the mud! With us waiting to put in our back yard til April or May...ugh! Now I need to try a black and white mocha!

  2. I bought some Cashmere Woods air freshener as well. It smells great!

  3. I'll pass on the Cadbury eggs and just lift prayers up for Ernie instead! We had the same surgery for Jack and he was fine. I'm sure Ernie will be, too! I'll have to check out that Glade scent. I've been on a fragrance spray lately that my best friend gave me and I love it!

  4. I always get tempted by those darn Cadbury eggs, then I give in and eat one and then regret it...too sweet for my taste these days. I have given up most sugar except on a rare occasion and then it depends on what it is.

  5. I pray for my dogs every dang night! Anyone who finds something wrong with praying for animals forgets that God made ALL critters ;) Ernie's going to be great! He's young and strong, and he'll bounce right back!
    Mud is the. worst.
    Also, cashmere woods sounds deliciousssss.

  6. I'm not a big cadbury egg or peeps fan but I love me a Reeses peanut butter egg. Oh boy. I freeze them and they taste so good, straight from the freezer. I'll send a little prayer for Ernie on Friday. I get the whole nervousness around surgery and especially the anesthesia.

  7. I will be praying for Ernie!!! Also I use some EOs for my hot flashes and menopause if you are interested. Not a fan of cadbury eggs but Easter means ice cream for us...and I'm a BIG fan of that!

  8. Prayers for Ernie! I love Easter too and everything about it. Yeah, the mud can dry up now because it's the worst with kids and pets. My floors may never be the same lol. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  9. Hot flashes are absolutely no fun! Unfortunately I will probably be dealing with them for the rest of my life because of the medication they have me on because of my cancer. However, I'm learning I can live with hot flashes, but cancer, not so much! Kinda keeps things in perspective for me. lol

    Prayers for Ernie!

  10. I love those cadbury eggs, but haven't had one yet...just has so much sugar! I can't bring myself to eat it! haha. I should though, last year I bought three thinking I would eat them, then lost them and found them 5 months later...and then threw them away. And LOL to the slowly least it will smell good.

  11. I have been watching g Life Sentence as well and I really like it. I love Lucy Hale.

  12. Please tell me more about this black and white mocha

  13. I pray for my dog every night so I won't mind lifting up a prayer for Ernie too! Baylee's had me worried because her back legs seem to be giving out as she walks up steps now. I had to call my mom in a panic this morning to come get her as I left for work. I was worried she would try to walk up the step while I was not there and fall. I guess I will be installing a baby gate there soon!

  14. Black jelly beans are my Cadbury eggs! I search for a bag of them every Easter. I enjoyed your post! Happy Easter!

  15. hope ernie is ok.

    i only like the mini eggs, not the ones iwth the gooey stuff in the middle (bleh)

  16. I've never head of Life Sentence, I'll have to check it out! I just looked up Cashmere Woods and it sounds so cozy. Prayers to Ernie!

  17. I'll be thinking of you and Ernie. I've been so nervous the two times Scout has been under, and one was completely elective, so I get it.
    We have cashmere woods in the melts. I just put them in my Scentsy.

  18. I know what you mean by feeling nervous about Ernie going in for surgery. I was so nervous about taking my Ochki in, but God took care of him as He always does, and Ochki, my husky, bounced back SOOO quickly. It's so good to get it done young, because they seem to heal really quickly.

  19. Good thoughts for Ernie - Bruce was in and out in like two hours and he did just fine and both of his balls weren't even descended. It makes me nervous though too, the anesthesia, so I get it. I'm happy my current vet goes very light on the anesthesia.

  20. Sending you hugs and good thoughts today! I am sure he will be just fine. I am going to have to check out that show, I loved Lucy in PLL!!


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