Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Hair Clip

A classy way to do those big hair clips

Favorite Fake Tattoos

I love the look of some tattoos - I'm also too scared to ever get one
I love fake tattoos because their fun - & rub off in a few days for a new look
No commitment necessary - & this comes with 49 sheets for under $10.00!!! 
HOLY TATTOO BATMAN! All different sizes. This would be so fun for a girl's weekend.

Favorite Pencils

Because I never get tired of cute pens & pencils

Favorite Sticker

I love Hydration trackers - perfect for your planner or journal for the week

Favorite Dryer Balls

Favorite Fun Game

You can make a little course around your yard...
Or better yet - in your home!
This would be a fun game for your girls birthday parties or even a good adult challenge game.

Favorite Disney Mug

Favorite Funnies

... Ozzie when he does something cute for a treat

... every time Hubby & I say something & the other didnt hear it that way & we have to play back our Nest Cameras to prove the point

(We've done this more than anyone should have to)

.... me at 4:00pm today

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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