Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Priime Purchase


I didnt get to do this last month so I'll try not to overwhelm by ALL the things I've gotten lately... we'd be here all day.

Joining with the lovely Tanya at The Other Side of the Road

Office Chair

Hubby got this for a new office space he's wanting to make for himself down in the basement.
I'm a tad bit jealous of his new chair!  This would have been nice for the year & a half I worked at home.


I kept seeing this Mascara being promoted & talked about & I decided to give it a try.
I am down for the hype  now. I have put this on Subscribe & Delivery because I love it.
It makes my lashes look so long & it stays on all day. I really do like it!

Yellow Kimono

I am all about kimonos & I really wanted a yellow one.
This one is more of an orange yellow than a Belle yellow
But its still pretty. Its longer than I thought it would be too - but still think this is really nice.
They have so many colors & options to chose from.

Pencil Case

I needed a case to hold all the colored pencils I had.
It has so many slots in it, I've also put my brush pens in it.
I really may buy another to put all my Crayola Tip markes.
Its bigger than I thought it would be - but when you have as many pens/pencils - what should I expect?

BareMinerals Make up

I used to use this a long time ago & wanted to try this again instead of putting a lot of foundation on my skin. I forgot how pretty of a glow this gives. 

Patio Heater

We got this for the cooler days ahead.
I'm wanting to do some changed on our patio so I can have some comfy ready spots when the days are more snuggly.  

Covid Test

I bought this back a few months ago & it was on back order.
I figured it would be nice to have these around because it takes DAYS to get an appointment to get tested in my area & if you have COVID & waiting those days, you could be spreading it...
I finally got this in the mail but then have seen it out in stores & pharmacies & even at Sam's Club.
I've seen that the price has dropped DRASTICALLY on these - which is handy & good to know.
It really easy to use & very similar to ones you get in a clinic if you've ever had a rapid test.
I'll keep an exrta test on standby for quiet a while. They dont expire for a year so hopefully in a year... there wont be a need for these anymore. Please Lord! 

I still am curious though - we are seeing rates dropping a lot in our area & I cant help wondering if more people are testing at home & the resulst are reported.  I guess that's the con of these tests.

Bible Study

This is the study they are doing on Lifeway Women & the actual book was cheaper on Amazon than Lifeway - plus, free shipping for Prime.  
I'll admit - I havent jumped into it yet because I've been doing She Reads Truth study on Acts... hopefully I'll get this done before the videos expire they offer for free during the study.

I'll stop for now... & reflect how much money I give to Amazon - LOL

What's your latest good buys you've gotten from the blue truck lately?

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