Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Prime Purchases


Joining in with Tanya

Some of the latest buys I've gotten from The 'Zon

Pickleball Net

We have a park that has the markings for the court- but no net.
So we got this to pack up & take with us.
I'm ready to use this all Spring long!

Ballet Flats

Always love me some basic ballet flats.
I may get some other colors for the price.

New Roku Stick

Our last one was like the very first stick that came out.
SO OLD! I love I can control the volume & on/off with the TV on this now.
No more 2 remotes!

Soda Stream

Seriously - why did I wait so long to get this????
Its FANTASTIC! & I thought I wouldnt like this one where you have to hit the button yourself - but I LOVE its not electric - no cord! I can put it anywhere!

I love sparkling water... we got flavoring for Hubby & he keeps a bottle of "Dr. Pepper" from it too - he's looking for other flavors now.

Beats Studio 3 Earphones

This wasn't for me - I'm not that cool.
But my niece wanted these for her Christmas gift so call her the cool one!
I'm still over here with my Dollar Store $5.00 earbuds - LOL

Cordless Trimmer

This is obviously a Hubby buy working back in the woods.

Me? ... I'm afraid of cutting myself just moving it with those blades on it!

Dog Grooming Harness

Yes - this is a real thing & we got it! LOL
We haven't used it yet - but need to find something that will mark Zoe stop squirming when we groom her - because if you're new, she was banned from going to the groomers because she's a trouble maker. She wont comply... she's a rebel.  This is super soft so I'm anxious to see how she does in it.

Gum Ball Machine

Hubby is fixing up the back part of our basement into another one of his Man Caves... this one for entertainment.  So he got this & already bought a big canister of candy to go in it.  I love these old fashion machines too.

What's some of your fun finds at Amazon lately?

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