Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Wierd is this!

I got one of those email that asks questions, you are to fill out, send it back to the person & to others to learn more about each other. I always find something interesting on them about people.
Do you remember your bus number from school (I actually did! - 526)
What's your favorite food?
Where were you when the twin towers collapsed?
Your first childhood memory?
.......stuff like of the questions was "Name a dream that you can remember". I have the same sort of recurring dream. I am back in high school with all the faces I can remember & I am freaking out because I can't remember my locker combination for ANYTHING! I get so frustrated! Then, I'm also in a panic because I can't find my schedule & I dont know what class to go to next. In my dream, I'm always going to the office to get a copy of my schedule and/or locker combo - and then I loose it and it happens all over again. WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?

The wierd part of this story - I put my dream down on the questionaire. I get an email from a friend from church who says she has the SAME DREAM!!!! Do I hear the Twilight Zone music playing somewhere in the background? How wierd is that? What are the odds? Now I'm ALL curious as to what this dream means. At least if it tells me I'm crazy - I know I'm not alone! We'll be crazy together Amy!!!


  1. Okay... now I have had the dream as well... I HATE that dream. I wake up feeling all stressed out! I used to have a really strange dream over and over... but hey...I think you would all have me seeing a shrink if I told you that one... We'll just stick with the locker dream!!!

  2. This is Chandra...Lynn Neal's oldest. I used to have this dream all the time. I think I always had mine because this really did happen to me all the time. The beginning of every school year I would forget my locker combo at least two times and would have to go to the office to get it again. Eventually I just started writing it on my locker or else I would never remember it. But I can still remember it from my senior year. 35-45-7. Weird huh!! I carried my class schedule around with me for months.

  3. that is so strange that we all have that same dream. I hate that dream, and I have it often. As I mentioned though, one time in that dream, someone helped me figure out my classes and wrote out my schedule for me in my notebook, and helped me find where I was to go. After that, I did not dream that dream for several months...and then it started up again. I guess I forgot what they told me! ha! I too would like to know what this dream means. I think someone once suggested that it means that I don't know where I want to go with my life.........I'd say that fits me pretty good a lot of the time! However, it must mean more than that!


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