Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I love storms! I think they are fascinating & beautiful to watch. I guess it goes back to when I was young - my dad would take me outside in a storm & we would sit under a covered back porch & get a clear tarp and cover up with it, but still able to see all the action. The more forceful the wind, the better time we had. If a tornado watch or warning would come across, my mom would scream for us to get in the basement, but me & dad would be so excited to see if we could catch a glimpse of a funnel cloud. Maybe not too smart - but it instilled in me the amazing thing that is "nature".

I was at a friends last night & the lightening kicked in & the thunder rolled. On the drive home, there are such clear views of the sky - I almost had to pull over to watch. The sky was like a big curtain & you could see the sheets of raining falling. It was beautiful. I sure do enjoy watching, listening & even smelling storms (nothing like the smell of fresh rain) - but they do cause damages & that's the down side of them. The force behind a storm is something we can't compete with - a storm is going to do what its going to do - no matter what we want. I guess its the same thing when we have our own personal storms. They come in our lives, do some damage & nothing we can do can stop them sometimes. I guess the trick in that is we need to find beauty in even these storms. Learned lessons - relationship builders - a closeness with God we never knew before. Beauty comes in all forms.

On a quick note about Buffy - the vet asperated (is that the word?) her knot & she said she didn't seem too worried. It was full of oils & fat cells - but we are to keep an eye on it & see if it grows. If it does, we are to get her in to take have it removed immediately. So let's pray it is nothing. The test for me will be not to check it every minute of the day. The vet said to just check it weekly. This is going to be a test of resistence for me. If I could, I would walk around with my hand on it to see if it grows every minute. A little obsessive compulsive - maybe - but its my big baby.

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