Monday, June 18, 2007

You Are Holy!

That's always been one of my favorite songs. I think I hounded Barry for MONTHS to get this song back in circulation for the Band. Its awesome to hear the men and women singing different lines but coming together at the end - its awesome! This song has a whole new meaning with it.

On Mother's Day, Steph was pretty much bed-ridden. Julie McDill & her friend Tim has stopped by & him being a worship minister, had brought his guitar. He was singing praises to our Lord which Steph loved more than anything! He asked for a request - "You are Holy!" was requested by all. Next thing, there was at least 15-20 people in the room singing this song with all the reverence to our Lord that could be had! Steph lit up the room with the joy she had for the Lord. Here she was struggling for breath and strength to move - and she sat up, propped her arm on the hospital tray and raised her hand to worship God, along with a foot hanging over the bed tapping her toe to the beat. We got done - had so much fun - her next request "Again!" - so once again, we sang to the top of our lungs. It may not have been the best sounding "technical" song ever heard - but I know God felt our praise for Him and the love we were sending to Steph singing in her room.

Move forward to this past Sunday - the words come on the screen and the music starts. "You are Holy" strummed out of the guitar. I looked at Ricky - Amber looked down the aisle to Ryan - Rollie and Jack just stared forward. The words couldn't come for any of us. Tears came instead. I know in my mind, I was reliving singing this song with my friend - I can imagine the images that were going through the kids heads at that moment.

One song brought 6 people to their knees Sunday - all with memories of a wonderful friend, wife, mother who meant to much to us all.


  1. Hey friend... I knew as soon as the music started that this would be a toughy for each of you. You know what I also knew???? That Stephanie had her hands held high the whole time as she watched her favorite people remembering her as they gave praises to the Father on Father's Day!!!! Hang tough.....

  2. I love that song as well. It's funny - when Jennifer and I visited GCC for the first time I remember asking the Lord that morning to show me something that would be a sign as to whether or not this was THE church. Low and behold if you guys didn't sing that song. I lost it! Tears rolled down my cheek as I knew the Lord had just confirmed where we needed to be.


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