Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Texas Time!

I'm offically in Texas! I have offically met little Isaac & am offically in love! He's the cutest little man I've ever seen - & I dont care what anyone says - his hair is red!!! Especially in sunlight! The flight - UGG! We had half the time in turbulence & I'm begging Ricky to rent a car to drive home. But 2 hrs compared to 18 driving? I know, I know....But I dont want to think about it for the next few days - I just want to enjoy this little baby! Oh yeah, I've already taken tons of pictures but didnt bring my "link-up thingie" - Maybe I can use my phone & download a picture or two. I'm already trying to figure out ways to sneak Isaac back with me - & I'd like to get Julie back with us too!

Oh yeah, dont let anyone fool you - Mr. Ricky was just as scared on that flight with this turbulence! IT WAS BAD! Even the landing gear was messed up - when the wheels came out for landing - the whole plane shook & the worst noise came out from under us. Me, being the loud person I am, said, in a probably too loud voice - "OH MY, that scared the crude out of me!" - I can't tell you how many people said, "YEP, me too!" - see I'm not alone - I'm just the only one who vocalized my fear!

Thanks to all my buddies who have called to check on me & encouraged me - what would I do without you!


  1. I am so glad you survived! Congratulations on yours and Ricky's grandbaby! I hope you guys thouroughly enjoy the time with your family!

  2. WOOOO HOOOOOO I am so glad that you and your little guy have finally met! I knew the hair was red... just a feeling... and like I said, Audry can fix it if not!

    Don't worry about the flight back...just concentrate on that baby...and if you have a card in your camera it should plug directly into your laptop... check it out and get us some pictures!!!!

  3. I am so proud of you! And you can make it back just fine too. I already have a couple of us to start praying early in the morning! See you when you get back!


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