Sunday, March 09, 2008

Darn Snow!

All the excitement for the Casting Crowns concert....POSTPONED!!! UGH! Oh well - at least it wasn't canceled! We're having to wait now until May 4th - which I guess isn't so bad because at least, we wont have to talk in 6 ft of snow or have to brave freezing temperatures getting in & out of Freedom Hall!

I will admit - the snow was beautiful! We got to leave work early on Friday - which is always fun - & just sitting & watching it pile up is just so relaxing! Watching the dogs run & play in it is always entertaining in itself & poor Ricky - he so badly wanted someone to go sledding with him. Last time I went sledding with him - it was a horrible sight. I must have wore the worst shoes POSSIBLE for sledding because they were slicker than snot - they had no tread, they were smooth & impossible to walk up a hill that is slick anyways. Ricky would literally have to grab the collar of my coat & drag me up to the top. After being nearly choked to death, it was more dread of getting to the bottom KNOWING I was going to be choked up to the top again. Ricky was exhausted from dragging me too. Well now, I do have nice snow boots, but I dont like the cold and snow anyways. Poor Ricky didn't get to go sledding!

Look at the snow prints in the back yard. We had a hard time trying to figure out how the one prints were so apart from each other - later we saw - the smallest dog, Zoe, would jump in the snow causing these huge gaps in between. Can't say I blame her - it was almost as tall as she was!
We thought we had a new creature venturing in the back yard!

And I had to share this picture from this morning. Do you think the dogs didn't want Ricky to get up? They were holding him down! This is what we have to deal with every morning. After one of us is up - they all travel to the other person! Dont tell me animals aren't smart! They know when you're going to leave & they dont want you to go. Zoe is actually on the other side of Sydney but she couldn't find anywhere else to lay - unless she laid on Ricky's head - which has happened before!

Bring Spring on!!!


  1. Okay, first of all...that is the cutest picture of the dogs with Ricky... and second... he is gonna kill you for putting that in there! I laughed at the thought of Ricky dragging you by the collar up the hill... no wonder you didn't want to venture out... or .... was it the knitting that kept you in??????

  2. I don't know how you guys sleep with something laying on ya. I can only do it if it's Amy lol. If the cats get on me it always wakes me up.


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