Friday, March 14, 2008


I know on Friday - I have been putting the things I've learned or discovered this week. Well, something else has just been hitting me all week long & then today, it hit again so I figure I'll just take a week off from the weekly learning posting.

What's been hitting me so hard? The word OFFENSE! Let me start from the beginning. Ryan had told me about a book he wanted to read & I immediately went on one of my favorite sites & found it - it is called "The Bait of Satan" by John Bevere. I had to surprise Ryan with it & went ahead & ordered me one as well. When I got it in, I was in the middle of another book & then after the intensity of that one, I just needed a nice fun novel (it was a KNITTING murder mystery - how fun!) - but I picked up this book & have just been devouring it lately! The book touches on how Satan uses the trap of offense to get to Christian's hearts. Its very eye opening & thought provoking & makes you realize how easily people are offended.

Said something funny to someone? - they might be offended. Didn't say something to someone? - they may be offended. Look at someone funny? Make a joke about something? Drive in the wrong lane? Wear an outfit you like? - anything can offend people. Its how you handle these offenses that really lets you grow in Christ.

This morning, I was listening to a message by Mike Servello called "Forgiving from the Heart" - and the main part of this message - yep, its was about how people are offended! There it is again! I hope you get the change to listen to it - it's a long one - about a 58 minute sermon, but its well worth it!

He talked about how can we, as Christians, have the right to be offended about ANYTHING!? If we truly stop & think about how Christ has the right to have offense over our way of living, or the way we sometimes treat Him, even after we have accepted Him as our Savior - there is the true offense. He DIED for us, took all our sins onto His shoulders - what more can someone do? But He's not even offended - He will forgive us when we ask for it. How many of us dont forgive people for the pettiest things? Dont you see how Satan can use that as a trap? A great point that was mentioned in the message is that to have a bait, there is something in it that will intice you to come & get trapped - Satan knows just what will draw you into these traps - & once you get trapped - its hard to get out. Offense is funny like that! Its hard to forgive - but forgiveness isn't an emtion - its a choice! I've heard that so many times lately. No one is saying its an easy choice - but a choice none the less!

And what else can be linked under the title of offense - anything that keeps you from unforgiving - anything that makes you hold resentment against someone. You may say you forgive them, but if you hold resentment or want revenge, obviously, you haven't forgiven. Bitterness is another form of offense. All these things - & all the other ways you can hold onto offense - is a great way to pave a path of downfall for a Christian.

Haven't we seen ministers or whole churches fall apart, split & become hateful towards each other because someone is offended. It happens every day - sadly! And not even that - but in our own lives - how many relationship are damaged, unrepaired, torn apart because of the things we hold onto. The things we hold onto that are obviously not like Christ or His example.

I don't know - it was just funny how I've been inhaling this book & then ran into this message. Another slap from God? Possibly! He's funny like that!

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