Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Special Cross

I have to say - at Easter time, the cross is such a vivid picture of what was paid for our sins. But I just wanted to share something - the cross that is up at GCC right now means to much to me in others ways. See - that cross came from Stephanie - and as this is the first Easter that she is away, it touches my heart to see it so active lately in use & service at the church.
(Picture above is at Relay for Life - that's Steph's back with me, Ricky & my daddy. There's the cross)

This cross was created when Stephanie ran the "Relay for Life" team for our church. Each tent or team had a theme for the night & the theme she came up with was doing with Christ defeating Cancer. So while other tents had themes of Elvis & had everyone dressed up in 60's - or a theme of being "Out of this world" with their team mates dressed in Alien costumes - Steph, as usual, took the theme of putting Christ first. She had this cross made & had it right in the center of our designated area with purple balloons & a sign telling everyone who we were.

It was so funny because she wanted this cross to be put in the front yard of her home when the relay was over! She was hilarious like that - if you go to Gatlinburg, there is a HUGE cross on the way down in Tennessee. Its actually strageticially placed right by an adult entertainment building. This cross, you could see from MILES away, and a light shines right on it - Steph wanted that for her back yard! She would have put it there too, if she could have gotten it home - and if only it wouldnt have affected air traffic - I'm telling you - its was HUGE!

Well, the cross ended up in her garage & it was pulled out when she passed away. It was placed right behind her at her memorial service. It has since been moved around the church a bit, but over the past few months, its been right back on the stage at our church.

(Here are 2 girls I had the honor of Baptising on Good Friday - Ryann & April. There was the cross front & center for the service)

And this week - during Holy Week - I'm seeing this cross in just different eyes. Eyes that miss my friend, but finding comfort where she's at - she's with the One who was ON that cross! Comfort for letting me look at the cross & knowing that even though she's gone, she's sort of still with me with everything that's been going on. I see her living on so much through her children & especially with Ryan becoming so active & strong in Spirit in the church. That cross, impaticular just brings so much comfort I can't even explain.

Next time you are in Greenville Christian Church (or you visit it - COME VISIT) & you see the cross - remember the wonderful woman who had that created for the pupose of Praising her Lord! She would want you to look at that cross & celebrate Jesus for all He was, all He is & all that He will do!

(This is me portraying the "Sick Woman" for the Easter Women's Lenten Breakfast. Once again - the cross is right there!)

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I've thought of Stephanie often lately as I've looked up at that cross... she would be so happy to see it in use! And so thrilled at the movement of the spirit at GCC... she would have been right in the middle of it all!!! Wonder what celebration she had going on up in heaven for Easter Sunday???? Dancing with the angels I suppose... hands held high... yep... I'm just sure she was having a blast!

  2. You know she was holding those hands up high!!! Can you imagine the celebration!?

  3. Steve and I were talking the other day about the spiritual journey he has been on over the past 3 years, he is truly a different man than he was 3 years ago. He mentioned that it was, who he refers to as "Saint Stephanie" or sometimes "Angel Stephanie" whose neverending faith in the face of pain and death, reached into his heart and ignited the passion to seek to know Christ more and have a better relationship with him. The progression in his faith has taken a turn I did not expect, but I am trusting God's path. I have never seen Steve so passionate about Christ, and it was something I prayed for for years. Stephanie had no idea how many lives she touched (though she does know now!) I've been thinking about and missing her a lot lately.


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