Monday, March 31, 2008

Knitted mess?

This whole thing just goes back to what my whole blog is about - being Knitted by God's Hands! I had mentioned earlier about a purse I had made - I wasn't happy with it, never used it, but when I made it, I was a new knitter & just wanted to make something with this beautiful yarn. The purse has literally sat in the closet for years, never touched, never even thought of being used. What a sad waste of yarn!

Then, I ran across a pattern for a hat on the blog written by "Crazy Aunt Purl" - the link is on the side. This woman is an author who knits & she is hilarious! (I love funny people!) Well, she is a big beret fan & created this pattern & one of the samples she used is that exact yarn that the dreaded purse was created in!

I got in that closet, pulled out the purse, snipped the end of the yarn & started pulling out stitch by stitch. That was an interesting procedure! Some of it would get knotted up, some of it came out smoothly, some of it would snag on the other pieces, & it was all coming out in piles on the floor. After HOURS of "un-doing" - I then got to wind it all up into neat balls. It was ready to be created into something new!

I made the hat from Aunt Purl & I LOVE it! I have since worn this hat more than any other hat I have ever made or bought! Its comfy, its big enough where it doesn't mess up the hair (the dreaded hat hair) & its just cute in this pink yarn!

Now - looking back at the whole process of it all - how often are our lives something that we dont like? We shove our talents & gifts in the closet, never to be touched or used? Then God gets ahold of us, pulls us out stitch by stitch & we fight it sometimes (the knots) - we go with it sometimes (the smooth times) - & we hold on to the past & not wanting to agree to all the changes God calls us to do (the snags). In the end, we lay in a pile of a mess, broken, waiting for God to wind us back up in a neat pile, put back together again. But in the end, its a new creation that is more beautiful than before, something that can be used more than ever - something that puts a smile on His face!

I know a simple knitting project showed me alot about the Grace & goodness of our God!


  1. Love the hat... (DOES NOT go well with a tunic :) ) and I love this piece you have written. You are becoming a very good devotional writer... and I am so impressed with how you put stuff from everyday together with "God stuff". Do I see a new "talent" creeping through?????

  2. That is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! You've given me inspiration to go through my stash of unfinished unused projects and makes something beautiful and useful.

  3. Love the hat!! I second mom you are becoming very good at devotionals and this one touched right on something that has been in my mind this week...hmmm I think I'm learning a lesson here!!

  4. The hat looks great! What a great way to explain the work that God does in our lives!

  5. I am a hat person...wear one most every day, and I love that one. I am not so sure i'd look quite right in the pink myself, but I could really use one of those...maybe in tan....LOL..

  6. I agree with Lynn - devotional writing is up your alley!


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