Friday, March 21, 2008

Thoughts on the week

*"Dancing with the Stars" is back! I've already got my favorites. I am loving Mario, Kristi & Marlee. How she is dancing being deaf - how cool is that! I still think I could cut a major rug if I was ever on that show!

*"Believing" in Jesus & "following" Jesus are two completely different things - & the conversations that ensue on that topic can last for HOURS!

*The forecast says cold for Easter - with all the global warming going on - when are we going to have a warm Easter? Its been cold for like the past 7 years!

*I learned that Sophia wants a "Princess" Easter Basket & her twin sister, Madilyn wants a "Spiderman" Easter Basket - do you think their alike or not?

*The flu is STILL going around - get Spring here so we can get fresh air in these buildings!

*Question - How did Good Friday get the name of "Good" Friday? What was so good about it at the time? Isn't that just an odd name for i?. I can see it being Bad Friday/Good Sunday. I guess that's why I'm not consulted on the names of Holidays.

*I SCORED big time on yarn this week! I went to find some Easter goodies for the twins, when I did a double take - then another double take! I was at Big Lots & they normally have some yarn, but sometimes, its just not the best stuff! What did I see? - the same yarn that I just took the time to take out stitch by stitch of a purse - which has since been made into the cutest hat! It was on sale for $1.50 a skein!!! Then I looked at the label & saw it was for felting as well! I ended up loading up - & got 3 more skeins of a different brand for $1.00 a skein - this is the same yarn I spent $6.99 a skein for! So for 15 skeins of yarn - I spent $21.00!!!! Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me!

Look at all that glorious yarn! What a way to end a Friday!

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