Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not a normal sight

I'm driving into work this morning - a normal, routine thing. I see up ahead some police lights flashing. My first reaction - Oh no, I hope he doesnt have Ricky pulled over!
I see there is no car pulled over at all & then I notice there are about 3 more cars in the shopping center right off the highway, surrounding the Rite-Aid Pharmacy. What the heck? Someone must have tried to break in or something! Then, I notice - there is yellow, Police Tape that encircles a big area! Oh no! Has someone been shot trying to break into this place? ..... Then, I notice what is in the police tape ..... about 8-10 cows!!!! In the middle of the shopping area! The police had the cows surrounded & herded by the police tape & they were standing on the outside making sure they were corraled in there! What a sight! Something you dont see every morning! Those cows were just out on a Field Trip! Can you imagine pulling into the local grocery store in that same area & seeing the cows walking across the parking lot? Talk about having "fresh meat"! (UGH - I just made myself gag!)


  1. We saw that! I just wonder where they walked from...there was no trailer anywhere that I could tell. They were just picking up a few necessities I'm sure.

  2. That is just crazy!
    You don't see something like that every day


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