Friday, March 07, 2008

Things I learned this week

For the week ending 03/07/08:

*Rain & dogs really dont mix! Look at my poor Zoe! And even worse - wet dogs & my pillows REALLY dont mix! - why do they always feel the need to jump on the bed when they know I'm chasing them with a towel?

*Excitement for the Casting Crowns concert this weekend is like the day before Christmas! CAN'T WAIT!

*Having jr high girls come up & ask to talk to you & have you pray with them - its such an honor & blessing!

*Spiritual warfare is real, true, scary & can be overcomed with prayer & prayers from others!

*Mandarin Oranges are the cutest little fruit ever to eat! And oh so yummy!

*That the "pigtail mafia" can really make a group of guys mad by beating them at bowling! And that during all this, you can get an ab workout from laughing!

*That a neighbors dog being sick can upset me like its my own doggie!

*That our pastor needs more prayer than ever as he leads our church

*Having a day or two where you don't need a winter coat, really makes me want to have Spring roll in & STAY!

*My boy Christian ROCKED the runway & pulled out the win for Project Runway - FIERCE AND FABULOUS!

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