Friday, August 01, 2008


I am so excited - getting ready to leave in about 2 hours! Where am I going - Women of Faith! I love that conference. There is nothing like praising the Lord with thousands of other women - all voices lifted up to Him! I've got my crutches ready to go & anxious to hobble up to my place to take in all the good stuff! I would be OK without crutches on a normal day - but alot of walking is making my incision bleed so I'm going to try & lift my leg as much as possible while I'm there.

And besides the crutches, I've got knitting & Travel Scrabble (My Scrabble Buddy Lynn is going also!), with my Bible right on top of it all! How can it not be an awesome few days with all that in one place????

It is sort of bitter sweet because the last Women of Faith that I went with, I went with Steph. We had so much fun wearing our tiara's the whole trip.....Oh, that reminds me - must pack my tiara! It just feels funny going without her. But its another reminder that life goes on & I'll keep her close to my heart as I get to share new moments with friends & worship our King!

And leg update - OH MY GOSH! Pulling out the packing was the WORST thing EVER!!! Worse than the initial injury & worse than the procedure the surgeon did! I howled in a screaming cry for 30 minutes. At least that's over with now - & yeah, I did get pretty grossed out because you can see right down through the hole - stuff like that doesnt bother me - but it just aint right to see the first few fatty layers underneath your skin! Just ain't right!

So I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures when I return! Have a great weekend everyone!

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