Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy's Idea

Happy First Day of Fall Y'all!!! Fall is my favorite favorite FAVORITE time of the year.  Its full of birthdays to celebrate - its our anniversary - its when we take VACATION (28 more days away - who's counting) & its just perfect weather.  Chilly in the mornings & evenings & cool during the day.... perfection!  To celebrate the beginning of Fall - let's do more things that start with "F" - like Friday Fragging!!!! FUN!  Fabulous! FANTASTIC!!!... (I'll stop now)...

1 in 3,200 ... that's the odds that a piece of satellite can hit you on your head today.  I'm sorry, but those odds are kind of good - not in a good way, but a bad way too.  We have a mega church in our area & I told Ricky this morning - so fill up that church this morning & at least one person in there is getting smashed today!  If the lottery had those odds, I'd play... Keep your eyes toward heaven today!

With the new morning traffic, so many people suggested "Books on Tape" - my new route actually has me driving past our library - so last week I stopped in.  First, I have to say, our library is AWESOME!  Even has a coffee shop in there & tons of comfy areas to sit & read.  So I found the Book on CD section, grabbed one that I had actually read before - I wanted to see if I could follow it & I had read this book YEARS ago so the details were sketchy.  Know what?  I'm having the hardest time keeping up with it.  I've discovered I'm too ADD to listen.  My mind wonders too much... I cant focus on the story.  I thought at 5:00 am on the road, it would MAKE me focus on something other then wanting to fall asleep at the wheel - but my mind is constantly working.  "What do I need to do today" - "What do I need to pick up on the way home" - I go over lessons for church in my mind - Ricky calls me at least twice to see where I'm at .... I think I just need to stick to Broadway Tunes on my ride in.  My mind can stick with dramatic songs....


Fall TV Starting!  YAHOOO!!!!  Of course, with my new early bed time, I'm having to DVR most of my shows - but so far, what I've seen - I think "The Office" is going to survive without Steve Carrell.  I had no idea that Pam was really pregnant!  There was the surprise of the season for me!  Another Office Baby - yipee!  .... Why oh WHY did they put "The Sing Off" against "DWTS"?  I'm still angry about that!..... Glee didnt impress me too much with the first show.  But glad we're getting more Blaine! ... "Vampire Diaries" has now become my guilty pleasure!  Its better then ever.  I can watch that "Damon-Stare" all day long! 

What Fall show are you happy about?
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


With the pain I'm still in with my arm, I've told Ricky I've diagnosed myself... I have "Miseritis" .. makes sense since I'm in misery all day long now.  I'm going to patten that diagnosis.  Just wonder what the cure for it is...

SPAT OF THE WEEK: BIKES... (before I start, I know this one, a lot of people will be agreeing with Ricky on this (Mom, Dad, I'm talking to you) but it still was a spat - its still an ONGOING spat - so I'm fair in sharing things, even if I dont like it.)
So I'm trying to do more cross training  - my half marathons are just in a few weeks!!! GASP!!! - & I loved the spinning class I took.  But the schedule isnt working for me to go.  So I remember we have bikes.  3 actually.  Ricky used to love to ride his bike when we lived in Louisville early in the morning.  I asked him if I could use his bike to ride myself.  Know what he told me?... NO!... He got ready to pull them down (they are up on the wall so the tires stay good) & then said, "Um, you know what - no, I'm not going to get them down for you" - Wh wh what?  He went on to tell me that on top of our roads being hilly, curvy & dangerous (country roads) - I'm the most clumsy person he knows & he knows that I'll fall off the bike somewhere & break something.  wh wh what?!?!?!  So I put on a helmet & showed him that I can fall & be OK.  He said I'd need more then a helmet & he still refuses to get the bikes down.  Fine - I hff'ed - I'll get them down myself.  Well, he's gone & put stuff in front of the bikes that I cant reach them now!!! DANG HIM!!!! ... I told him that this just means he has to now buy me a stationary bike.  I bet he'll still expect me to wear the helmet riding that thing too!


My latest food addiction - Mustard Potato Salad from our grocery's deli.  I've been stopping & getting 2 lbs of it every Friday.  Everytime I pass the frig, I grab a fork & take a bite.  This addiction needs to break quick - it cant be calorie friendly.

Speaking of food addictions - I've got to make some of these for Halloween.  (Pinterst is Da BOMB!)

You take a Keebler Fudge Stripe cookie, turned upside down - put a Hershey's kiss on top & just pipe some icing around the edge.  Instant Witch Hat!  How cute is that!  ... & forget CUTE - how YUMMY!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC FALL FRIDAY!!!!


  1. Our anniversary is October 5th, and my birthday is the 29th...I love October, too!

    Those witch cookie hats are adorable! I need to look you up on Pinterest.

    Hope your Miseritis clears up soon!

  2. I love those witches hats. I gotta make them.

    As for the fall shows. Of course, I'm watching Survivor, and a new show just started called Unforgettable. The first episode was pretty good. Think I'll keep watching for a bit. Also, I know it's in it's 3rd season, but I've just started watching NCIS Los Angeles and I'm really liking that too. I may have to catch up on this one.

  3. I've never seen someone in such pain exercise so much. Maybe you should knock that off, huh?
    And yeah, Fred said that Glee wasn't the best the other day. I gave up on that show before last season. Gays work my nerves!

  4. I love the Sing Off and I love Hawaii 5-0. Monday's show of H50 made me sit up and say "WHAT?!?"

    I'm with you about fall. Love it. Though it does mean winter is around the corner. *sigh*

  5. Vacation? I'm jealous!!!! I can't wait to see who gets hit by the shower of satellite debris. I have complete faith that you can ride a bike without killing yourself. I can't, but you can!

  6. Those witches' hats are so cute! Love 'em!

    And I can relate to you about the books on tape. My husband likes to listen to them in the car when we take road trips, and I just can't pay attention. I'd rather have music and sing :-)

  7. I made pilgrim hats (with mini Reese's cups) like those for Thanksgiving last year, so this year I'm making the witch hats with my students for my birthday treat. I'm looking forward to that day! (I saw them on-line this summer, but can't remember where.

  8. Have you seen the mummies made out of hot dogs and crescents? Sir Cuteness loves those and they are SO easy!!!

    I love audio books!! I have listened to The Noticer like at least 3 times on my iPod. Love!!

    Ricky may be right on this one my sweet RJ. 'Nough said :)

    I love you my sweet friend ~~ Dawn

  9. those witches hats are adorable. I love how Ricky is concerned about you biking. --I had no idea Pam was pregnant in real life either. James Spader is odd so he should fit in perfectly


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