Monday, September 05, 2011


I am sneaking right here ...ssshhhh....

Ricky still wont allow me on the computer "for your own health" ...

But he does let me get on Daily Mile to log in my miles - because although he can take away my computer, he cant take away my tennis shoes & the road outside the door.  And I gotta keep track of my miles, so he let me turn the computer on long enough to put the miles in.

Well, I just gotta come on over & post an update on my arm.

.... it still hurts...

How much does that bite?

I got a deep tissue massage on Saturday that seemed to help, but am now sore from - which is expected.  I'm also headed back to the chiropractor tomorrow for him to see if the "knots" & inflammation is as bad with 3 days of no computer work... ( This isnt considered computer work to me since I normally am on the computer like all day long)...

... sadly, just being on the computer for 5 minutes though, I can still feel the aching & pain like its never going to leave. 

I have since found too that it can take up to 6 months to a year for severe tendonitis to heal... are you KIDDING me?  I cant even tell you how painful it is... how miserable its making me...

I guess I just need to become Mr. Freeze's wife & just learn to live with ice packs down my arm 24/7

...OK - gotta run before Ricky yells at me if I posted my miles yet... He's sneaky too - he TRIES to catch me on the computer - but I've been a good girl all weekend.  I need my blog though, even if for a few minutes. 

So sorry bloggy friends if I havent been around to comment ... I'll be back on Wednesday....


  1. RICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So Sorry friend that you are still in such pain!!! Dick said for the most part, it just takes time. Boo. He tried lots of different things, but there wasn't just one thing that made it all better. Stinks.

    Now if you are reading this, it better be from an iced position =)

    Love you so friend ~~ Dawn

  3. Ouch!

    I'm so sorry you are still experiencing this much pain. :(

    Praying for good news from the doctor and a quick recovery!

  4. I am praying for you RJ and asking God to heal your arm and take away the pain so you can get back to doing all the things you want to do. Love you my friend!

  5. So sorry you are still in pain! Praying for you....

  6. Jeff had tendonitis pretty badly and it took every bit of six months for it to heal. He also uses a shovel everyday at work which is bad. He was on prescription strength aleve and that would help a bit and he iced it every night. He obviously didn't stop working and just suffered through the pain but it hasn't bothered him in a while now.

  7. You should be listening to your Dr! I hope it heals quickly.

    Hugs & love,

  8. oh that stinks! i'm sorry you can't have computer time, but I want you to get better! prayers for healing!

  9. I just spend my days reading old comments that you left on my blog. I'll get through somehow.
    Take care of yourself!

  10. Boo! So sorry being off the computer hasn't helped :(

  11. ouch!! turn this thing off and go heal up and get to feeling better :-)

  12. Hoping you and your shoulder feel better soon. It's no fun to be in pain!


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