Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its FRIDAY!!! & not just any Friday... but a Friday before a Holiday Weekend!!! PLUS, I'm taking off Tuesday for a 4 day weekend.... wait... I just heard angels singing in my head again.  Until the work whistle rings at 4:00, let's frag away...


I've learned in traffic that my limit is 15 minutes.  After the 15 minutes, I get claustrophobic, a bit paniced, & feel the need to pee which really makes the other things even worse.  Its the thing you learn about yourself IN traffic, ABOUT traffic that makes life so much more full.

My tendonitis is still kicking my butt!  The chiropractor said I need at least a month of doing NOTHING with it - no work, no computers, just relaxing it. I laughed at that.  I'm on a computer all day long, then edit pictures all night at home.  He said there is no way we're going to get ahead of the problem with a schedule like that.  The Hubs is on me constantly too about it - so I promised him that since I finished up my last Senior Shoot pictures last night that no computer for me the next 4 days.... it'll be a nice break... & I'm anxious to see how my arm does with it.  Afterall, its not easy to type & use a mouse with bags of ice from my shoulder to my wrist, which is how I've been functioning the past few weeks.  (Can you say a prayer it helps with the pain... you have no idea how much pain I'm in right now)


There is a cute Vlog-link going around where you hear everyone's "accents"... I'm gonna have to do that video this weekend & convince Ricky that is not technically typing... its just TALKING!  He can even hit the post button for me if he wants... keep an eye out.  You'll not want to miss the way I say "toilet" ;)


Pinterest Picture of the Day:  Isnt this a cute Halloween SMORE treat to have for a party or for friends? Love it!


GROSS BLOOD STORY!!!!  Dont read ahead if you gross out easily!  ... Dont say I didnt warn you either!!!

I get horrible, awful, disgusting nose bleeds.  Always have.  Yesterday morning, the alarm went off & when I reached over to turn it off, I felt it - another nose bleed starting.  I jumped up, got the kleenex, know the way to position my head & how to pinch my nose to make it stop.  It was a doozy though!  I couldnt get it to stop, or even slow down.  Next thing I know... oh man... you ready for this?  ... these huge blood clots started choking me & then CAME.OUT.OF.MY.MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The blood pouring out of my nose, then out of my mouth, which got blood on my teeth & lips - I looked like I had just been in the ring with Mike Tyson!  Even worse... on the way to work, in that wonderful traffic... it started up again... & I'm spitting up blood clots again.  Need an extra in a Halloween movie this year?  Call on me - Ms. Blood-Face!

Now dont ever say I dont share enough of my life with you :)


Its September ... & its going to be 101 degrees here today.  That's not the heat index or the humidity - that's the temperature.  But then Monday, its supposed to be in the 70's.  What the heck is the deal with that?

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Dancing with the Stars.... yes, I think that's been a topic in the past - but with the new cast, its been a new spat.  Ricky was asking me who was on this year & then he give me the "that's the worst cast EVER - there are no real stars".  I tried to tell him that there never are grade A stars on there, but I think this is a good cast. He argued with me, "Who knows Ricki Lake?  Who knows David Arquette?  Who cares about Nancy Grace?" ... my response to him was, "Do you know who they are?" - well, yes, he did.  So then my next question was, "Do any of them know who YOU are?  Then shut up" :)  The deep conversations we have every day.  He would never be happy with the cast unless it was all the people of KISS & some other rockers... Hey, Gene Simmons - there's your next gig after you pull off this marriage stunt you're working on. 


... & because this commercial is awesome in so many ways... & gets stuck in my head relentlessly, you can all now sing along... Denim, Graphic Tees, Leggings & Tunics....

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. You poor thing! Nosebleeds on top of tendonitis...yuck!

    I LOVE that commercial! Makes me smile every time, especially b/c he reminds me of my band teacher in junior high!

    Have a great 4 day weekend! I'll be slaving away at the hospital tonight and tomorrow, but then off sun and mon for the holiday.

  2. You ALWAYS make me laugh out loud!!! :)

  3. Are you fragging kidding me? That is my favorite current commercial. I'm always singing it and Johnny keeps saying "Stop singing that song from the 80s!" I tell him that it's new but he still doesn't believe me and still hates it. And the guy in the commercial is a hoot! I hope Target uses him again.

  4. Boo on the tendonitis & nosebleeds! Both are no fun.

    LOVE the s'more bag! Even though I'm not a s'more fan (I know..I know..too many years at camp), it's adorable!

    Being that MN is the home of Target Corp, you can bet that all of those commercials for back to school are on like CRAZY!! School doesn't start here until after Labor Day, so it's in FULL SWING. But I's catchy! :)

  5. I don't need the commercial jingle stuck in my head, so I'm going to avoid the video link ;)

    Oh my goodness! I feel you on the traffic thing, but traffic AND a monster nosebleed? Oh no! You poor thing, that must have been awful. Hopefully this long weekend will be a nice break on all fronts and you'll not have any aching wrists, nosebleeds, or traffic jams to deal with.

    I love Pinterest! My new addiction for certain!

  6. Oh RJ,
    I am SO sorry over all your health stuff lately. God has laid you on my heart more lately. I stop and say a prayer for you at random times of the day, so if you ever feel like "someone just said a prayer for me", because that has happened to could've just been this little ole girl in MO. I love you friend!! Dick had tendonitis in his shoulder a while back and it was TERRIBLE!!! He tried SO many things. I'll have to ask him what eventually did the trick. I know it was a combination of things.

    SYTYCD ~~ ok so I may be with Ricky on this one. I'm not even sure I'm watching this year. It may just be to much controversary for this girl. I don't know yet.....we will see =)

    Okay so now I will think of you when I see that commercial rather than look at Chase and roll my eyes =) Your sense of humor

    I love you so girl ~~ hang in there and have a Blessed and Beautiful lonnnngggggg weekend =)

  7. I live in a small town with hardly any traffic, but seriously, just driving down the street gives me horrible road rage!!

    I love the "music teacher" commercial.

  8. My son gets wicked nose bleeds!! Do you have to drive in traffic a lot? That would not be fun. Traffic is the challenge that scares my passengers ;-)

    I hope you find some rest from your typing. I can't imagine the pain, but also can't imagine having to not be on the computer for an extended time ;-)

  9. Sigh...the cast of DWTS...sigh

    I am not a fan of Chaz or several other people on the show, and I'm finding myself already missing some of the pros.


    Gene Simmons would be a hoot on the show!! Tell Ricky I'm on his side this time (but I still love ya!!). :D

  10. Ugh, I can't believe after I went that long reading you put the Target song back in my head, LOL!

    Hugs & love,

    PS - hope the rest works.

  11. hope you had a great weekend..
    my husband does not like DWTS with the cast because of the whole Chaz thing.. It is kind of different and strange.. Not sure how I feel.. Love that treat I may have to do that.. Have a great day..


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