Monday, September 26, 2011

Hoping for Poop!!!

Yesterday morning, at 5 am, Ricky woke me up.

First, yes, Ricky gets up even on the weekend at 5 am... he's always done that & I think he's insane...anyways...

he wakes me up to show me a bag of dog food that was ripped open.

Ricky had picked up a bag of Beneful that we will put in the bottom of the dogs food.  They get IAMS every day to make their coat shine & it really seems to be good for them.  But its gotta get boring - so we just add the little treat at the bottom of their bowl.  Well, Ricky had bought a 15.5 lb bag & sat it next to the garbage can, not emptying it into the dog food canister & he went to bed.

Apparently in the middle of the night, our yellow lab, Buffy, discovered this bag in the kitchen & thought, "Now THAT's a treat"... she ripped the top off & dug in.

The funny thing?  The top of the bag was perfect straight across - like she even took scissors or something.  We cant figure it out...

But she ate a little more then the top quarter of the bag - so about 4 lbs of food....

Buffy has been known to eat full bags of Dove chocolate (on multiple occassions) & other things that she shouldnt have as a dog & it doesnt seem to phase her.

Last night - it all started to phase her. 

let me add, I was gone to our church Senior High Small Group only to come home & find Ricky had fed her dinner like normal.  NOOO!!!!!  Her belly would have enough in it to last for awhile - I'm sure.  So she is stuffed like a turkey.

But last night, I woke up at 2:00 to her whining.  Her belly was hurting her.  We took her out front (its the place you can always guarantee they'll do their "business")... nope - no business.  She tried like 4 times to go & nothing....

Ricky took her outside this morning before he left for work & she still cant go to the bathroom.

She's acting OK - wagging her tail - wanting to run & play - even wanted a treat when I left for work. (Sure - let's add MORE food in that belly.. dont think so...)

So I'm hoping when I get home today, that belly is gonna be a little bit down... that she's going to go to the front yard & show me she's got her "routine" back.  If not, we may be heading to the vet tonight.

I've never hoped for poop more in my life then today....


  1. TMI?


    I woke the other morning really wanting a dog. I told Brad and he said, "Pray about it." I said, "Pray? Do you mean pray so the desire is removed from my heart?" He laughed and said yes. Truth is he would be the one doing all the work!

  2. I'll consult with my Priest to see if there is a proper prayer for poop. Or maybe even a patron saint! We got one for everything.

  3. Been there girl!!! I'll be praying for you! LOL...

  4. Is there such a thing as Doggie Ex-Lax?

    Poor thing.

    (Irony? My "word verification" is fullus. ha!)

  5. Well during my recent post-surgery agony regarding the subject I discovered the joy of suppositories. You reckon they make doggie ones?

  6. Poor pooch. Hopefully this "passes" very soon.

  7. I know this isn't funny, but I couldn't help laughing, especially at some of the comments.

    Hope your dog is better when you get home...better yet after you get surely don't want her relieving herself of all that in the house. ;)

  8. Give him a can of pumpkin. It will get things moving. (incidentally, it helps with diarrhea too. It's like a miracle for dog tummy troubles.)

  9. Better put that food away next time! Hope your dog goes soon and gets back to its normal routine!


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