Monday, September 12, 2011

Not sure what to think....

First, I cant wait to post about my friend's wedding & the surprise they had for me...

But my pictures are at home... & I had to leave for work at 5:15 am this morning - only to sit in traffic for over an hour (we have a bridge shut down in our area)... that's another story for another day.

I wanted to tell what happened to me at the chiropractor Friday though...

I'm a little confused about it & not sure what to think.

So when I go, they do a muscle stimulation on it, ice up my shoulders & arm & then put a laser treatment on it that is supposed to break up the inflammation.  The doctor said I would feel a difference after 2-3 treatments.  Well, as of Friday, we were on treatment #9... & still, I'm seeing NOTHING... no change - maybe even worse.

He told me he didnt think this was working - so he suggested to me this new product by Univera... its actually something he said works on severe inflammation.

The kicker?  Its $50.50 for a bottle of 60... & he wants me to take 6 pills a day!! So that bottle will last me 10 days!!!  But he did make the point that I'm paying him $45 a visit, 3 times a week already - & its not really helping - so this would be better financially & he said he feels like its just wasting my money right now to come to the chiropractor.  So I go ahead & order 2 bottles at his recommendation.

But then I get home & read about Univera & see that is an "financial opportunity" - almost like an "Amway" sort of thing & I'm wondering if he's just selling it to me to get some money out of me because he knows I'm about to leave there anyways because its obviously not working with what he's doing, so let's get some money someway, somehow...

or is this legit?

I actually wont know how it effects me until this week because my pills will get in supposedly on Tuesday...

And it seems like its all natural stuff, but there is a "pattened" ingredient that only this company has that involves some sort of megadoses of Aloe Vera & I guess that's the "miracle drug"...

I just dont know what to think...

I just hope it doesnt give me the trots ... (that's for you Joe - haha!)

Anyone ever heard of Univera?  Any thoughts? 


  1. It's interesting that he would take the approach he did. I am skeptical, but no, I've never heard of this product.

  2. I am always skeptical about things like that. Being an orthopedists bring down inflammation by not using it and maybe using Ibuprofen regularly. However, I have never heard of those at all.

    Hey we missed you for P365 yesterday!! Glad to hear you are just busy..I was worried about you!

  3. I can ask my mother-in-law...she works for a chiropractor and she'll give you the straight scoop (regarding if it's Amway-like).

    But I'm with you...skeptical!

  4. What is the exact one you are taking?

  5. I've never heard of the company and I agree his approach is weird. He never pushed any products on us.

  6. It sounds to me like you might be getting screwed. And not in the fun way!
    Good luck!

  7. Sorry I have never heard of this either.. Have a great day though..

  8. Thanks for the "trots" line Rebecca and I hope they aren't ripping you off!

  9. Ok, I'm going to say this, although it's not a popular opinion...I don't trust chirpractors in general! I think a medical route is always a better one, i.e. physical therapy. They always have an end result and their goal is for you to get better and NOT come back, but show me one chiropractor who has ever said, "I can't really find anything wrong or I think we've done what we need to do. You're good to go!" They always have a laundry list of what needs to be adjusted and it always results in frequent appts with no end in sight, which rarely leads to any improvement. Sorry Rebecca, you can take my opinion or leave it, I just have a thing about how many people blindly follow their advice as "doctrine" when there is usually little to no medical expertise behind it. They don't have medical degrees and that is always a red flag for me. The product he recommended for you just confirms my general feeling toward chiropractors. I know this sounds so harsh and extreme, I just have several people I love who have been led astray chirpractors, in fact one who lost his life due to a "mis-diagosis" from a chiropractor who had no business diagnosing anything. So I realize I'm biased, but all of it sounds fishy to me :)


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