Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Running right by...

Some of you may remember this picture from a race I ran in October...

If you dont remember, this is me nearing the turn to go to the finish line. Ricky came with me on this race... but he totally almost missed me.  He was leaning up against a pole, just relaxing, thinking about things.

The whole time, I was coming down the road, saw him from a distance... but saw that he didnt see me.

I just knew he would see me - after all, I was the ONLY person on the road... the sun is shining right on me - I have on the brightest blue shirt. How can he not see me?

He totally wouldnt have... when I noticed he was in his own world, I finally yelled, "Do you not see me?" & then he fumbled like something off a movie with the camera & snapped this picture ... but I guarantee you, I could have run right past him, crossed the finish line & then came back & stood next to him & he still not notice me.

This picture & example was perfect for me to start me lesson with the Junior High kids on Sunday... we were talking about how we miss God all the time.

How we're too busy with life... we're on the go all the time... we've got so much crammed in a day...

& even when we DO stop? We're not really stopping... just like Ricky, we're thinking - we're always wondering what we're doing next... always worrying about how things are going to go. We're seldom IN a moment.

In the Bible, God got a hold of Moses attention by a burning bush... that didnt burn... (cool, huh?) But did you notice what the Bible says about that:

Moses saw that though the bush was on fire, it did not burn up. So Moses thought, "I will go over & see this strange sight - why the bush does not burn up."

When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look,
God called to him from within the bush, "Moses! Moses!"
-Exodus 3:2-4

It was only when Moses STOPPED & NOTICED the bush, did God speak...

What if Moses was too busy to stop?
What if he was thinking of how he was going to tend his sheep?
What if he was worried about his brother trying to find him?
What if he was just distracted by life?

...what if he walked right by that burning bush...

Would God still have spoke out to him?

We dont know...

But we do know that God wanted his attention... & He got it.

So is God trying to get your attention? Do you have burning bushes in your life?

Are you running right past them?

Notice God today.... He may be trying to get your attention.

Check out this video... its a great one... 1 minute long...

Its Easy to miss something you're not looking for...


  1. My friend Brenda asks for billboards from Him, I ask Him to shake me by the shoulders if He needs my attention.

    Truth is, He always wants my attention, and I need to give Him more.

  2. Sometimes, I wish the Good Lord could give me a swift smack across the face to say, "Hey, kiddo...pay attention!" Thankfully, He knows that I'm a never-ending work-in-progress..and He still loves me!

  3. He did get my attention today. Through your blog!
    p.s. I only counted 12 and yes, I did miss the moon-walking bear. You got me!

  4. I love that video! The pastor where I work used it as a sermon illustration one Sunday.

    What worries me is the number of times I think I have already ignored Him.

  5. Good lesson, Rebecca!! I love that video and plan on using it to teach my students to pay attention to ALL of the details when they read! Thanks, my friend!

  6. What's crazy is I had to watch the video TWICE to see the moonwalking bear. Oh my, what does that say about me?! :\


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