Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup - Full of Pictures!!!

Weekend Roundup:  The exciting stuff that my weekends are made of...

* I went to meet a photo client to deliver some pictures... I love meeting at coffee shops.  Especially when they have gigantic sugar cookies... & I actually got a cappachino ... Hello Sugar Rush!!!!

* It turned COLD ... Mother Nature totally faked us out with all the warmer weather.  We had Winter Weather Advisories all night long on Friday.  I wanted to go out & cover my poor tulips but it was late, dark & cold...

* This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning... I was going to run outside, until I saw the temperature said, "Feels like 9 degrees" ....

* While on the treadmill, I watched "Golden Child" .... I forgot how funny that movie is
" I...I...I ....IIIIII.... want... the kniffffeeeee...... Plllllleeeeaasssseeeee"
Eddie Murphy was so funny back in the 80's

* Isnt this little tray cute?  Clearance at Target for $7.00 ... bargain!  The top tray spins too so you can have them going difference directions - or if you have something "taller" on the bottom rack, it would make room for it.

*  I watched "Dear John"... I was expecting it to be sadder then I thought.  (IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT - STOP READING)..... I heard from so many girls that it was "so sad" so I just expected him to die in it.  When he didnt, I was confused.  How messed up is that that I was upset he didnt die?  I usually expect the worse with Nicolas Sparks stories too.

* Another weekend picture of Buffy sleeping... a dog's life is rough... or should I say, RUFF ... I couldnt pass it up...

* Whitney Houston dies?  Ricky came in & said, "its all over Facebook, RIP Whitney Houston" ... I thought it was a joke... didnt Bon Jovi "die" a few weeks ago?  But then I turned on CNN & couldnt believe it.  So sad...

* Another "feel old" moment?  None of the Junior High kids in the youth even knew who Whitney Houston was.... I tried to explain she was the big star of the day when I was in high school.  I said, "It would be like Taylor Swift dying when you are 40 yrs old"...they gasped & almost cried at the thought.

* Homemade chocolate cookies... I made them thick & huge... Ricky literally ate 5 of them in under 5 minutes (Do you remember the choking story on Friday?  Yeah.. that gives a good clue on why he chokes.  EAT SLOWLY!) ... then I came home from church on Sunday, ready to have one... but no, he ate them all. Saves me calories.

* Got my taxes done on Sunday....

* Did my taxes while watching "The Notebook"... Nicholas Sparks didnt disappoint on that one.  I cried - even though it was like the 583rd time I've seen it...

* This is what Bruno was doing while I did taxes... isnt his fat body, in his little bed the cutest thing? ... & look?  I found a toy under the couch....

* In church, the girls I sat next to made these little "goblets" out of gum wrappers... who knew you could do that?  This is the same girl that taught me how to make roses out of Play-Do... cute roses too.  I had someone put their hand down so you could get a good perspective of the size of these things :)

* Grammy Thoughts?
 - I dont care for country music but I'm getting the biggest crush on Blake Sheldon
 - is Katy Perry a little angry?
 - Adele is A-MAZ-ING! ... show em how its done.  Sing with a modest dress on & no dancers or special effects - just the voice.  Go girl!
 - Only in America can someone who beat up  his girlfriend get an award & people stand & applaud him. 
 - Why did Taylor Swift look so confused when people gave her a standing ovation?  Has that never happened in her life?  That "shocked" reaction just irks me.
 - Jennifer Hudson?  Fantastic... only she could pull off Whitney's song...
 - Love LL Cool J had a whole room of artist have their heads bowed in prayer
 - Beach Boys - still trying to figure out if they were lip synching

Hope the week is a good one!!!


  1. Those goblets are adorable. Sounds like a good weekend. I've never seen all of the Notebook...just bits and pieces.

  2. You don't like country music??? Oh, 'bout Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band,Tim McGraw? Need I say more? :) It was bitter cold here this weekend, too...where did our springtime temps go? I want them back!!! gonna watch "The Bachelor" tonight...or is that a silly question? You know I WILL! Courtney must GO!!!

  3. We had bitterly cold weather and wind over the weekend. Ugly. We're supposed to have snow today, up to 2-4" but it's going to have to do more than the teeny, tiny flakes that we've had so far.

    My hubby brought me home a giant cookie from Panera - a chocolate crinkle (one of my favorite cookies) that I'd had my eye on for some time now (but refuse to buy it for myself). What a sweetie ... too bad it was a MINT chocolate crinkle ... and I can't abide mint-flavored things! I had to toss it out (DH doesn't like mint or chocolate.) Poor DH ... but he got major bonus points for at least trying!

  4. I love this post.
    You kinda like cookies, huh? Seeing these photos is not helping with my diet. Do you want see me fat forever? So cruel!
    That is sad about Whitney. But seriously, I was expecting this to happen years ago. I'm surprised that it didn't. You can't continue to abuse your body and expect good things to happen.
    Yeah, Adele and Jennifer. Both, great voices and no special effects. Who knew that's all you needed!

  5. Those cookies look really good! I'm going to go to the cafe at work & get a cookie but it will be a poor substitute.

    I used to make those goblet things - but ours just looked like German war helmets because we didn't put the little "foot" on the bottom of the glass :)

  6. i couldn't believe WH died either. beautiful woman at such a young age.

    i love taylor's music but when she is at awards her fake shocked look is now getting overrated. she totally knows she is going win.

    blake shelton is gorgeous. i love watching him on the voice

    ll cool j doing the prayer? AMAZING.

    your pup in his bed, sooo cute.



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