Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, I'm calling God "Waldo" today...

(This is also part of the lesson I taught on Sunday... if you missed the first part, check it out right HERE )

Do you have something that someone made you? 
An old blanket that a grandma crocheted?
It may be hideous now, with those horrible colors from the 70's... you know the ones, the greens & oranges.

 ... I shudder...

But you have these creations & you love them because they were made for you.  There is heart in it. Love.

I have my photo book that my friend Chasity made for me this past Christmas.  I leave it on my side table in the living room.  Not because it holds my pictures, but because when I look at it, I see all the work Chasity put it in for me.  She took the time to download my pictures, upload them in this book, organizing it for the best effect, all with me in mind.  So when I look at this book now, I see Chasity's love for me...

Now look at the things around you... the things God created just for you.  Do you see Him?  Do you see how He placed things & people & situations in your life because He loves you & thinks about you & cares for you?

Have you ever looked at a Waldo book?

Trying to find that little dude in the midst of all the chaos that is distracting you?

I have a book even better then a Waldo book - its a Beauty & the Beast "Look & Find" book... its pretty awesome,  I must say.

When my grandbabies were up for Thanksgiving, I would go over this book with Isaac.  He got pretty good at finding the objects in it.  By the end of the week, he was a pro. 


Because he knew where to look.  He was trained in finding the things he needed to.

So are our hearts trained to find God in everything?  Are we looking for him?  Because He's there... even when we dont look for Him, he's still there.

Today, let God be your Waldo... (you can even imagine him in a red & white striped sweater if you want)

 ... but search for Him today.

In the creation around you ...
In the smile of a stranger...
In the food you are provided today...
In the shelter you have around you...

... in the pain that are you going through & growing from...

Be excited when you find him... just like when you find Waldo...

You can say today, "I FOUND HIM!!!!"


  1. God as Waldo. I'm going to have to ruminate at that for a while. He's not hiding, I just choose when to see Him, when to listen...

  2. Another interesting analogy! The distractions from being able to "find God" are not of His doing but ours. :-(

  3. It's funny that you put it this way that God is Waldo and we need to find Him. I always thought of myself as Waldo and even among all the chaos God finds me.

    Thanks for the a good thought to start the day with!

  4. Awesome analogy! Soooo, now tha I'm done with school, I'm thinking of taking up knitting!!!


  5. I found God in my walk home today. As I was almost home, I thought to myself, "hmmm, that was actually fun today".
    Thank God I'm able to do this when so many can't.


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