Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday (I think) Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its TUESDAY... no - Friday.  That's right.. Friday.  The day after Thursday.  But it feels like the day after Monday. 
..whew... that day off in the middle of the week has MESSED ME UP!!!!
But I'll never turn a Friday away - so let's enjoy it & frag the day away.


Anyone else melting?
Today, the normal, every day temp is going to be 105
...with the humidity of the area added on
that means its going to feel like 184 degrees... or 113
it all feels the same when you get in 3 digits

I think I've actually set my oven to some of these temperature for slow cooking
... that's scary...


So America lost Dick Clark this year &  now Andy Griffith?
We're loosing all our All-American-Days-People
.... & left with Snookie & Kayne West...
what is the world coming to?

I posted it on Facebook & Twitter my deep rooted secret
Yes - I've never seen a whole episode of The Andy Griffith Show
I remember my parents having it on in the house,
but I cant tell you a thing about it.
People look at me crazy when I tell them that
But remember - I'm the girl that's never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich either


It's been DOG CENTRAL at my house

We've been dog-sitting my brother's 2 dogs & with our 4, we've been taken over
...taken over by kisses & body heat...
These 2 new dogs love to cuddle & sleep next to you
... the same place where my dogs like to be...
so now, every night, the race is on to get next to me or Ricky first in the bed
& once we're there, there's no moving

It'll feel funny going back down to 4 dogs this weekend
..the house will seem empty..


With all the extra commotion, SOMEONE wanted attention

Zoe keeps grabbing my yarn,
which she KNOWS is a no-no
& makes me chase her

She's gonna make sure she gets her attention in the midst of additional dogs


Anyone seen the new Spiderman movie yet?

We'll be catching it sometimes this weekend
Ricky's have Spiderman-anxiety-attacks right now
that can only be cured by sitting in the theater making those "SWISH" sounds like webs are coming out of his hands


Have you seen?
Some of the wedding pictures are posted on my Facebook page
(you can click on the sidebar & see them)

I've also got a new site up that will have ALL of them in a few weeks
but there are also some of the latest sessions on there if you want to check 'em out

Make that beautiful bride stand out

(That was ONE BIG Bridal Party)


Anyone else watch "Breaking Pointe"
I fell upon it on Hulu & LOVED it
Last night was the season finale & now I'm hoping they bring it back

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

I love all things dance...
I think there are only like 6 episodes & they're on Hulu so check it out
if you like that kinda thing


Spat of the Week: PEE &WATER!!!!
(we really spat over anything, dont we?)

Yes, we know its close to the temperature I imagine Hell to be
& Yes, the Hubs works outdoors in this mess
so what happens when you work in heat?
You get dehydrated!!!!

How can I tell he's dehydrated?
Let me give you a hint...

(You too can use this wonderful tool)
(there's really a site called "Urine Colors"?)

So needless to say, I can tell Ricky isnt drinking his water
& he tells me he's too busy to drink

& that he drinks a glass of tea at lunchtime
TEA?  That's going to dehydrate him!!!!

This time around, I'm spatting with him because I care
...not because I'm right about something...
which is usually the case :)
& actually, I'm right about this too

I'm going to hold him down in some torture scene I've seen in war movies & pour water over his face until he gets some in his system


Whew - this was a long, busy frag - wasnt it?
Told you I'm messed up on my days... this is full of days worth of info

Hope you all have a Fabulous Tuesday Friday


  1. I thought it was Monday all day yesterday, and I didn't technically have the day off on the 4th. Confusing!

    I was counting bridesmaids. Wow, what a challenge you had, but you rose to meet it!

    We saw Brave earlier this week, and it was only $5 a person. Suffice it to say we will ONLY be going to the movies on weekdays before five this summer, and we will see more movies.

    Growing up in the 60s, I saw lots of Andy Griffith shows.


    Urine chart, so, um, interesting...

    Wow, this is a long comment! ;)

  2. Whoa! You all have the dogs!

    It's going to be 106 here today, and I see on outdoor thermometer receiver that it was 109 here yesterday! It's going to be > 100 tomorrow, and after that it's going to "cool down" to the low 90's. Time to get out the winter coats! ha!

  3. lol the chart! tis an awesome tool :) He definitely needs water... my dad's been working outside as well and he has to drink and drink and drink lots of water.

    Love the pictures!

  4. I experienced that SAME thing - - - Wednesday felt JUST LIKE SUNDAY to me all day long.

    I got my nails done that day and my nail tech guy said "Doesn't this feel like Sunday?"

    So - - - we are NOT alone in this.

  5. My husband has been given the lecture about drinking water as well! I made him take one of my large nalgene bottles to work and also sent him with packets of G2. We've been under an "excessive heat warning" for 5 days now. It's crazy!!

  6. Wow, that's a whole lot of bridesmaids! You did a beautiful job with the shot. That Wednesday off definitely messed up my days, but I was glad to have the mini-break for sure. Love those adorable puppy mugs. Have a great weekend, and drink lots of water! :)

  7. Have you seen the movie First Position? It is about children auditioning for a ballet school. Our art museum has it this weekend but I'm sure it is on dvd somewhere.

  8. First off...never eating a PB&J sandwich? Really? Girl, go to the store, buy a jar of healthy peanut butter (look at the label for one ingredient: peanuts). Seriously. I could eat this stuff with a spoon.

    Now, the pee thing. Um. Yeah.

    It's good that your hubby has such a caring wife. Maybe you could post that sign on the wall by his potty. Or, you could take a copy to his job and let them post it in their a safety thing, of course.


  9. i know i seriously feel like it's a monday or something...i'm so off. and goodness get that man a glass of water. a nutritionist told me you should drink half your body weight in ounces. it's tough getting it in if your up and busy all day.

  10. I'm completely messed up with my days, too! Will take me awhile to get back on schedule. Wow...all those dogs in your bed! I thought having Bella sleep with us was enough! She hogs the entire bed! It's been nice this summer, though, because I've been putting her in bed with the girls at night. Finally...some much needed snoozy time for me! ;)


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