Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Its really about banana bread & a touch of the Bachlorette

I keep having bananas that are going bad & someone suggested I make banana bread.

Yes, I confess......I'm 40 years old.. & yes, I've never made banana bread.

At least not 'real' banana bread. 

I'm good with box-mix stuff...

& we've always been blessed with friends that make amazing breads - banana, pumpkin, apple... No cooking on my end, just blessed with great friends....

But I was tired of throwing away bananas so I went to the wonderful world of Google & Googled-up "EASY BANANA BREAD" ... I wanted to stress the word EASY!!!

& also like to say "Googled-up"

Boom... Google is cool like that... instant recipe on my screen

& I'll even admit this... a few years ago - I wouldnt even have had the basic ingredients at my house.  Sugar?  I, of course, have.  Flour?  Maybe not. Baking Soda? NEVER!  But not today people.. I am growing in the world of cooking & baking... & I had every ingredient there.

Ricky just stared at me when I got all giddy & excited about my new adventure...

To the mixing bowls I go...

But first, I even had to make sure I had a 'loaf' pan... which I somehow found in the back of the cabinet.  (Thanks mom - I think its yours)

Look at those hunks of bananas... I did smash them up, but left some 'chunks' because I like when food has 'chunks'... & that only applies when 'chunks' are fruity ... or chocolatey...

The batter was amazing so I knew I was onto something good. 

I even made Ricky put his finger in it & taste it...

I however, did NOT let him lick the bowl.. that was my reward

So into the oven it goes... & I'm waiting anxiously for an hour to pass by.  I had no idea it took an hour to cook. I probably wouldnt have made it so late if I knew that.  Damage done though, so I sit in the kitchen watching "The Bachlorette" while my kitchen turns into smells of heavenly goodness.

By the way, I was so sad for Emily... her sobbing sobs were tearing me up... Let her have a new show on TLC called Brother Husbands & let her marry all 3.... & for the record, Jef is my favorite still

Back to the bread...

I check it about 30 minutes in & its starting to look brown on top & told Ricky, its going to burn - it'll never make it 60 minutes.  He told me to just trust the recipe - afterall, I just messed up a batch of Steel Oats from guessing myself what to do (that story is on yesterdays post)

So I just stay engulfed in Emily & her sobbing instead...

I did pull it out with 7 minutes left on the timer - it has to be right.. right?

No - I put a knife in the center & it was still liquidy... so back in the oven while I watch Emily finally make her choice.... (I thought for sure Sean would be the winner so I was shocked)

Feeling like I have been caught in an emotional roller coaster, I went ahead & pulled out my banana bread...

... & its PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was already past my bedtime so I just put it on the counter, covered it & let it cool.  After all, 4:30 am would be there quick enough & probably be just the right amount of time for it to cool down...

This morning, I cut a slice & Ricky & I just ate a piece & stared at each other & said, "MMMMMMMMM"

His words were also, "I'm gonna tear this UP tonight"...

good thing I get home first....

So yeah,  I just did a post on banana bread... with a touch of The Bachlorette.

I know this is something all you super moms & super wives do all the time... but it took me 40 years to get to this point... its exciting times in my life...

what next?  An applie pie from scratch?  ... I'll turn that post into a week long series!


  1. "...it'll never make it 60 minutes..." haha! your commentary is so funny! Great job! :-)

  2. Now you've got me hungry for some banana bread!

  3. Ahhh!!! I wants some! That looks really yummy :) Yes, yes apple pie next!! :)

  4. I don't mean to be snarky, but all banana bred must be easy to make or I wouldn't be able to do it!

    Couldn't find "old bananas" at my grocery store yesterday. Sigh.

  5. Oh, I knew there was something else to comment on...BAKING SODA! You must investigate it further.

    I use it to scrub my face, brush my teeth, clean the bathtub, and all sorts of things, it's not just for baking! Holistic you might just love it.

  6. Good for you!! It looks great!! And I bet it tastes 1000 times better than the box mix stuff. :)

  7. YUM!!!!!!

    You did an excellent job!!! Wish I could have a bite!!!

    I feel SO OUT OF THE LOOP. . . I did not watch ANY of the bachelorette :/


  8. Mmmm..... With a big ole glass of Vanilla Almond Milk!!! I'll be right over :)

    Is this vegan? Did you use eggs or flax eggs? Curious. :)

    Love you sweet friend ~~ have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  9. That looks scrumptious and I always throw away overripe bananas. Guess I'll have to try it next time.

  10. the bread looks soooo good that i am going out tomorrow to buy nannas to ripen and make one too!!! haha

    and i have been watching the bachlorette too and i thought she would of picked sean and jef. i don't like arie at all. he looks sneaky. hopefully she will pick jef. he seemed so sincere and sweet. your bread looks amazing and got me drooling!! lol


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