Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

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Trying a new widget with Instagram... I like it... but its going backwards from Sunday to Friday...

Oh well... who says everything has to be in order... right?

Pictures Left to right

1. The Bachlorette!!! ....  JEF WON!!! I was so giddy happy when Emily decided to get rid of Arie early.  I think Jef is just perfect... I even stayed up to watch "After the Rose" & loved how happy they were together.  But I also thought Ali & Roberto looked happy too.. & Jillian & Ed... & etc, etc, etc.

2. Ordained .... this young man used to be in our church youth group.  And Sunday, he came back & preached a sermon & then was ordained... this KID!  Well, he's not a kid anymore.  I couldnt believe it when I saw on Facebook that he graduated from Cincinnati Bible College this year.  Where did 4 years just go?  ... but he is fantastic.  The perfect guy... or man, now.  Ricky & I said he's the guy we want to marry ANY of our daughters.  He's THAT kinda guy.  I'm just so honored to say I know this fellow ... & excited to see where God leads him.

3. Birthday Cookie!!! .... Saturday night, we ran over to my parents house (did I mention I love how close they are to us?) & my brother & his gang were there with a Birthday Cookie for my dad.  His birthday is Tuesday but my brother works 2nd shift so would miss out on birthday cake.  I'll never pass up a piece of birthday cookie.  ... may be a reason why I've gained all my weight back... sigh...

4.  Doggie Ride... We took Bruno with us to my parents... look at him laying his head on the window sill.  I didnt have the heart to roll up the windows...

5.  Scary ... Looked at my Entertainment Weekly magazine that came out the week before & realized what the cover said... freaked me out

6.  Waiting for attention.... I was sitting at my computer playing a video on how to install a TV wall mount & looked down & saw this.  Isnt that face adorable?  For the record, I finally got my Christmas gift up.  Yes - my Christmas gift from Christmas 2011... It only took ALMOST 7 months... 6 months, 28 days... believe me, there was a "spat" over the exact time.  Anyways - its up... I'm literally having Christmas in July!!

7. Hog the bed much? .... Ricky fell asleep across the bed - I mean right ACROSS the bed.  I couldnt lay my legs out.  I kept kicking him & telling him to move, but I'd just get grumbling... I put my legs across his back & fell asleep myself.  Two can play at the uncomfortable game.

8.  Favorite place .... Friday, I came home & it was raining... one of those smell-good-spring-rains... & there was actually COOL breezes flying.  So that's my cue to grab my Kindle, my dog & head to my front porch.  I sat out there until the rain stopped & the heat & humidity kicked right back in.

9.  James ... still loving my Beth Moore James study.  I've taken longer then I should - but I get to it when I can... & enjoy it everytime.

Extra Weekend Shots:

10.  Youth Leader Lunch... always fun to hang out with everyone.  Ricky even got to join us today... love having him more involved with the youth gang. 

11. Most Epic Sequence Game EVER ... Look how covered that board is... it was the best game ever... & I WON!! HAHA!!!!! ...we wont mention that I've lost like the last 10 games we've played.  I won THIS one... the most epic game ever... that's what counts

12. Birthday!!! ... Ricky's momma's birthday was last week.  We didnt get to make the whole family get together.  (The fun side of living in Indiana when a bridge is out of commission) - so we got her to ourselves.  We missed spending time all together, but it was nice to sit & get to talk with my Momma-in-law by ourselves... she always makes me laugh. 

Hope you're weekend was awesome... now onto a new week!  Let's do this!


  1. Happiest of Birthdays to your Mother in Law! Great photo by the way. And Ricky looks likes such a nice guy. You would never know that he's such a bed hog.

  2. I'm going to have to investigate that instagram widget. I think there's a lot more I could be doing on there than I know how to do!
    That cover is scary. Unbelievable.
    I live up the street from my parents...LOVE IT!

  3. I can't believe that cover ... I thought sure that was something from AFTER the fact when I first saw that! :-o

    Glad you were able to get some sleep in spite of having to share the bed with your bed hog. ;-)

  4. We have a teeny front porch, but I love to sit out there and rock and read. When we were first married, Brad came home from Indy with a Cracker Barrel rocker. For some reason, he thought I wanted one. I hadn't, but I am glad he thought so!

  5. Love the Instagram feature...can't wait to get my new smartphone next month just for this!

    Great pic of Ricky and his momma!

    Great weekend wrapup...have a great week!

  6. I've got almost an identical Kindle picture on my post. haha

    I've played Sequence a few times. It's a fun game.

    Our lady's group will be starting James in September. I'm really looking forward to it.

    Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law and your dad.

  7. I also loved that she picked Jef.....I also was impressed by the face that she didn't go in the fantasy suite with any of the guys.

    Love the pictures......I wish I had an iPhone.....oh, well!

    And like you, I never, ever pass up birthday favorite!

    Have a great week!

  8. I also loved that she picked Jef.....I also was impressed by the face that she didn't go in the fantasy suite with any of the guys.

    Love the pictures......I wish I had an iPhone.....oh, well!

    And like you, I never, ever pass up birthday favorite!

    Have a great week!

  9. hahahaha! Sleeping across the bed is such a comfortable way to sleep... I've done it... O.o lol!

  10. When I go to bed before Dr. M I often stray over into his territory. Rather than trying to get me to move he just sleeps on the futon - what a guy :)


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