Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life


*More bridge issues... luckily, it isnt botherine me too much (I'd loose my sanity if I had to go through bridge issues again)... but the poor Hubs has to deal with it.  He takes a co-worker home & to work, which makes him cross this messed up bridge.  It took him over an hour to get home Friday. BLAH

*Ordered "Bean Tacos" from Tumbleweed - take out the meat, replace it with refried beans... oh my... I'm happy to have a new veggie dish. YUMMY!

*The night ended like this... I just didnt feel like watching TV & wanted to read some more on this adorable book I'm reading right now.  The Hubs had to work on Saturday so he was already snoozing & the dogs were all comfy & ready for bed too... a nice way to end a week.


*The hubs went to work but that doesnt mean I can sleep in - not with 6 dogs.  All the commotion had me up at 6:30... sigh...

*Tried to make steel oats in the crock pot overnight... FAIL!!!! I woke up in the middle of the night & thought the liquid was going to run out so I poured more water in... shouldnt have.... in the morning, it was a grey, sludgy mess (Had blueberries in it causing the grey color).  I've learned to just follow the recipe.

*Time to take 2 of the dogs to the groomers... I always feel so bad when they are excited to go 'bye-bye' - only to know they're going to be FREAKED out when we pull in the parking lot.  They know too where we're at...

*Stopped at the grocery to get some 'old' bananas to make banana bread. I just discovered they bundle up bananas that are turning & sell the bundle for 39 cents. Nice!

*I cant find any good oranges anywhere!!!!  Is the weather messing up oranges everywhere?

*Editing more wedding pictures while Ricky was at work.  I'm making great progress.  I'm probably 85% finished at this point - with over 300 pictures already edited. (Here's another sample... these groomsmen were the FUNNIEST group of guys EVER!!!)
(Look at the 2nd guy from the left - doesnt it look like he's in a sky-diving position?)

*Ricky came home & was EXHAUSTED... the heat had finally caught up with him - so he napped the day away.

*I caught up on Real Housewives... OC, New York and New Jersey.. probably had 8 episodes to watch. .... (OC) Heather is just classy ... (NY) I love Heather didnt give in to inviting Ramona.. & Ramona is INSANE. I can hardly stand watching her talk with her hyperness & spastic head turns & hand movements & eye buldges... (NJ) Teresa is even more insane.  I'd love to see an argument between Ramona & Teresa.  That'd be some epic TV

*Time to pick up the dogs... I didnt even recognize Bruno... they cut off his beard.  His body looks 4 times his head now... its weird looking
(Keeping that face towards the air vent in 110 degree weather)

* Took Bruno over to my parents house to try & convince them we got a new dog. My dad actually believed it for a few minutes.  My mom wasnt fooled.  That body of Brunos' gave it away.

* Ricky & I are on a "Sequence" kick right now... I love any game.  Someone wasnt happy though.  He was still pouty from the day.


* I walked in to see one of my favorite kiddos leading worship... LEADING WORSHIP for BIG CHURCH!!! It made me actually tear up at how much she's grown. 

* It was Grad Sunday... the graduation class got honored & prayed over.  I was teary eyed again.  I remember these kids as little 6th graders ... & have been with them the entire journey.  Blows my mind. 

* The kids will be transitioning soon to new classes - which means we're getting a big group coming to middle school.  Some of the kids are so excited about it - they come up before & after class... these 2 girls?  I already love 'em bunches!!! Looking forward to this new class.
(These awesome ladies also dance in the "Backyard" program... such fun girls)

* We headed after church to see "The Amazing Spiderman" ... I liked it - it didnt blow me away though. 

* We came out of the movies & it was like night & day.  The temperature had dropped probably 15 degrees- it was windy, ready for a storm... havent felt temps like that in forever.

* Ricky went to Five Guys Burger & Fries & I ran next door to pick up some Jimmy Johns.  We sat on the patio & enjoyed the cool breeze. (The missing part of my sandwich? I was taking the bread & feeding birds)

(Ricky's giving the Spiderman web slinger hand)
* My brother & SisIL came & picked up their doggies.  We were a little sad to see them go.  Our house now feels empty with just 4 dogs.  Strange how that works.  But the doggies were glad to see their family back from vacation.  One of the dogs crawled into my nieces lap & instantly fell asleep. 

* IT RAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The clouds finally broke & there was a steady rain... We sat out on our back porch & just enjoyed the sound & smell of it.  I think I heard the grass always sing out "Hallejuah!!!"

Hope everyone had a great weekend... now onto a great week!


  1. I'm always so impressed with how many different poses/combinations you can come up with during your shoots. Very impressed indeed!

  2. What book are you reading? (I just finished one by Carla Stewart, a sweet read.)

    Great groomsmen shots!

    Knew you saw Spiderman from your pins. :)

    As for RH--Heather of the OC is classy, but she has had a few slips. Alexis disappoints me so, way to have a super contradictory Christian on reality TV. Ramona? I cannot watch NY due to her. She's the one the opted to keep? Caroline has been a little too snippy this season. But still, I watch...


  3. So, what are you reading? I'm always looking for good books to load onto my Kindle.

    I'm interested in making steel cut oats in the crock pot, but every recipe I find is for 4-6 servings, which is more than we need for just the two of us. Do you make a big batch for just the two of you?

    We have a Jimmy John's nearby and a Five Guys about 30 minutes from here and have never tried either one, but they're both on our "to-do" list. ;-)

  4. Me no likey sludgey oatmeal. Sometimes it is better just to follow the recipe. Sigh. lol. Hope it tasted somewhat good anyway?

    The picture editing is awesome!! Loved the groomsmen one :)

  5. I've wanted to try steel cut oats in the crock, just haven't been brave enough :). I do love me some SCO :).

    Your pics are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

    Your doggies

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love you sis ~~ Have a Blessed Week ~~ dawn

  6. Beans are a vegetarian/vegan's best friend! I thought I'd have to give up eating Mexican food until I rediscovered bean burritos. Just can't eat them before I have to teach. *wink*

  7. Your dogs are sooo cute and the wedding pictures are cool. Do you love your Kindle as much as I do? I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that reads it with the larger print. I love love love it! :)

  8. Who knew you could buy old bananas cheap! I don't know if my store does that, but I'm gonna check it out. Thanks for joining in again!


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