Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life
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Whiizzzz.... that was the weekend that just went by...


* We got mail... (love an old Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan shout out)... but no really - real mail.  From our World Vision gal.  We've had the same girl since 2007 & it  blows me away to see her growing up.  Here's her picture from last year (on the left) & this year.  She's getting so big.  She says every year though, "Please pray for me to live in peace"... how does a child think to ask THAT to pray for?  Breaks my heart

* FINISHED WEDDING PICTURES!!!!  Now, its just time to go through for final edits & then get the proof album together.  I think I did a little happy dance.

* Friday nights for me lately end with me & my Kindle....


* Up early to drop another doggie off at the groomers

* Headed to Kohl's with a 30% off... makes shopping so much more fun.  I ended up getting a new purse.  I'm weird about purses.  They have to 'speak to me'... this one said, "you HAVE to have me"... I listened.  I've been trying to find a 'pretty' metallic purse.  This picture makes it look really silver.  Its not.  Its like a silver/gold mix.  & its one of those I can put across my body.... free hands... love that

* Stopped to get some dog food & got caught in a MASSIVE STORM!!!!!  Glad to see the rain - but WOW, didnt know the past 2 months of drought would catch up in a few minutes.... We waited & waited.. & waited... & waited... It calmed down enough for Ricky to take the dog food to the car & as soon as he ran back, soaked to the bone... the rain stopped.  Timing is not our thing.

* Stopped at Goodwill to get an umbrella

* Got our baby girl... they told us her face is like a puppy... we know... she's beautiful.  & we love when she gets shaved down - she seems so happy & LIGHT :)

* Headed to a friend's graduation party... the rain had us under tents, but it was fun sitting & gabbing with friends.  Great seeing some faces I hadnt seen in awhile.  (Carly Sue, it was so good to see your face is as beautiful as ever)

* We found a toy earlier at the pet supply store for Buffy... she had a water-toss toy that she LOVESSSSSSS... she carries it around everywhere & has 'loved' it enough where the ends are gone.  We had to take it away from her because now, she's tearing the plastic off & eating it.  So we found a new one... hadnt seen one like it for years.  We snagged it up & Buffy was one happy old girl.  She doesnt look happy here, but this is after she's caught it 25 times & needed a break
Right after this picture was taken, that old one was in the garbage...

* Our wonderful neighbor brought over more yellow squash... I'm in produce heaven..


* Merge!!! I was up to teach ... love when I tell the kids things like, "Transistor Radio" or "Mork from Ork" or "3D movies in 1977" & they just give me strange looks.

* Headed out to lunch with some friends... I actually snagged someone's debit card of their hand & took off running... but I apologized before I did it... & I did it out of love... you never know what's going to happen at a lunch with me & Ricky

* Checking out my new cookbook that came in the mail the day before... a great EASY recipe for an orange glaze to put over anything sweet... Oh yeah!!!  I turn always directly to the desserts in a cookbook

* The Hubs & I took Syd & Bruno for a quick walk.  On a mission to slim down our "Chubby Boy" ... but the sun came out & YAZZZAAA - it got hot.  We made it about a half mile.  But Bruno was huffing & puffing like he did a full marathon.

* THRIVE!!! Got to teach Senior High too... ended the night with watermelon! YUM... & an iPad that was switching everyone's faces.  There are some UGLY people in our group when you change faces with others.  I'm including myself in that.  My face does  NOT look right on other's bodies.

* BIG BROTHER.  Ricky & I relaxed & ended the busy weekend... whew... it was tiring.

Here's to a great week ahead!!!


  1. I turn directly to desserts in a cookbook, too!! lol Looks like an awesome one :) Glad that rain came, but poor Ricky! Your WV girl is adorable!! As long as you apologized while committing a crime, it's okay ;) lol!

  2. Yes, we hit some of that rain too. But I'm so glad we actually got some. The ground is so thirsty, it didn't take very long before it was sucked up.

    Love your puppies! So adorable.

  3. That World Vision girl kills me with her Goodness. My kids would write, "Please pray for me that I get a new Ipad". Spoiled rotten. I blame my Mom and Dad. Oh yeah, I blame Fred too. And while I'm at it, Society's not helping either. m.

  4. I started watching BB, but when I saw that Mike "Boogie" was back on, I HAD to turn it.
    Buffy looks worn out in that picture!

  5. At first I thought you got a NEW puppy, she looks so different!

    Yay for the wedding pics! I'm sure they are gorgeous; the ones you shared are amazing!

    And yes, the weekend went WAY too fast :( Here's to a great week!

  6. I really did read the whole post, but your first tidbit made me make a note. I have to call World Vision to update our credit card info, and I keep forgetting. The website confused me, and I have neglected following through for a few weeks now because I only think of this at odd times.

    So with hope, your mention will get me moving this Monday!

  7. Mork from Ork--oh, you have no idea how many jokes I got about that when I married a guy with the last name of Mork (true story--it's actually Norwegian! Who knew?!)

  8. I would have gladly gotten soaked by a rain ... doing the happy dance ... if only we could get some. It's been almost 6 weeks since we've had even a drop of rain.

    Ah, Buffy, she looks like she's completely worn out. Our golden retriever would catch and retrieve for EVER. Her favorite thing was when we'd bounce a tennis ball as high as it would go and she'd jump up to catch it. I miss that girl. :-(

  9. yep, give me desserts and appetizers. Is that weird? I never look at sides, boring =)

    I'm so happy you got that book. It is so good!!! I've made several things out of it. All good. I really want to try the Lo Mein.

    Poor Bruno. This weather is brutal.

    I love you precious girl!! ~~ Have a Blessed and Beautiful week ~~ dawn

  10. Talk about non-stop activity! I'm pooped just reading about it all! I am hooked on BB...which should come as no surprise! I'm still pulling for the Arkansas boy...Frank!

  11. Oh how we could use some of that rain! I can't even remember when we last had some here on the prairie.

  12. she is very precious. sad that that is what she wished for...says a lot about the state of things in her country.

  13. The first time I got a letter from the girl I sponser I was elated! Such a blessing! Speaking of which, I need to writer her! - That rain looks soooooo good. I think if it started raining right now I would just go stand in it. (As long as their was no lightening of course!)


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