Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Does this mean I'm Betty Crocker?

So I have been trying more & more things in the kitchen...

Its fun when it works out well

.. I think for the most part, everything I've tried has worked...

Dont ask The Hubs - he's kinda picky & doesnt prefer some of the things I make.

A veggie quiche I made one time?  I think he gagged... I thought it was pretty good

But I found a recipe in a magazine the other day & thought it sounded like yumminess.

Got all the ingredients

Now, I'm a fanatic when I follow a recipe.  I get all the things out - measure it, read over the recipe again, lay everything out, read it again....  & then re-read the recipe to see where I'm going to add that ingredient & even try to put them in order.

Yep - I'm a little OCD when I cook/bake

I just know if I do this on my own, I'm messing it up

My kitchen also looks like something on a cooking show - with all the ingredients there ready to dump in the bowl.

I just need Kelly Ripa next to me so I can think I'm on "LIVE! with Kelly & whoever took Regis' place"

scratch that... I dont want Kelly Ripa next to me... she's itty bitty... I'd look like a giant standing next to her.

Back to my baking experience.

I'm laying everything out, when I noticed I havent read through the recipe to see where the cinnamon goes.

Take a look

Do you see it?

I thought this turned into some sort of mental game that I was loosing at.  Know those quizes where you have to count all the 'o's' in a sentence but there are always words you dont really count them in... that's how I felt...

I take the recipe to Ricky to see if he sees it... then we both feel like we're loosing our mind.

What do I do?  Is it supposed to be in there?  Or is the ingredient the mistake?

I do the best of both worlds... I figure that if its NOT supposed to be in there, half a teaspoon wont be too much... & if it IS supposed to be in there, then a half teaspoon is better the none.

Well - VIOLA!!!! 

It was delish...

IN YOUR FACE stupid recipe creator.... they thought they had me... I succeeded

its the little things in life that make me happy

Ever have any recipes that were totally off?

You good at making up your own recipes?

How big do you think Kelly Ripa really is?


  1. I always follow a recipe as it is written the first time. That has gotten me into trouble. I had a quiche recipe that ended up making two when I thought it was going to be one. Then I had a spaghetti sauce that ended up being super bland. And that's just in the last year or so.

  2. I think Kelly Ripa would blow away if a small gust of wind came along. Seriously.
    It drives me CRAZY when recipes don't tell you where to put in an ingredient. It just makes me mad.
    Glad it worked out for you! :)

  3. Recipe that's been off: Yep! I just make due and hope for the best!

    Good at making up my own: well. Yesterday I made a favorite in our house Apricot Mustard Chicken. Sadly, I forgot to get a can of Apricot Juice (found in the Mexican food aisle). So, I improvised. I took out a can of peaches (packed in water with no added sugar) and blended it in the food processor. I added in the spices and mustard and poured it over the chicken. In short--it was 800 times better than using the apricot juice!!

    Kelly Ripa: Seriously. Sister probably weighs 80 pounds, soaking wet with rocks in her pockets.

  4. I would have gone with the full teaspoon. but then I'm of the opinion that if a little cinnamon is called for, then more will be even better! ha!

  5. I'm a stickler for following recipes! I definitely have a little OCD going on, too! Nope...I definitely don't create my own recipes...what a disaster that would be! My family may never forgive me!;) Kelly is TINY and far too skinny in my humble opinion! I do love her show, though, now that Michael Strahan has joined...he's a HOOT!

  6. I usually do it as written and I read and re-read it and check my ingredients over and over to make sure I put everything in. So I get what your saying. I'm not a recipe creator, but hubby is pretty good at that. He does more of the cooking than I do.

  7. I'm the kinda cook that never cooks something the same way because I don't measure. You should call betty crocker and mention to them the mistake you found. Maybe you will get free cake box mix in the mail as a thank you.

  8. I am a follow the recipe kinda girl too, especially in baking. In regular cooking I'm a little more free, but not generally in baking, because I know there are lots of "rules" and sciencsy stuff that has to happen, so I just try to comply =)

    Kelly Ripa = tiny. really. tiny.

    Love you friend ~~ dawn


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