Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrapup... Picture heavy

Whew... ready for my weekend?


* Stopped at the grocery for my weekend essentials... & by weekend essentials, I mean the "All Natural Cheetos" ... its important in my life

* Called Ricky to see if he wanted me to pick him up a Starbucks... he said yes, & then as I was waiting in line, here he comes through the door.  Couldnt even wait for it.  (Told you he's loving some Starbucks now)

* My first White Chocolate Latte... OH.MY.GOSH!!!  Yum!  Much better then the Pumpkin

* I ended up putting on my PJ's early & getting in bed.. only to stay up past midnight reading my Kindle


* Whooo Hoooo!!! Slept in till 8am... The universe knew how busy the next 2 days would be so I got a break

* Woke up to all 4 dogs wanting attention... Zoe jumped in bed & wanted me to rub her belly... the picture on the right is where I would stop - she'd JUMP on my face until I'd rub her belly again ... spoiled much?

* Look what I won!  Uploaded it on my new computer... I'm just having a hard time with this new Windows 8.  Its just confusing & stupid.  I can see it being really nice if I had a touch screen computer - but its just a pain to close a program or if you're on the internet - how to even go back, get to your favorites - the small things.  & I cant figure out a way to put my Pinterest button on the computer... DISASTER!  I gotta be able to  'pin' things!

*  Off to do an engagement session ... beautiful day.  It was about 70 degrees... blue skies - wonderful day to walk around downtown.

* Met up with Ricky after work... I had to go to Old Navy with their 50% off outer wear.  I'm excited.  I'm the proud new owner of a new HOT PINK winter coat.  I love bright colors in the gloom of winter.  The past 2 years I've had a bright yellow coat.  Give me COLOR!

* It was so nice, we went for dinner where we could sit outside... by the time it was over, the sun was setting & it was getting chilly - but it was nice while it lasted.

(Ricky LOVES getting his picture taken)
* Went shopping & got some more Christmas presents!  (I'm really excited I'm ahead of the game)

* Yep ... another Starbucks stop

* Worked on pictures... that Starbucks had me buzzed up - I didnt want to go to bed.  Around midnight, I figured I would lay down... I laid there with my eyes open for an hour.  No Starbucks past 8:00pm again


* Church ... goodness... it was a rough day... the kiddos were wired up & I felt like I lost control.  Then I was reminded God is in control, not me, because the winds shifted & some serious talk went down.  I was mentally exhausted by the end of the class.

* Another photo session... no photos of this one done yet, but it was so fun - it was of 2 kiddos.  Talk about EN-ER-GY!!!  I'm so thankful for Chasity everyday - but even more on sessions like this.  I took one kid & chased after her - Chasity took the other one.  The pictures together?  We got amazing ones!... for the record, I was chasing the kids in jeans & tennis shoes... Chasity did it in a beautiful outfit, with heels... that's just another reason why I think she's incredible :)

* Chasity was able to go out for lunch with us... good times chatting away

* My brother & sis-in-law ended up being at the restaurant we were at... he had text me a picture of me sitting in our booth eating.  So I was going to be slick & take a picture of him too... except my flash was on & totally gave away my sneaking of standing in a booth next to them, looking over head.  007 - I am not

* Yep... we stopped for ANOTHER Mocha Latte ... this weekend was sponsored by caffeine

* Headed to my parents house - my aunt, my uncle & my cousins were there.  Here was the cake my mom had for them.  Decorating may not be her calling.. but its the thought that counts.  & yes, she added the horse on top of the cake as well.

(Ricky thought it said "U of L come"... which makes perfect sense)

* I got to play football with my nieces & my cousin... running with a fresh mocha in my belly wasnt a smart move.  But the kids loved it when I'd tell them to "hold on, I'm going to throw up"

*  The photographer in me always lives... we were running playing football when I saw the sun hitting Sophia perfectly & I said, "STOP THE GAME - Sophia, sit down" ... it was worth it, dont you think?

* The kids ate some cake & then time to recharge... love that the twins love to see their 2nd cousin... Madi especially loves him.  He's all about Sports, so she's got a buddy when he's around

* Headed home... & can you hear the angels singing?  After a few weeks of cleaning it out - my car is now back in the garage!!!!  Wanted to get it back in before winter sat in.  I was so giddy excited.

* Once Upon a Time... look forward to it every week

* Worked on pictures until 10pm & then had to force myself to stop ... I would have stayed on all night.  If it wasnt for this silly thing called, 'a job' :)

told you - another busy weekend... I'm exhausted....



  1. I'm about to hop on the treatmill, but after reading about your weekend, not sure I have the energy! ;) Wow...I don't think you ever stop, girl! I've got to try on of those White Chocolate Lattes SOON! That's right up my alley! So tickled that you won that new Photoshop...confusing as it may be to me! I'm very curious to learn how in the world you got into photography as a side job, if you will. Did you take lessons? Do tell! Stop by today...I'm having a giveaway!

  2. We're slowly working on our garage. My car is in there all the time, but we're trying to get it ready to park hubby's van inside for the winter.

    Love that picture with the couple and the red wall and hearts! Adorable!

  3. White chocolate latte is amazing! :) And that's coming from a noncoffeeloving person lol. Zoe's a cutie!

  4. WOW!!! I'm exhausted!! And pretty sure you just paid for Star Bucks electric bill this month =).


    That engagement picture is stunning!!!

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed week ~~ dawn

  5. I'm tellin' ya...get a pump of raspberry in your mocha...but just 1. Anymore than 1 and it's too much.
    I love that engagement picture!!!


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