Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I felt like Laura Ingalls....

So I know I'm 40 years old
41 actually in just a month....
& I should know these things...

But I had no idea you could make your own butter

...just by shaking a jar full of cream?

Are you kidding me?

So at Thanksgiving, Julie asked her boys if they wanted to make butter.

I'm thinking, "what is this?  A version of Little House & she was going to send them out to a shed to a churner?"


Julie poured the cream in the jar & the boys started fighting over who would shake it first.

Then it got a little tougher so Julie took it over

I couldnt believe what was happening...
she showed it to me

It would turn to like a whipped cream sort of texture...
then the liquid started seperating

& then it got tougher so Ricky took over the shaking...

& in the end... you actually get BUTTER!!!!

I dont get how it starts out as white cream & then the liquid seperates (which Julie freezes for buttermilk biscuits) & then it turns YELLOW...

how did I not know this?
how does it EVEN make sense that it happens?
White to yellow...
my mind is blown!!!

What else do I not know?

Any secret tips on how to shake a jar to get chocolate?


  1. I remember doing this when I was younger and fight with my brother over who would get to shake the jar :)

  2. So funny...I'm 42 and just learned how to make butter from heavy whipping cream this past summer. I beat/stirred my heavy whipping cream too hard and for too long and wahla...made butter...who knew?! Yeah, so, um, you're not alone appararently. The shaking the jar is a new one to me.

  3. The day I had yesterday I would have given everything I owned to shake a jar and get chocolate.

    You can also make ice cream in a baggie! We did that this summer with the nephews and they got such a kick out of it.

  4. Okay, I'm older than you by...ehem...soon-to-be 10-years next month. Hey, we're December babies! Anywho, I did not know this. How cool! I'm gonna have to try this sometime, but I"m a weakling. I may have to try this on the weekend when the men are home all day. I put them to good use for that. lol

  5. That is the COOLEST thing I've ever seen! How did that happen? Gosh...I just might have to e-mail Bill Nye the Science Guy about this! ;) How did it taste? Girl...if they ever figure out how to shake a jar to produce chocolate, I'll be in big trouble!

  6. Haha!! I looove this post! :) I wish they'd have one for chocolate. I'd be on it so fast!

  7. SHUT UP! That is the coolest thing ever!!!!! I wish you could give more details... I want to try this.

  8. My mind is blown too. I never would have imagined this.

    It is brilliant.

    Not quite as brilliant as shaking a jar for chocolate, but very, very close.

  9. Looks good. I had no idea it was that easy though.

  10. I'm 52 and one month (as of tomorrow), and I had no idea. I want to try it though!

  11. Very COOL! I want to try it now! I love how you told the story too.

  12. That Julie pretty much rocks the world!! That girl is resourceful =) And if you figure out that chocolate thing? I'm in =)

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed evening ~~ dawn

  13. I want to know a way to shake a jar and get chocolate too! Now that would be awesome! :P


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