Thursday, November 01, 2012

Early Friday Fragment

I know its Thursday, but I may not be back to my computer tomorrow, so we'll just do the both of best worlds... a EARLY Friday Fragment

* I've taken some time off work this week & have stayed away from the computer... need to have my eyes look at something other then a monitor... nice

* I can sleep in... but still wake up at 6:30am... that bites...

* Was bummed out that the daytime shows didnt get to have all their big Halloween costumes.  I always love that...

* Glad to find out my cousin in New York is just fine... he never even lost electricity... but now, cant get anywhere with the Subway all shut down.

* First thing I thought when the storm hit NY - what's going to happen to the New York Marathon on Sunday????

* Went looking for a Christmas tree... Sam's Club had the one I wanted last year.  This year, they have it, but its a half foot SHORTER... BOO!  Why would they do that?  So now, I'm still looking for a new tree

* I actually have a good start on Christmas presents!  Got wrapping paper & going to start wrapping this weekend!

* Took my momma for a surgical procedure this week... we have a video that could make her a cyber-video-star, but she'd probably kill me if I posted it

* The cold has officially made me get in search for a second opinion on my Bicep Tendonitis & I'm actually considering surgery... I'm in some big time pain... (sigh)

* Hoping this same doctor can help me with my back pain too... (double sigh)

Hope everyone has been having a great week... I've not been around in blog world this week, so if something's happened that I need to know about, pray about, laugh about - send me a message :)


  1. We need a Christmas tree too this year. Plan to start looking this week-end.

  2. I'm looking for a tree too but will probably end up at North Pole City like I did last time. All the regular stores seem to have trees that are pretty skimpy on the branches.

    The Chew did dress up for Halloween. They had taped it last week.

  3. NO! I cannot think about Christmas! Actually that isn't true, because we are going to our son's for Thanksgiving and we need to take their Christmas to them then.......I'd better start thinking I guess.....sigh.

    I know someone in NY who didn't lose power either, but can't get to work until the transportation is back up and running.

    Good luck finding that tree!

  4. Oh, no. I hope you don't have to have surgery! Hope it all feels better soon!

    I have a good start on my shopping, too, for Cohen. The others?? Clueless.

  5. Our Christmas tree bit the dirt last year...looking for one, too! Sorry about your back pain, but hope and pray you find some relief soon! I was so bummed when Kelly & Michael and The Today Show didn't get to do their Halloween costume contests. I think many of them are doing it on Monday, though. YAY!

  6. Glad your mom is doing well! Now take care of yourself!


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